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Syd's bright blue eyes interrogated me, a face of disapproval at what I had just said. Beside him Frank murmured unhappily, something about how I just can't keep out of trouble. I had another attempt at saying what I was about to do, keeping my voice strong and not showing them they starting to irritate me.

"It's only for a week, and J-F's letter sounded really desperate!" I said.

"Are you completely bonkers? From what I read it sounded like a soppy love letter"

Syd cried angrily, balling his fists in frustration.

Frank nodded in approval.

"Are you sure it's not a trap?" He asked. "I know as well as you do he has a reputation for stirring up trouble. Regardless of who's involved and who gets hurt along the way."

"For goodness sake! I'm only heading to Paris, not Australia half way round the world!"

Making it clear I didn't care what they thought, I departed from the room , ending the conversation.

~ • ~

Later there was a knock at my door. I was temporarily staying with the Avon's after Frank suggested it while I sorted out my options of housing myself.

I lay the last of my hand-down petticoats into the suitcase and went to answer the door hoping I wasn't about to be lectured again. To my surprise I was met by the cheerful smile of Bridget and a much appreciated hug.

"What are you doing here?"

I was glad to have her company.

"Syd said he'd be here, I also heard about your approaching trip to Paris and wanted to say goodbye unless there was no time tomorrow"

Syd and Bridget's relationship was growing at an impressive rate. Silently I was smacking myself, my jealousy rearing its ugly head, even though I keep telling myself my feelings for Syd only stretch as far as friendship. She hadn't kept it secret that she was falling head over heels for him and just last week I caught her trying to dance with Syd in the Avon's ballroom.

"Oh, word seems to travel fast around here. Don't suppose you heard this from Frank and Syd and they've asked you to try and persuade me not to go?"

Bridget looked mortified.

"I met Rabbie outside Syd's place and he told me, I think it's a great idea! I've never been to Paris!"

"At least someone thinks so! Fancy joining me perhaps? May not be the most enjoyable trip with me and my nose for trouble but you have to admit, Paris is said to be beautiful this time of year!"

Excitement lit up Bridget's face before disappointment clouded it over.

"I could never afford it, and I doubt your friend would pay for me when he's already forked out some for you"

I laughed at that.

"Money's not an issue when you've got an empire of thieves at your hand"

Bridget looked shocked.

"By now you should know the types of people I befriend or should I say 'End up knowing!"

"You've got that right."

"I'm not even sure I really want to go."

"Why ever not?" Bridget questioned.

"I haven't seen J-F in a while and I'm still not entirely sure of my feelings towards him…"

Syd just had to pick the right moment to stick his head around the door, not caring on what he was intruding into.

"Feelings towards who?"

He smirked cheekily.

Bridget smacked him playfully. "Didn't your mother ever tell you its wrong to eavesdrop?"

"Maybe once or twice, anyway I was sent to tell you dinner was ready and that everybody was invited."

I replied "Not for me, I still have a lot of things to organise for my departure."

Syd and Bridget shrugged and bid me goodnight, leaving the room together. What I had said wasn't entirely true about organisation but I didn't want to face more people telling me to stay in London. I undressed into my nightclothes and clambered into bed not caring about the time. I have the feeling tomorrow is going to be hectic.

~ • ~

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