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Chapter 1

He Was Smiling…..

Hinata sighed as she absently drummed her fingers on the desk top. She was counting the minutes until she could get to her last class of the day which was her favorite. Senior year of high school seemed to drag on; this town seemed reluctant to let her out of its clutches. There were a few rays of sunshine though like her friends and believe it or not she had a crush on her English teacher Sasuke Uchiha. Raven haired, intelligent, and absolutely oozing masculinity. But every other girl here at the school had a crush on him too so she tucked her feelings back into a corner of her heart and tried to forget about him and pay attention in class.

The bell finally rang for English and she quickly packed her stuff up and went to his class. Sakura's gang was already in the room, dithering around the man's desk in their short skirts and tight shirts. Hinata felt like she would throw up a little at their attempts to get their teacher's attention. She sat down in her seat and pulled out the book they were supposed to read for this class and took notes in it until the second bell rang for class to begin. Sakura and her group reluctantly walked away from his desk and Hinata glanced over her book meekly at the raven haired man who began to write on the board the assignment for the day. When he finished he turned around to address the class.

"Who in here completed last night's reading assignment of the Scarlet Letter?" he asked and his onyx eyes swept the room.

No one raised their hand and Hinata noticed the annoyed look rising into his features so she meekly raised her hand and his eyes immediately locked onto hers.

"Well miss Hyugaa. Tell us what reference you believe Hawthorn used in the first chapter." he prompted and Hinata gulped and tried to calm herself before speaking.

"I-I-I uh...I be-believe he was u-u-using the biblical imagery of,of the cru-crucifixion of Jesus Christ." Hinata stuttered.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"And why do you think that?" He asked, mildly surprised at her response.

"Wh-wh-when H-Hester Prynne emerged fr-from her,her j-jail cell s-s-she emerged with her, her child which her form of the c-c-cross, the,the bur-burden Jesus c-carried. She,she walked w-w-with her head held high th-through the,the jeers of h-her peers which were l-l-like the, the r-rocks thrown at, at Christ. She, she w-w-was then m-made to, to stand before then on a, a stand and was p-p-persecuted verbally s-similar t-to how Jesus was, was killed on the cross, her spirit was murdered." Hinata explained. "Hawthorne used many biblical parallels in this book since it was set in Puritan America."

Sasuke stared at her silently and Hinata tried to be brave enough to hold his strong gaze but ended up down casting he eyes and blushing at the desk.

"Meet me after class." Sasuke said and Hinata nodded.

"Yes Uchiha-san." Hinata mumbled and tried to ignore the jealous whispers of many of her female peers.

"Now with what Miss Hyugaa said read on and try to see if you see any more biblical parallels tonight and bring me a three page essay about what you read. Except you miss Hyugaa. You are excused from the essay since you actually did the assignment." Sasuke assigned the class and several students groaned.

"But Sensei!" Sakura groaned. "That's called favoritism. Hinata should do the assignment as well! She's just like everyone else!"

"I don't care stop, whining and open up your literature books up to page three fifty nine. Kiba begin reading the passage." Sasuke said drolly.

Hinata tried to concentrate on her work but she couldn't. What did her sensei want? Oh she hoped that she wasn't in trouble or that he was mad at her. The class whizzed by quickly and soon it was time for the class to leave. As the rest of the students filed out of the class room Hinata tried to sneak out as Sakura tried flirting with their teacher one last time but Sasuke pushed Sakura gently out of the way.

"Where do you think you're going Miss Hyugaa?" Sasuke questioned and Hinata froze halfway out of the door and slowly turned around and walked to his desk.

"You may take your leave now Miss Haruno." he said and Sakura pouted before reluctantly leaving the classroom.

With the pink haired girl gone, Sasuke loosened his tie and leaned back against his desk.

"I liked your dissection of Hawthorne's novel." Sasuke started, getting straight to the point.

"Tha-tha-thank y-you Uchiha-san." Hinata smiled slightly as a light blush flushed her cheeks.

"I've read your papers and you have a real flare for writing. Of course your writing still needs a lot of work but I was thinking that you would do very well in the school district's annual writing contest. There's a lot of scholarship money for the first place winner. What do you think?" Sasuke asked and Hinata looked up at him with her mouth slightly open.

"I, I, I d-d-don't know. I'm n-not very good." Hinata started but Sasuke interjected.

"I will help you improve your writing of course but you have a raw talent that just needs to be polished and shaped." He prodded but Hinata just shook her head.

"I, I, I st-st-still don't know." Hinata said as she nervously bit her bottom lip.

"Fine. Think about it tonight and come tell me your answer tomorrow morning. But don't say no because you think you're no good. I want a good solid reason." He told her with his arms crossed and Hinata nodded solemnly.

"You may leave now." Sasuke said and Hinata gave a slight bow before taking her leave.

Hinata felt like she was walking on air as she made her way home. Sasuke Uchiha thought that she had talent. Talent! She never thought that he of all people would ever really notice anything about her with all of the other more interesting kids in the class, but he had. This made her so happy. But even though he had faith in her, she still had reservations about allowing her writing out there for people to judge. She loved writing she did but she was afraid that if she did this she would lose her passion for it. Then again she wanted to make Uchiha-san proud, to bask in the attention he would give her. To be able to get to know the man who wasn't just her teacher but everything else about him. Hinata unlocked her front door and sighed to herself. Maybe she should do this. It would be a good way for her to get out of her shell and maybe make a few friends along the way. She made her way upstairs to her bedroom and flung herself face first onto the bed and let out a muffled scream. She did not like making decisions.

The next morning Hinata found herself outside of Sasuke's classroom, she could see him grading papers at his desk. Hinata couldn't help but tither at the concentration on his handsome features. She scrapped up what little confidence she had and slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door. Sasuke immediately looked up and leaned back in his chair.

"Well?" He prompted and Hinata fiddled with her fingers and nervously bit her bottom lip.

"I'll do it." Hinata announced softly and looked up to see her teacher do something she never thought that she would see.

He was smiling.

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