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It was an ordinary night at the order as Allen slept peacefully, recovering from his last mission. A panicked pounding on his door made Allen suddenly startle awake. "I hope Allen is here now, he might be the only one we can send," muttered Reever on the opposite side of the door. "ALLEN!"

Allen jumped up and went over to answer his door, "What's up Reever?" Even Reever seems panicked, Allen thought, this must be bad.

"No time Allen, We need to go to Komui's office now!" Reever grabbed Allen and started spiriting down the hall. Komui's door burst open as soon as they got there.

"Reever's been gone awhile someone go find after him we need to find Allen he should be here since he just got back from his last mission. He needs to help! AHH MY SWEET LENALEE!"

"Chief Komui! I found Allen" Reever called.

"Ah thank god! ALLEN you must help her I need her, my dear sister! LENALEEEEE! Why would you do this to your only brother?" Komui was running around his office tossing paper everywhere and then coming back to shake Allen roughly.

"Whoa Komui calm down and explain I have no idea what is going on? What happened to Lenalee?"

Komui was in too much of a panic answer so Toma, the finder who was with Lenalee on her last mission, stepped in. "Miss Lenalee and I were on the way back from a mission, both a little injured, and we were ambushed by Akuma and that Noah in the top hat. Lenalee's innocence was damaged and he took her!"

Allen gasped, his eyes widening, "Of course send me Komui! Send me I'll bring her back." Allen's eyes narrowed, that damn Tyki! He better have not hurt her with his tease! First he tries to kill me and now this happens, that bastard! Allen kept his composure on the outside but he was fuming on the inside.

"OH ALLEN YOU WILL? OH THANK GOD MY DEAR SISTER WILL BE RESCUED!" Oh Komui! Allen shook his head. Komui switched to his serious voice, "okay Allen, Toma, you well go to the site of Lenalee's last mission just to be safe but we have reason to believe that they took her to their headquarters in Edo, Japan. Allen go get dressed and meet Toma by the canals."

Allen hurried out the office towards his room, first we loose Lavi and now Lenalee, and I can't believe this. The Earl has taken everything from me! He will not get away with this! Allen threw his exorcist coat on and sprinted out to meet Toma, "All right let's go." The two of them sat in silence as the small rowboat pulled away from the Black Order's docks. Allen finally broke the silence when they got to the train station, "So what were you and Lenalee doing on this mission?"

"There was a girl there who had been captured by a group of Akuma because they believed she was in possession of some innocence. Lenalee fought the four level two akuma and then a few level ones joined them. The girl's necklace did contain innocence but she gave it up to us quickly once she learned that's what the demons wanted. Lenalee was already very worn out and on our way back we were ambushed by hundreds of level twos and I tried to contain them and call for back up but the man with the top hat showed up and used some weird butterflies," so he did use the tease on her! Allen thought. "And she screamed out in pain huge gashes appeared on her legs and Dark Boots. The Noah captured her and disappeared through some door before I could even move to help her."

Allen nodded as Toma finished, so if he used the tease she could be hurt in other places other than her innocence. Allen paused his mind searching, maybe he meant for Toma and the order to know that he damaged her innocence. Then she couldn't fight back! And of course Tyki knew we had to send someone to come get her. "Toma we need to be careful this could be a trap," Allen a started as he told explained his thoughts to him.

"That's a good point Mr. Walker," Toma paused thinking everything over. They sat in silence the rest of the train ride thinking of ways to get Lenalee back. Toma pulled Allen out of his thoughts, "This is our stop Walker," Allen looked out to see a small town. "This is were we last saw Miss Lee." The simple train station consisted only of the tracks and a small building used to buy tickets. The small town's few streets were lined with identical dark tan houses with read roofs. The shops were all the same basic rectangular shape but were each colored a different light pastel pinks, blues and greens, or they were the same tan color as the surrounding houses. The plain cobblestone street was empty, as it should be for this time of night. "Since it's around 3 in the morning, Walker—"

"Please Toma, just call me Allen"

"Right, since it's around 3 am, Allen, we should find some where to sleep and start asking around in the morning."

As soon as the shops started opening the next morning, Toma and Allen were combing the streets asking if anyone had seen Lenalee. The typical answer they got was no they haven't seen her since she was here last or they had only seen Toma leave they didn't know what happened to the girl.

"You won't find the teal-haired exorcist here," Allen's and Toma's head's whipped around to see a strange man in a mask and a hood walking out of the alley toward them. "Lord Tyki took her, but maybe exorcist, I will give you a hint to her location if you beat me." The man laughed drawing a sword. Allen activated Crowned Clown just in time to block the blow the man had aimed at his chest. "Oh you're a quick one, young exorcist." The green light from the Crowned Clown sword clashed with the red glow of the enemy's sword as they continued to fight. The strange man lunged forward almost catching Allen's side but Allen dodged and aimed his sword back at the man, but the red sword blocked it once again. The blows aimed at Allen were either blocked by his exorcist sword or by the Crowned Clown shield-cape. The stranger was very skilled and blocked Allen's attacks with ease. Finally Allen landed a hit, his blade connected with the side of the enemy's face dislodging the mask and hood. Allen gasped and dropped his sword in surprise as flaming red hair was exposed.

"Lavi?" He called to the stranger. After all this time I have found my best friend but is he now fighting on the Earl's side?

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