Warning: Gender-bending. I switched some of the characters to opposite gender in this story. For example, Ventus, Terra, Lea and Roxas are females in this story while Aqua is a male. If you can not accept the idea of gender-bending, please DO NOT read this. Since the gender of some characters has been switched, I'm not really sure if it's proper to call it Yaoi or Yuri or hetero. But yeah, the main pairing is still Vanitas x Ventus, some Soroku at the background. Some horror elements since the story is based on the game Parasite Eve (though I'm really not good at writing horror stuff).

A/N: Usually I'm not a big fan of gender-bending. In fact I used to think it's repelling until the other day I saw this hot fem!Vanitas fanart on DA. I guess it somehow flipped a switch inside me. Plus, I've always wanted to write a KH fanfic based on Parasite Eve, another epic game made by Square. Scientifically, the whole Mitochondria Eve idea only works for females, coz only women can pass the mitochondria DNA down. That's why I have to make Ventus a chick here. I'm going on a scientific geek mode right now, wahaha (but switching others is just for fun XD). As for Vanitas, well, despite the fact this story is originally inspired by that fem!Vani fanart, it ends to be rather…complicated. Read to find out if you're interested XD. So, I think I've warned you enough. I understand gender-bending is not a popular idea, but please no flame. I'm writing this just to satisfy my own scientific geek urge XD.

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Primal Eyes

Day 1.1


"…always… …will be…"



Static noises. Unrecognizable voice. Who is there talking?

Who are you?

She asked, but got no reply. A pair of cerulean blue eyes much like her own was all she saw. She wanted to reach out, as if trying to catch the voice, to feel it for real. But all of sudden, everything in her vision turned into scarlet. Then orange. Then yellow.

The child opened her "eyes" again. But she only saw two empty black holes there.


Sitting in her own bed, panting slightly, Ventus Brea facepalmed herself to shade her eyes from the morning light.

That dream again.

She had many nightmares ever since the accident that happened ten years ago. But she could never remember them clearly. Not even the accident itself. All she knew was that she lost all her family in that accident, but she couldn't even remember them either. Ventus didn't have any memory before the age of ten, before that accident happened.

Sighing, the blonde got up from the bed, decided to shrug off the dream like she always did. Another day of her college life was just about to start. She checked her schedule after getting ready for the day. She got classes in criminology and biology for today. After then, a date. Oh well, Ventus almost forgot about the date and the fact it was Friday.

A date. Seifer had asked her out the other day, and she decided to give a try. Not like she was truly interested in him though. In fact she never found herself really interested in men, except maybe Aqua, her best male friend who had a strong but gentle soul. But Aqua was with her other best friend Terra, plus she couldn't tell if her so-called crush and admiration for Aqua was indeed love. Aqua never knew about her crush and she never intended to let it out. Her two best friends were like her family next to her uncle who raised her after her parents died in that accident. Ventus really felt happy for her two friends and wished they could be with each other forever like they wanted.

As for herself, she never lacked of pursuers, for she was a famous beauty on campus. Her halo-like golden hair, clear cerulean eyes, porcelain fair skins, nice curvy body, seemly angelic vibe, all made her a perfect prey that many guys wanted to have their hands on. But unfortunate to them, Ventus was not your stereotypical "blondie". She was much tougher than they ever thought. Despite her delicate and fragile looking, she was well trained in martial arts. As a third-year criminology major, she has already enrolled in the reserve officers' training program and hoped to join the police force after graduation. After all, her uncle Leon Brea was the chief police officer in charge of this region. As she was raised in her uncle's family, Leon, the honorable officer who had a strong sense of justice, had huge influences on her. So yeah, Ventus was a strong-willed young woman and much more independent than what her looking otherwise told people.

Maybe I'm lesbian. Ventus always chuckled to herself whenever she had that thought. It was not like she wasn't trying in dating department. She had dated a few guys but none of the relationship lasted more than one week. She just never found the passion, the chemistry in those men. Aqua and Terra always said her Mr. Right would eventually show up and she just had to be patient. But she thought she might have some emotion problem for she was too cold and frigid when it came to romantic "love".

She didn't tell anyone about this, not even her best two friends, but she constantly had this feeling of incompletion, like her heart and soul was only half complete for some reason, like the other half of her heart had long gone and missing. The emptiness in her heart. That was what had prevented her from having normal relationship.

I hope the date won't be too boring like the others. Ventus thought to herself. She was walking to the campus while quickly skimming through the morning news on her smartphone. A particular news soon caught her attention. One of the buildings in their university caught on fire last night after a mysterious explosion. It was a research-only building belonging to the Medical School of Radiant Garden University, so the incident didn't affect their normal class schedule. But it was the research building that Terra and Aqua were working in as graduate students. They both worked in the Eraqus Lab which was located in that building. What's more disturbing was that the police hadn't confirmed on any injury or death report, and the news report suggested the explosion might not be accidental but the fire was a possible arson. Everyone knew how extreme the animal rights activists tended to be these days.

