'Kitty Cat? You there?' I sat up groaning, my whole body aching from spending a night on the cold hard floor of our cramped cell. Searching the room for my failed rescuer I found J-F slumped against the opposite wall, snoring slightly. I grinned in spite of myself, I'm pretty sure I was glimpsing a side of him not many people had ever seen. Every muscle in my body ached as I pulled myself to my feet. A quick glance out of the tiny barred window told me it was some time before dawn.

I couldn't figure out what had woken me from my slumber until the voice called again, louder than the first time.

"Cat, are you in there? Can you hear me?" I jumped in shock; I could pick that voice anywhere.

"Billy?" I croaked, my throat parched. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Getting you out of here of course," came his cheeky reply.

"How did you find us? Where the hell are we?" I asked my voice stronger as my hope flared into life once more.

"Us? Who else is in there with you? I followed you from the docks, saw you come to grief and decided to see if you needed my assistance, seems like you do." My joy at being saved quickly evaporated, giving way to anger as I learned that he had followed me. As if he had predicted my reaction, Billy's voice cut through my thoughts.

"Just me glad I did Kitten else you might have been stuck here for a long time!" As he finished speaking the door swung open, the hinges protesting loudly.

The sound woke J-F from his dreams and he sprung to his feet expecting the worst. His face broke into a smile as he took in Billy and the open door.

"Finally, it took you long enough," was all he said as he walked out the door, past a shocked Billy and I. Halfway down the corridor he stopped, noticing that we weren't following.

"Well are you coming or not?" He asked.

"Uh… yeah there is a carriage waiting out front," Billy muttered, his confidence thrown at J-F's lack of shock.

"Lead the way!" J-F told him his voice filled with fun.

Billy took the lead as J-F dropped back to talk to me.

"Aren't you surprised that Billy's here? I asked puzzled. He smirked.

"Not at all I knew you were being followed, I am just surprised Billy got to you before the men Frank hired did."

"What!" I cried, outraged that my friends though I couldn't stay out of trouble for a whole week.

J-F laughed as we emerged from the gloom of our prison and into the early morning Paris streets.

All's well that ends well I thought to myself as the three of us entered the waiting carriage and set off.