Primal Eyes

Day 2.4

After they done checking Xion's medical records, Lea asked the hospital where they could find Dr. Vexen. Though Isa felt there was no such necessity since Xion's records had told them pretty much everything regarding her health status, the two women insisted they should pay a visit to Dr. Vexen to find out more about the singer.

Dr. Vexen found a museum consultant job at Radiant Garden Nature Museum after his licence was suspended. So after leaving the hospital, the trio drove to the museum. But much to their disappointment, the doctor wasn't in today.

On the other hand, Ventus contacted Aqua and Terra, asking them if they could find out what kind of research Prof. Xehanort was doing. Terra quickly replied to her. Not too surprisingly, the most famous and influential research papers published by Xehanort Lab in these past twenty years were all on the topic of mitochondria.

But one information Terra brought to her particularly shocked Ventus. About twenty-something years ago, Xehanort Lab published a paper on new therapeutics of treating mitochondrial diseases, which ended up to have a huge impact on the field. It was this paper that made the lab so famous and become the leading lab in the medical field. Ventus was so shocked when she saw the name of the first author of the paper:

Dr. Sora Brea.

"Isn't it interesting? We came across lots of Breas today. Wonder if they are related to you, Ven." Lea joked.

Yes, this one was indeed related to her. Sora Brea…it was her father. But she remembered nothing about him except for his name.

No words could describe how her mind was reeling at the moment. Ventus never dreamed to learn that her own father was actually a famous doctor who studied mitochondria, let alone the fact he was one of Xehanort's students. She sensed there must be some connections between all the things she learnt today, but she couldn't yet sort out just what they were.

Yet Ventus came to one conclusion: now it's time to ask her uncle again about her parents. Who were they really? She had to know.

By the time the trio left the museum empty-handed, it was close to dusk. They quickly dropped by to get some fast foods for dinner before heading to the Central Park. While they trying to finished the burgers in the car, Lea joked to Ventus about how she had to get used to these junk foods if she wanted to become a cop. Well, as far as Ventus could concern, junk food was among the least obstacles she would have to face. Right now, only one thing was in her mind: to get to the Central Park as soon as possible.

'Radiant Garden' was the original name of the Central Park. The city was actually named after the Garden. There was this special plant that grew only in the Garden. The plant would spill shining pollens when its flower bloomed. The sparkling pollens, like pieces of Light floating in the air, would make a gorgeous scene no matter day or night. The city became famous because of this unique plant.

Now the Central Park was not limited to the original Garden where people found the special plant, it was expanded to contain other natural-looking landscapes such as lakes and woods. It also had facilities such as tennis courts, ice-skating rinks, an art museum, the Central Park Zoo and the open-air theatre. Tonight's Org. XIII concert was going to take place at the open-air theatre which had a seating capacity of 2000 people.

The band was so popular that it was impossible to get any ticket by the time Lea called her brother earlier the day. But Axel promised them he would make special arrangement for the trio, they just had to call him again once they arrived.

They arrived at the Central Park merely half hour before the concert would start due to the traffic. No parking could be found near the theatre, thus they had to find a spot at the Zoo parking. As soon as Ventus set her foot on the ground and took a glance towards the direction of the theatre, her vision was suddenly covered with scarlet color. She felt her body turning hot, eyes turning blurry, she swore she heard terrifying noises that sounded like thousands of ghosts screaming in despair at the same time.

It can't be!

She painfully covered her ears with both of her hands. She had the same illusion right before the Cocoon House incident last night. No, this was even worse. If what she saw yesterday was an omen of catastrophe, this even worse one could mean nothing but a worse…She did dare to think further.

"Ven? What's wrong? You okay?"

The red-haired policewoman placed a hand on her shoulder, concerned.

"Lea! Isa! We have to stop them! Stop the concert!"

Body shaking violently, Ventus shouted out while still holding her head in agony. She didn't know if she truly had ability of foreseeing the future, but she wouldn't take the chance. If what she just experienced was truly a warning sign of the upcoming disaster like yesterday, she had to warn everyone. It's life of two-thousand people!

"What happened? What's wrong?"

No time to worry whether she made herself sound insane, Ventus told Lea and Isa what she believed to be a warning of the possible crisis waiting for the two-thousand people in that theatre.

"What happened at Cocoon House is going to happen here too! We have to evacuate everyone at once!"

"No no, Ven, calm down first, Ven." Seeing the blonde turning all emotional, the blue-haired cop grabbed both shoulders of hers, trying to stabilize her.

"Ven, listen to me, we can't stop the whole concert just by telling them that you saw an illusion. It's not possible you know?"

"But Isa, what if, what if it's true…"

"Isa, call for backups now! I'm gonna check on my brother." Lea didn't wait till Ventus finish her sentence or Isa reply to her, she immediately sprinted out the parking and ran towards the theatre. Her only brother was there, she wouldn't want to take the chance either.

"…what a woman." The blue-haired cop could only shrug and take out his phone to make the call, he let his partner go anyway.

While Isa was talking on the phone, a conversation among several zoo staffs who just passed by them caught Ventus' attention:

"Luxord, here you are at last! The animals were getting more frantic. We don't know what to do anymore."

"Have you called other vets?"