Ventus quickly texted her two best friends asking whether they were all okay. Much to her relief, Aqua replied her instantly with good news and jokingly told her do not try to skip today's biology class since he was still the TA who would be teaching the class. Ventus smiled at her friend's message, trying to hide the urge to reply and tell him that he was the major reason why she was in that class.

Despite having learnt both of her friends were safe, Ventus found herself unconsciously took a detour that led her to the said research building. There she saw a few police cars parking nearby and a few cops going in and out the building. So it was true that there was an investigation going on…

"Yo, Venny! Haven't seen you for a while. What you doing here?"

A playful voice caught Ventus' attention. She saw a policewoman with flaming red hair walking towards her direction and she smiled back to her.

"Just passing by. Didn't expect to see you here, Lea. So you're on the investigation team of the fire?"

"Yay yay, look at all this mess. For a high-security building like this one, this fire was surly strange."

The redhead scratched the back of her head out of habit. Despite the red-haired policewoman had such a hot body, she was probably the most unwomanly woman Ventus had ever known. Lea was one of her uncle's subordinates working directly under his command and she was a pyro-expert. The close in age and the fact she was the only female on her uncle's team made Ventus get along with her quite well.

"Well, it is an old building, like over 50 years maybe? Have you guys found anything already?"

"No shit. Y'know what? Don't tell anyone I told you this okay? Especially not Isa. He's gonna be pissed at me again if he knows."

Ventus nodded while holding back an amused smile. Isa was Lea's partner. They've been working together for couple years now and…they were indeed a weird couple.

"Ok, it's not in the news yet, but we found burnt bodies this morning. Man, y'know what's spooky? The fire wasn't that large at all, but the bodies were burnt so badly like they were cremated. From what I've seen at the scene, the temperate of the fire simply couldn't reach that high to burn people like that. "

The redhead turned into a more serious expression as she kept whispering in a low voice, "And among the dead there was this one scientist who seems to be quite famous. What's his name again? Xeno-art? No, Xehanort. Dunno if you've heard of him. Seems to be some big guy. Anyways. This could be homicide rather than some accident. But either way, it's really bugging me how the bodies got burnt like that."

"How about the explosion? I heard there was an explosion too."

"Nay, that happened in the other part of the building. Y'know media just like to jump into linking things together. But we don't know yet if there's any connection. Seriously, I just feel there's something very off about this."

"I wish I could help you."

"Nay, girl, just go to your class. This's too early for you. Okay I'd better go back to work on that mess before Isa turns his berserk mode on. Catcha later okay?"

"Yeah. Good luck Lea. Say hi to Isa for me."

"Sure will."

Lea was right. Somehow she also had a weird feeling about the incident, like she was more concerned than usual. Maybe it was because the incident happened at where her friends worked daily. But more to that, when she heard the name Xehanort, she felt a strange stir in her stomach even though she believed that she had never heard about this name before.

"Among all the organelles that are packed in a eukaryotic cell, mitochondria are the most special ones as they have their own DNA inside them like the nucleus.

"The main function of these mitochondria is to provide energy to the cells. But they are also involved in a range of other processes, such as signaling, cellular differentiation, cell death, as well as the control of the cell cycle and cell growth."

Ventus sat in the large lecturing hall, busily writing down the notes. She always enjoyed Aqua's lecture as they were straightforward and easy to follow. She was not a science person to start with, but Aqua and Terra had prompt her interests in biology, plus the knowledge in biology would be very helpful in her future criminal investigation career. She even had thought about pursuing forensic science.

"The fact that they have their own genes leads the scientists to believe that they were once independent organisms like bacteria. Some believe that they are another life form that invaded the ancestor of the eukaryotic cells like parasite. While the host cells provided the mitochondrial ancestor a more efficient DNA replication and transcription machinery, the host cells also gained a considerable evolutionary advantage as the respiration conducted by mitochondria provided energy more efficiently to the cells. So eventually, mitochondria have become part of our cells, as both sides have chosen symbiosis. This is known as the endosymbiotic theory."

Today's lecture topic was about mitochondrion. Ventus found it rather fascinating that such a vital organelle to a cell's surviving was once a foreign life form.

"What's more intriguing about mitochondria is that, unlike most traits that are inherited from both parents, the mitochondria DNA is only inherited from the mother's side, which is called maternal inheritance. In other words, the mitochondria in everyone's body come solely from our mothers. So, studying the genes of mitochondria would help us to trace back who is our primal Mother. Mitochondrial Eve, is what the scientists call the woman from whom all living humans today descent, the first woman who passed mitochondria to all humans."

Eve. Ventus couldn't help but muttered this name again and again in her mind. Somehow the mention of the name made her feel strangely warm. Her body seemed getting hot for unknown reason. Maybe it was the heater overheating the room again - she thought to herself. Soon enough, the heat was forgotten as she continued to follow the lecture carefully.

Ventus returned to her apartment after all classes ended. She decided to take a nap before getting ready for the date in the evening. She really hoped this date wouldn't be as bad as the other ones though this Seifer guy seemed to be no better than the other guys she had dated.

What she didn't know at the time was that the date actually turned to be the worst in her life.

"The time has come."