Steam curled up from the large chasm, concealing the bottom darkness from view. Norman sat with his legs swinging, looking down calmly into the mist. The sun beat down lightly on his back, and a light wind whistled through the soft paddings of grass curling around his legs.

He wasn't wearing his usual suit, just some casual jeans and black T-shirt. It felt like the summers he used to enjoy back when he was a child at his Grandma's house, bringing back a comforting feeling of nostalgia. Baked pies, lips lovingly pressing to his cheek, and bedtime stories every night before bed, it all brought a soft smile to his pallid face.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Norman didn't turn around, captivated by his memories. Eventually, he replied, "Yeah."

A strong hand clamped down onto his shoulder strictly, "Is this real?"

Norman's smile faltered, and the world blurred, becoming a dingy office. Then just as quickly, the environment recreated itself back into its beautiful surroundings. The FBI Agent swayed, "Yeah," He breathed.

A brief sigh and the hand was removed. The figure sat down next to him, but Norman couldn't bring himself to tear his eyes away from the feelings of love streaming across his vision and up from the chasm, "It may already be too late," The figure whispered.

Another flicker, and the surroundings transformed back into the office, the steam turning into the smoke of a hot cup of coffee. It reverted back abruptly into the beautiful fields and chasm. Norman shook his head, "This is real isn't it?"

The figure frowned out of the corner of Norman's eye, "Is it?"

Norman blinked and shook his head again. Desperately, he was able to tear himself away from the chasm and turn to the figure. He gaped as he saw himself look back at him helplessly. Norman gulped, "Is this real?" He asked his Clone wildly.

His Clone looked down into the chasm and its expression morphed into one of confusion, "I . . . I think it is."

Norman looked back down into the chasm in horror. The steam raced up and caressed his skin seductively, drawing him back in and dragging him down deeper. His Clone closed his eyes sadly and collapsed.

And as the steam drew him down deeper, Norman smiled again.