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Obsidian and Lilac


Sasuke smoothly slid his hand beneath her thin cotton panties and the feel of her wet pussy made him shiver. He was quite certain that this was what sin was made of. Hinata sucked in a breath as his index finger slowly moved inside of her before another finger joined company. She was so wet, very hot, and all so unbelievably tight. Sasuke relished not only in the feel of his student on his lap but he also savored the fact that he was the only one to have touched the shy girl in such a way. He desired to be the one to claim many of her firsts, a less lustfully part of him also wanted to be the only. He did not want another man to elicit the moans coming from her at this very moment. Her soft voice was thick with pleasure as she urged him on and writhed in his lap. As he moved faster and harder, her breathing became heavier and her velvet walls clenched around his fingers even tighter than before. Sasuke licked the shell of her ear and smirked. He could feel she was close to cumming.

"Cum for me Hinata." Sasuke growled.

"Sa-Sasuke!" Hinata moaned and Sasuke inwardly chuckled.

It seemed that Hinata enjoyed a bit of dirty talk, which of course was a fact that would be filed away for later use. He expertly massaged her clit with his thumb as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. The stimulation seemed to be just enough to send her over the edge. Her nails dug into his forearms, her head fell back into the crook of his neck, and her eyes were squeezed shut. Sasuke removed his fingers from the inside of her and curiously regarded the congealed wet substance on his fingers. He brought the hand to his mouth and gave a tentative smell before taking a lick. She smelled like nothing, which he appreciated, overpowering scents weren't his thing. He wasn't able to get a definitive taste so he'd have to take another course of action for next time. Sasuke kissed her temple as he began to rebutton her shirt up for her.

"That- that s-s-sensei!" Hinata stuttered and Sasuke smirked at her bewilderment.

"That was an orgasm Hinata." He stated bluntly as he finished buttoning her shirt up.

"I-I….I've never f-felt that before…" She stammered and blushed which Sasuke had to admit was utterly adorable.

As she fiddled with the hem of her skirt in his lap Sasuke became aware of a pressing issue, or rather erection. He knew that she was not ready for sex but if she stayed in his presence any longer he couldn't make any promises to keep her pure. He wanted more than just his fingers inside of her. His sense of pride at giving Hinata her first orgasm would have to be enough to quell the lustful beast inside of him. Sasuke gently removed the girl from her perch on his lap and straightened his tie. A cold shower was in the foreseeable near future. He glanced over at Hinata who was peeking up at him from behind thick lashes and dark bangs. Her cheeks were still stained red but her breathing had returned somewhat to normal. They held each other's gaze, neither one willing to break the connection. Obsidian met lilac, an odd yet ethereal combination.

"Sensei." Hinata whispered.

Her slender hand caressed his cheek. The heat in their contact was different. It wasn't filled with passion. It felt warm, comforting, and tantalized his senses in a nonsexual way. Those large eyes pinned him to his chair and made him feel vulnerable. A woman had never made him vulnerable before. She traced his lips and grazed his cheekbones with her slight fingers. It was as though she was trying to memorize his every feature. Her essence enveloped him; all that mattered was this girl. Hinata. His Hinata.


His name, when produced from lips as sweet as hers, was not just a name. It was uttered with amorous admiration and laced by naïveté. His student's lips were soft as she nervously kissed him. It was a kiss he'd never before experienced. It was deliciously innocent. Her innocence drove him mad. He desired so badly to have her but she was a forbidden fruit.

Sasuke arrived home later on that evening with a heavier chest than usual. What did Hinata mean to him? Just like her namesake, she was his sunny place. Spending time with her after class was becoming addictive and had dangerously morphed from just a simple essay contest to an affair. When he'd started teaching all he had in mind were the flexible hours that allowed him to do as he'd please. His inheritance from his family was enough to allow for a disposable income. He wrote books in his spare time- which he used to have a lot of- and fucked women. Many of the women he'd come across in the past had been easy and unexciting. He had dabbled a bit in the realm of relationships but always came out on the other side unimpressed. The women were never able to hold his interest for long and so he sought greener pastures. He'd cheated for the thrill of cheating and fucked for the sake of fucking.

All of that behavior seemed to come to an unintended halt as soon as he'd began his afternoon sessions with Hinata. All of the women he had lined up were now nonexistent. The tearful messages from random females on his answering machine had trickled to a stop and he was no longer receiving odd articles of his clothing on his doorstep. Hinata consumed his time and thoughts. There was no room for another to worm their way into his heart when Hinata held full occupancy. Sasuke let out an exasperated sigh as he riffled through a few files in his study. He came upon Hinata's scholarship essay and a small smile tugged at his lips.

What is to become of a life not filled with purpose? To waste away alongside the road, rough palms turned upward, begging for change is not the dream of the high school graduate.

The essay she was to submit was about what her plans were after graduating. She did not write the mundane, run of the mill; I want to be a doctor/lawyer/actor essay. No, what Hinata wished to do was to give everyone she came in contact with a purpose. She believed that everyone had a gift that the world had yet to see, she wanted to instill hope. She was optimistic to a fault. Sasuke grinned as he placed her essay and necessary paperwork into a manila envelope and prepared it to be sent off. This essay would pay her way into whichever college she decided to attend and while the competition would inevitably be stiff he knew she would win. Uchiha Sasuke never made a bet he couldn't win.

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