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A Tale of Two Kisses

Sasuke watched her idly over his book as she brushed her doll's hair. Hinata had grown so much in the past few months it was amazing. She no longer sounded like a baby anymore. More like a regular person with the occasional non-regular word. Sasuke could feel himself growing attached to the female robot, and this worried him. He shouldn't feel this way for a hunk of metal. And since when did he think of her as a living thing with thoughts and feelings? He watched in awe as the light hit her hair and skin in such a way that it made it glow. She was like an angel. Sasuke shook his head furiously; he was going soft wasn't he? Hinata noticed her master's expressions and grew concerned. Maybe she should help him. Hinata gently placed her doll down and went over to the raven haired boy. She cupped his cheek and her hair fell like a midnight blue curtain over them both.

"Sasuke." Hinata said softly.

"Hinata-" Sasuke started but was cut off by Hinata pressing her lips against his.

Sasuke placed his hand on her hip as he kissed back and tried to decipher the feel of her lips against his. Her lips were cold and hard-but softer than he expected them to be. It was nice. They broke apart after a minute and Hinata looked down at him with white eyes full of concern.

"Do you feel better? Deidrai says kisses make people feel better." Hinata asked and Sasuke decided to placate her.

"Yes. Thank you Hinata." Sasuke said and she threw her arms around his neck, sat in his lap, and placed her head in the space between his head and collar bone.

"I'm happy." She said with an air of relief and Sasuke just put his arms around her and held her tight. He wouldn't say it out loud but he was happy too.

Later that week as he and Hinata waited for Itachi and Deidrai to return home so Hinata could have a checkup by Itachi, Sasuke noticed Hinata doing something odd. She was holding the book that she had been reading for quite a while upside down. Hinata knew better then to hold a book upside down and she looked at the pages with a blank stare, not even really processing what she was looking at.

"Hinata what are you reading?" Sasuke asked and she looked up at him with a confused look in her eye.

"I don't know." She said softy and the Itachi came through the front door.

"How's my Princess?" Deidrai said as he came in after Itachi.

Hinata smiled at him and he came around the couch to give her a hug. Itachi then grabbed her hand led her down to the basement to give her, her weekly checkup. Deidrai watched as Itachi made his way down to the basement and mumbled to himself something that sounded like 'isn't he sexy?' before turning to Sasuke.

"So Sasuke. What do you want for dinner?" Deidrai asked.

Sasuke just 'hn'ed as an answer before heading out the front door, he really didn't care what Deidrai made it always tasted good. Earlier that day Hinata had asked him if he would go out and buy her more clothes to dress her 'baby' in, he told her maybe but of course he was going to do it. He would do anything for her, he just wouldn't admit that fact to himself or anyone else.

"You're so anti-social Sasuke. If you keep frowning your face gets stuck that way!" Deidra pouted and then went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Thirty minutes later Sasuke found himself outside the store he bought Hinata's stupid doll at and the same girl that was there before was there now. She was dusting and setting the toys right and she was singing. Sasuke walked inside of the store but it appeared the girl-Hyugaa- didn't hear him despite the jingling bell. Her voice was heavenly.

Futari ga kitto deaerouyouna mahou wo kakete Ryoute wo sotto kasanetehora hohoemukara (To make sure that the two of us meet, I cast a spell Our hands, they gently touch and look at me smile) Sasuke wanted to hear more but he accidently kicked a bucket of stuffed animals and they fell to the floor. Who knew stuffed animals were so loud? She frantically tried to pick them up but Sasuke was going at the same time and they bumped their heads together. And it obviously hurt. Strangely though, as soon as he looked into her eyes that seemed like endless pools of lavender, he forgot the minor irritation on his forehead and just stared. She blushed and dropped her gaze and he did the same and they both returned to putting the stuffed animals back into their bin. When they were finished it appeared that the shy girl finally got the courage to speak to him.

"W-welcome to The Playhouse. We are, are glad to have you." The girl said softly. "How ,how may I help you?"

"I need doll clothes. And stop the stuttering. It's annoying." Sasuke said bluntly and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Well...well over here we have lots of doll clothes. I can help you pick stuff out." Hyuga said and her speech was much slower because she was trying not to stutter.

Sasuke didn't say anything but allowed her to help him pick something out. All the while Sasuke stared at her plump lips and was mesmerized by her soft voice. She was beautiful. When she had selected the final baby doll clothes she rang them up and Sasuke paid for them but he was reluctant to go. So he did what he did best. He was blunt.

"Go out with me." Sasuke stated and immediately regretted his words. She probably thought that he was crazy now.

"B-but! My shift! And I.I I don't even know your name!" Hinata sputtered out and Sasuke shrugged and then walked out of the store and towards the food court.

He bought some pepperoni pizza from a vender and then went back to the toy store. Hyuga was surprised to see him to say the least. She probably thought that he'd left for good. Sasuke roughly moved things around on the counter to make room with one hand and put the pizza box on the counter with the other once it was completely cleared. He then opened the box and took a slice of pizza.

"Sasuke." Sasuke said bluntly and the Hyuga looked at him, puzzled for a moment, but then realized that 'Sasuke' was his name.

"My name is Hinata." The girl said softly and Sasuke dropped the pizza he was holding in his lap.

This girl was Hinata? Hinata Hyuga. He should've known that his brother wasn't creative enough to make something straight from his head. As Sasuke growled he felt a burning sensation on his lap.

"Shit!" Sasuke hissed and wiped the pizza off his pants and there was a big grease stain on the front.

Hinata came around to the front with napkins and frantically tried to wipe the stain off and apologize at the same time. As Sasuke watched her to this he couldn't help but laugh. Yes the great stoic Uchiha was laughing. Hinata looked up at him and smiled and then began to laugh as well. After a few minutes the awkward air that had surrounded them before had vanished and they began talking like old friends.

As the conversation went on and on they laughed and 'joked' around and unconsciously got closer to each other. Soon they were so close that their lips were almost touching and her warm breath spread across Sasuke's face. Sasuke tilted his head slightly and kissed Hinata and a spark ran through his entire being, Hinata must've felt it to because she pressed her lips against his in response. Her lips were soft and warm, a completely different sensation from earlier that week. After a few moments they broke apart and Hinata looked up at him with wide eyes and gingerly touched her lips. Sasuke scrambled back and grabbed his bag in his haste.

He then flew out of the store and out of the mall. Why did he kiss that girl? Why did it feel so good? And why did he feel like he was betraying Hinata? The robot was only a machine, she could love or feel but he felt himself falling for her. But at the same time he felt himself having a strong connection to Hinata Hyuga, the employee at the playhouse. He hailed a taxi and made his way home. The whole while he stared out the window and wondered why the hell his brother had to make that stupid robot. The taxi dropped him off at home and as soon as he opened the door and paid the driver the front door opened to reveal Hinata in one of his large gray sweat shirts waving at him. She ran outside and threw her arms around him, almost making him fall from her weight.

"Hello Hinata." Sasuke said and the name felt strange on his tongue.

"Sasuke." She sighed and smiled up at him. "Let's go watch Pinocchio." Sasuke just looked down at her and smiled.

"One day I'm going to wish upon a star and become a real girl Sasuke!" Hinata grabbed his hand and lead him inside.

"That way we can be together forever!" Hinata said childishly, not really grasping the concept of what she was saying.

"Your wish is my command." Sasuke said jokingly and Hinata looked up at him with a blank look.

"What you talk bout? I not make wish." She said and then went inside of the house.

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