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The round table group had gathered. Arthur sat with Merlin and Gwen on either side of him. On Merlin's other side sat Gaius, then Leon, Gwaine, Percival, and Elyan, who was on Gwen's other side. In between Gwaine and Percival was the empty chair held in honor of Sir Lancelot. There was a very solemn but excited silence surrounding the group. Finally, Arthur broke it.

"Do I have your support in going through with this?" Arthur asked.

He could remember the way his heart at thudded practically to a stop one year previously when the word sorcerer had come out of Merlin's mouth. He could remember the way Merlin had looked at him, genuine fear in his eyes, and could remember vividly the words he spoke that day –

"You can do what you want with me, Arthur. I won't resist, no matter the punishment…"

Arthur had only known of a few things for certain before that day, that day that changed everything – just like Merlin had said it would. Of these things, he had known that magic was an objective evil and he had also known that Merlin would never betray him.

It had taken less than a minute for the second incontrovertible fact to outweigh the first.

Arthur looked around the table. Percival spoke first. "You have my support."

"And mine," Elyan said.

"And mine," Leon echoed, nodding solemnly.

"Of course," Gwaine said, a smile lighting up his face.

"Gaius?" Arthur asked, turning to the old physician.


"Gwen." He turned to his wife.

"Yes, Arthur. I'm so proud of you."

Arthur turned to the last person in the circle. "Merlin? Your support?"

It had been difficult, at first, and their friendship had been stretched to the very edge of its limits during the months following Merlin's confession. But they were Arthur and Merlin, and they had pulled through in the end.

Merlin was silent for a minute, and then he grinned. "You know, I may have to think about this one…"

The room broke into laughter. "Merlin," Arthur said, rolling his eyes.

"Obviously, yes. Yes. And thank you."

"Alright." Arthur smiled, looking around at his most trusted friends. "Tomorrow, magic becomes legal in Camelot."


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