"Yes we did. But I don't know if they can get here on time. You are the first one arrived."

"Does this happen to all the cages?"

"Yes. I've been working here for many years but never seen such a weird thing. All of the animals suddenly turned anxious and frantic at the same time. Some of them even tried to break out."

"Sounds serious. I don't think I have enough anesthetics to put down all the animals. Call other vets again and tell them to bring more anesthetics!"

"Yes sir."

Disturbed animals trying to break out this place…now it sounded even more ominous. Something terrible must be going to happen. Can I stop it? Can I?

"Ven, let's go. We gotta catch Lea up."

"Sis are you crazy? How could Xion be the suspect you want?"

Axel widened his green eyes in disbelief at the scene right in front of him: his sister was pointing a gun towards his best friend.

He was waiting for his sister and her partners at the back entrance of the back stage. What he didn't expect to see was Xion, who they lost contact with for the whole day, suddenly showed up with another black-haired man. He didn't know who the stranger was but at least he was happy to see Xion was okay. But then his elder sister showed up too. As soon as she saw the female singer, she immediately pulled out her gun like she was facing an AAA criminal.

While Axel was all freaked out, the black-haired singer was still smiling like nothing happened, no matter what Lea asked her, she just smiled back silently. The other raven man was standing behind the singer, holding his arms across his chest. His eyes were closed. No one could tell what he was thinking.

"Axel, leave here at once. Tell your friends the concert has to be cancelled! It's an order!"

"What the hell Sis? Have you lost your mind?"

"Shut up and do as I say! If you still treasure your life!"

"Hey sis, be reasonable okay? What's going on here anyway?"

"Fuck Axel, I don't have time to explain. Just go away! Xion, I don't want to repeat myself any more. Put up your hands where I can see. Cooperate, or I'll arrest you at once." Holding the gun firmly, Lea slowly approached towards the singer. She cursed inwardly as she saw her stupid brother still remained where he was at the corner of her eyes.

"Heehee...looks like this Madam really knows who I am. Is it Ven who told you about me?" The short raven girl giggled sweetly, not seemingly care a single bit about the fact that the other possessed a weapon.

"So it is you?" Lea unconsciously gnashed her teeth. The singer was no ordinary girl, the aura around her was so eerie that even Lea started to feel crepted out. The red-haired policewoman felt her body was strangely getting hot, her eyelid also jumping like crazy…something bad was going to happen, something really bad…

Suddenly, the raven man standing behind Xion opened his eyes. Lea felt a chill running down her spine at the moment she looked into that pair of melt gold. She thought she had seen all kinds of criminals in her career, none of them could ever make her wince a single bit, but this man was different…for the first time she felt terrified…as soon as she saw that pair of inhuman golden eyes, she simply wanted to run away, her instinct screaming at her that she should escape from the man. Never once in her life did she feel like she was just one step away from the Death itself.

This raven man was even more dangerous than Xion.

The man walked close behind Xion, lowed his head, whispering something into the singer's ear. Then he turned his back, looking like he was about to take off.

"You there, halt!" Lea quickly yelled to stop the man. He must be the suspicious black-haired guy from last night Ven had mentioned. But the man simply ignored her and kept going.

"Lea, we are coming!"

Ventus' voice was heard from her back. Isa and Ven finally arrived.

"Eve!...and you?" Ventus was shocked to see Xion, no, Eve was there, standing right in front of Lea. But what shocked her even more was the presence of the raven young man. She didn't expect their second encounter would happen so fast.

The raven man stopped as he heard Ventus' voice, head turning back to take a quick glance at her. His thin lips curled up into a meaningful smirk. Without saying anything, he resumed his leaving.

"I said stop! Are you deaf?" Lea shouted in frustration, pointing the gun to the raven. Seeing his partner having gun in hand, Isa also pulled out his own gun, alerted.

"Silly, do you truly think such toys could stop us?"

The female singer's smile turned larger, she put her index finger against her lips, blue eyes gradually turning orange…

"Since you're Axel's sister, I shall give you a quick death."

Lips gently moving against the finger, her sweet voice softly announced the death sentence.

"Eve, no!" Ventus screamed in fear, but it was too late.

Lea unbelievably watched her own hand turning into a pile of scarlet goo, dripping onto the ground where her gun dropped. She didn't feel any pain, she didn't feel anything. Her hand was just gone. Gone. Before she even realized, fear occupied her whole mind.

Hand first, then forearm, then upper arm, all her muscles and tissues turned into sticky goo, streaming down to the ground.

When her shoulders start to melt, Lea finally comprehended the fate waiting for her –

"Everyone! RUN!"

This was all Lea could say before her fear-twisted face melted into the huge pile of goo that was once her body.

"Sis? What the…? Arrrggghhhh!"

Along with another scream, Lea's brother soon met the same fate as his sister. In the blink of a second, the red-haired singer was also gone, becoming another pile of scarlet goo crawling on the ground.

Ventus felt like to puke her guts out.

But Isa grabbed her wrist. He started to run, dragging her along with him. They had to run, run away from this monster!


The black-haired singer giggled happily as she watched them running away, showing no intention to pursue. She floated into the air, moving towards the entrance of the backstage. The staffs she passed by on her way all burst into flames.

"The show is about to start."


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