[A/N: I had gotten the idea for this and started writing it ages back. It was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but I couldn't help myself, so you've got four little chapters.

I hope you enjoy this. The Time Traveller's Wife is probably my favourite book. I have read my copy so many times that its battered and falling apart.

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Doctor: Throughout his long and eventful life, The Doctor had seen some strange things, but out of the things that had happened to him lately, this would have to be the strangest.
There he was, humming to himself while readjusting a few of The TARDIS' thermo-cupplings, when all of a sudden, there was a thud from behind him- not a usual kind of TARDIS thud even. This thud was followed by the sound of a man's voice cursing. The Doctor immediately spun round, to see nothing. Then, dropping his gaze to the floor, he saw a naked man on his hands and knees.

"What?" exclaimed The Doctor. The naked man looked up with a puzzled expression upon his face.
"What?" repeated The Doctor.
The man looked around and asked "Where the fuck am I?"
"What?" was still all The Doctor could say.
The man took in the sight of TARDIS' technological console, "When am I?"
"What?" cried The Doctor, before managing to pull himself together. He focussed on the problem at hand. Another being had just transported themselves aboard the TARDIS, somehow. They obviously had no recollection of how they'd managed this and was experiencing some confusion and nakedness.

"If you have any to spare, I'd appreciate some clothes and food if you've got any." said the man.
The Doctor swiftly found his overcoat, which he'd tossed over the crook of a coral pillar earlier and tossed it to the man, who caught it with one hand. The man then proceeded to stand up and shrugged into the borrowed coat. The man was very skinny, like the Doctor and it fit remarkably well. He had short black hair and thick eye brows. He looked human. This wasn't the first time a human had been transported upon the TARDIS. Last time it had been Donna and she had not meant to do it on purpose at all. Perhaps The Doctor should take it easy on this guy. It could be a similar situation. Well, apart from the naked part.
Then the man collapsed onto the ground.

The Doctor was at his side immediately, waving the sonic screwdriver across the collapsed man's eyes.
"I'm fine" mumbled the man. "Head rush, is all. If you don't mind I'll sit down here on the floor for a bit. Oh, and I'm still waiting on that bit of something to eat."
The Doctor reached a hand inside his coat that he'd lent the man.
"Hey man, what are you doing?"
Clearly The Doctor didn't realise what he was doing could be seen as inappropriate. He merely put his hand into the inner pocket and pulled out a banana.
The man looked relieved and hungrily devoured the fruit, with a brief "Thanks".
"Okay now you've eaten, can you tell me what exactly you were doing, before you.. appeared on my ship?" said The Doctor
"I'm on a ship? Oh, wow. Uh, well I was at work in the library." Answered the man.
"I see.. and do you usually go to work naked, Mr-?"
"Henry. And not if I can avoid it."
"Can you explain what happened to you?" asked The Doctor.
The Doctor could tell that Henry obviously did know what had happened from the way he bit his lip. However, the guy seemed to be considering if he should answer the question or not. After a deep breath Henry finally decided and answered,
"Time travel." The Doctor raised eyebrows and a broad grin appeared across his face.
"When are you from?" he asked delightedly.

Henry: Whether it was the dizziness or the surprise from the British man's reaction, Henry wasn't sure, but he gave the time and date from where he had been just a moment ago.

Not for the first time during this conversation, Henry felt his personal space was being invaded as the Brit grabbed at Henry's arm.
"Well, you're definitely not a hologram", concluded the Brit as he proceeded to push up the sleeve on Henry's borrowed coat, inspecting and turning over his wrist, then did the same with the other. "No vortex manipulator", the Brit commented, before staring back into Henry's face. This time he donned a pair of rectangular spectacles, looking so intensely at Henry, who felt uncomfortable enough as it was.

"No.. what?" Henry spluttered in a somewhat fascinated manner. British Guy was once again buzzing Henry with his lit-up device, with a frown lining his face then shook the tool vigorously and slapped it against his hand, before placing it up at his ear listening. He thought for a moment, before returning his spectacles back to his jacket pocket and replacing them with a pair of 3D glasses, the cardboard kind with blue and red cellophane covered lenses. This guy was off his nut. Henry laughed a quizzical laugh, but was interrupted by British Guy bolting upright and shouting a loud exclamation of,
"Of course!"