The rapture

Warning: this chapter contains implied molestation.

(Since it's a Red Canyon fic it is pretty dark but I will try to give specific warnings when needed.)


Mac can't remember exactly when he started doing it, seems like he'd always done it. Waking up trembling in a cold sweat, terrified by some distant memory, so old it only seemed like a childhood nightmare. Only deep down he knew this nightmare was real and when the alcohol and drugs failed to numb his mind enough to block it out, a strange compulsion gripped him.

Clutching a blunt pencil in his shaking hand, he stabbed it to paper. As if in a trance he scribbled sloppy circles over and over until the lines made a solid oval, then he added eight legs. He couldn't stop, sometimes drawing ten at a time or until his fingers ached from the lack of blood flow. The image of the tarantula bearing down on him haunted his dreams.

When his compulsion was satisfied, he slowly straitened his hunched back and looked around the room, as if he had just woken up from a deep sleep. Looking to the window the soft purple glow of the beginnings of sunrise peeked through the dirt and grime. Guessing it about was 5 am Mac briskly rubbed his face, leaving it streaked with graphite.

Chugging the last of the beer he passed out before finishing last night, Mac threw on his coveralls then headed out the door.

His narrow eyes scanned the horizon and he spat bitterly into the dust. The valley was now subdued and grey but when the sun came out it would light the canyon rock on fire and reveal the hell the place really was.

At only 12 and being such a pretty boy, Arlene should have known what it would be like for Mac when she left him there. Walter was first and foremost a business man not a father seeing his son as free labor there to provide a service.

Shaking his thoughts from his head he refused to let himself remember. He didn't even acknowledge that he had done that weird shit again. He'd just up his intake and start earlier today.

Mac fed and watered Boss and gave the dog a pat on the head, before loading up his truck. Climbing up in the driver's seat Mac lit up a cigarette. Turing the ignition, the engine kicked over a few times before roaring to life. Mac shifted the truck into gear and sped off his tires kicking up dust and gravel.

There was chill in the morning air but he just let it whip sharply over his face. Driving down the desolate desert road with his elbow hanging out the window, Mac didn't allow any one thought to linger in his mind for long. He just focused on the dirt road and the passing rock formations as the early sun began casting shadows across the valley.

Arriving at the cave he sat in his truck and just stared at the entrance, flashes of Rick's bloody guts and Regina's screaming face flashing before his eyes. Forcefully blinking the images away, he kicked open the door of his truck, grabbed the supplies he brought and headed into the cavern.

Clearing off some work space, Mac threw on a pair of heavy rubber work gloves and pulled a gasmask down over his face. The chemicals he slowly mixed hissed and released a thick caustic vapor. Knowing what actually went into the stuff he never touched it. But since that night he'd been tweaking for near seven years now and he sure as hell wasn't pretty anymore.

That night Mac took the blame for it all, the lab, Regina, the crash, but he knew fucking better. It was all that fucking golden boy's fault, should have never been there in the first place. But Walter would never punish Dev not like he did him.

Mac harbored an intense resentment toward his father, but through it all, he still struggled with the burning desire to seek the old bandito's approval at the same time.

Forgetting himself a moment, he let his thoughts get away from him. He grunted as he pushed his mask up and took a long pull from the bottle of Jim Beam he kept nearby. Comforted by the all too familiar burn in his gut he returned to his work.


Chapter inspired by:

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Author's note:Sorry this first chapter is a bit short but this story is a bit of an experiment…. so I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet. But let me know what you think. Thank you so much for reading!