Oreoskidz - Welcome back for the last chapter.

So, this is it. The end of TSOV and the end of the Child Swap series. I was debating with another installment, but think that it is best if I keep that story in my head as what happened afterwards. And also, if I am right in thinking, today is the day I finished Child Swap. As of now, I am concentrating on my Harry Potter fanfiction, and writing my own original fiction. It's time to stop borrowing Shakespeare's characters and create my own.

Special thanks to Oreoskidz, Cornadopia, DeeCatVenice, Maybetheawesome, iluvshinjimina and Dawnstar94 for reviewing. Another special thanks to Cornadopia for lending me Allegra.

So, the epilogue. I think I will give the last word to Gabriel.

'Dear Shylock,

It's now autumn here in Verona, and with it has brought the colder weather. I'm wearing the sparkly silk scarf I bought whilst staying with you in Venice. I miss Venice greatly, but it does not compare to how much I miss one of my oldest friends.

I hope that you are well. I know that we did not part on the best of terms, but my thoughts are often with you and some of my prayers to the Goddess include your health and wellbeing. Prison is not a particularly pleasant place, but remember, Hector managed to survive through it, and now he and Regina have reconciled. Rosaline tells me that Regina wants another child, but Hector says it's too soon, and Tybalt is disgusted at the idea of a sibling when he's nearly twenty one. Not to mention how disgusted I am at the thought of another Tybalt...

I myself am well. I have now moved in with Amparo, with my cat, Snooky, who gets along with her tom cat, Coco. I am no longer in such a desperate state – in fact, I have two pieces of very great news.


I KNOW! ME! You may not have heard of Verona Ballet Company, but that's because it is being built as I write. Do you remember my dance teacher, Rene? Well, his boyfriend is rich, very rich, and wanted to set up a ballet company in Verona. My dance teacher always dreamed of running a company, and so his boyfriend invested in a disused theatre, and is turning the rehearsal rooms into dance studios, and making adjustments to the stage, so that we can train there and put on the performances. They hope to have it up and running by next summer. They needed dancers fast, and guess who's name my dance teacher put forward for the lead male dancer? And guess who needed a job? ME!

We are very busy. I am rehearsing and getting back into shape, and learning all the moves. I wish you could come and see us. We are putting on a performance of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, a contemporary ballet adaption of the famous classic, Swan Lake.

My second piece of great news is this.


Yes! A baby! I know you must be thinking that I am young, and in truth, I know that I am that. But I have a steady income, am in a committed relationship, have a home (I now share Amparo's apartment and pay half the bills) and can easily make arrangements for childcare, as well as making sure that my future son or daughter will receive plenty of love and affection, no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they wish to become.

It is a long story, and I know people will think badly of me for it. However, Amparo was very clear when she said she wanted an open long-distance relationship, and I know these 'slip-ups' happen all the time (Do you remember Mercutio? The disgusting one who asked you a rude question about your wiener? He used one of Benvolio's rubbers which was apparently 'too small' for him and had an accident so now he's expecting a baby with Allegra. I bet it comes out stark raving mad) so I suppose that as long as my baby is loved and cared for, it will not matter. Amparo is fine with it, which I think is very noble of her. She's so secure of herself, it's refreshing. It's like she knows I love her, not Rose, and that I only did it with Rose because she wasn't there and she said I could.

Angelo thinks I'm a twat, of course. He found out about the Fake Levels trick, and yelled at me for lying. He had a go at me for going missing (You wouldn't think he'd been concerned about me!) and for getting fired, although it wasn't my fault, and I'm in a much better position now (As I can live in Verona, and I receive higher wages as the lead danseur, rather than as a member of the corps) Rose's mum wasn't pleased, as Rose is supposed to be getting a psychology degree in Padua, but I said I will take physical, financial and legal custody, and Rose could go to Padua and get her precious degree if she wants it so much.

But anyway, I have thought of many names for him/her, including Vaslav, after Vaslav Nijinsky, one of my favourite male ballet dancers, but I think Vaslav Fulgencio sounds kind of weird, don't you think? And for a girl, I did think of Odette, after the Swan Queen in Swan Lake, or maybe Giselle, but I suppose if the baby doesn't like ballet that would kind of suck for it. I suppose I could name it after one of my favourite Hollywood stars, like Tallulah Bankhead, or Marilyn Monroe (the baby is actually due on her birthday, 1st June!)

It's another weird thought to think that my baby will be in the same year at school as Mercutio and Allegra's baby, and will be in the year below Eliseo. In the (hopefully unlikely) event that Regina plops out another Tybalt within the right period of time, than that kid will be in their year as well.

I suppose you must be wanting to know what has happened to Anthony. Well, he hasn't exactly had it easy, which is what I'm thankful for. His whole church community are angry at him. Someone said he's not worthy of being part of their community. I love how 'forgiving' Christians are. He's found a job, at least. Luckily, Benvolio's mother's bookstore business was willed to Benvolio, and was placed in trust with a co-worker until Benvolio is twenty one, not Anthony, and so that wasn't repossessed. Anthony works there now, although Benvolio and said co-worker manage the money. I don't know how he does it, I can't even remember the eight times tables!

I hope you aren't still angry at Benvolio and his friends. Whilst what Mercutio asked you was uncalled for, Benvolio is a good person, regardless of who his father is. I think he will go far. And I know they put you in prison, but they did give you a chance to back out and go your own way. If it's any consolation, Benvolio may have reconciled with his dad, but he still hasn't forgiven him. Benvolio hates the way Anthony treated you, and has vowed to bring Eliseo up in a much better fashion, as have I with my future son or daughter.

I remain your ever-lasting friend,