The Golden Arrow

Author: Toriblue aka Grace_prsure

Pairing: Elejah

Rating: T (non-graphic sex)

Disclaimer: Go ahead and sue me. It would be worth it just to know that someone associated with the show actually read this story.

Spoilers: This follows the events of episode 3x15 but disregards everything after.

The fact that I m not a writer will be glaringly apparent if you decide to read this story. I just wanted to contribute something to the Elejah cause. If you're interested as to why Elijah references the amaryllis flower, check the note following the end of the story.

She didn't feel betrayed when he used her as leverage. If anything, she mainly felt relief from being back on equal footing. Her conscience was appeased even if her heart questioned the necessity of being placed in the custody of such a vicious executioner. Why Rebekah? Would she ever have the nerve to ask?

Neither Stefan or Damon appreciates her willingness to defend Elijah. They're both uncomfortable with how easily she extends forgiveness. She wishes she could believe that this little intervention was solely motivated by their protective instincts. They've been hovering around her like flies for the last hour. This looks less like love and more like territoriality.

It's the proverbial light bulb in the head when she finally understands the subtext of the conversation. On some level, they view Elijah as competition.

She can't help but find it biased they both are in regards to her appeal. She isn't Cleopatra or Mata Hari. Disregarding the supernatural freak show that has become her life, she's a relatively average teenager. Why would they ever assume that someone like Elijah would be interested in her?

With affection swelling her heart, she offers assurances that she'll be careful. She lies with a smile as she promises never to meet him in private (again) or 'negotiate' anything (again).

Never let it be said that Elijah is predictable. The last thing she ever expected was a formal goodbye...especially one that included words like 'always and forever'.

His letter pulls at something inside her chest. He has always seemed so impenetrable to ancient and alien. She's reminded that there is still a man buried beneath all that power and elegance.

She wonders if he'll change his number. She wonders if he already has.

She doesn't bother with a formal greeting. She is too relieved when the line connects. There are more than a few seconds of silence while she gathers her courage.

"Are you still here?"

"Yes...a few more days..." He trails off before finishing his thought. She hates how unsure he sounds. She hates that this might be the end of that unnamed *something* that was building between them.

"Will you come?" Now it's her turn to sound unsure.

Less than five minutes later, she hears the doorbell ring. She doesn't like how formal he looks, standing there in the entryway. Has he forgotten that she was the one who called him? She doesn't know why but she feels an overwhelming need to tease him.

"You forgot the flowers." He obviously appreciates her lame attempt at humor. His shoulders shift he's just released some inner tension. "Stop hovering and come on in."

She's now being treated to his 'champagne smile', as she's dubbed it. The one he wore as he handed her the tainted flute of alcohol. The one that made her feel light headed before the liquid ever touched her lips. She knows that he had been genuinely happy to share that moment of celebration with her.

"I couldn't decide which would be most appropriate. I considered the amaryllis but it's almost impossible to locate this time of year." She's glad that he's playing along but if he expects her to understand the reference he's going to be sorely disappointed.

"Is that supposed to make any kind of sense?" Her smile is splitting her face as she motions him into the living room. Against all reason, she's having fun.

"Would you please try to remember that some of us were born *after* Christianity was invented." She should probably be worried about offending him. Baiting someone like Elijah is reckless. She just can't seem to generate the necessary fear.

"The youth of this nation uninformed. Perhaps you should google it." He's smirking now. Yes, his ego is definitely strong enough to withstand the jabs of a nineteen year old girl.

He never fails to be astounded by Elena's capacity for forgiveness. Even though they've both betrayed each other, he's well aware that she's been the one to suffer all the consequences of their association. He expected a certain amount of understanding regarding his actions. Elena is empathetic by nature. He just never dreamed that she would be able to swallow her resentment so easily. What's even more astounding is the thought that Elena may not feel any resentment towards him at all.

Her playful attitude is contagious. He's immensely grateful that she's comfortable enough to taunt him. He thinks this is the side of Elena to which only her friends and family are normally allowed access. His comment regarding the flower was a bit of a challenge. He wonders if she'll be curious enough to take his make that connection. He wants her to understand exactly what he's offering. Even if she can't accept him now, he wants the seed to be planted.

The situation with the Salvatore brothers is reaching its boiling point. In the very near future, she's going to leave them both. Her growing feelings for Damon is the final nail in the coffin. She doesn't know it yet but she's past the point where her conscience will allow her to choose either brother. Once she acknowledges the extent to which her heart has been torn, she'll leave Mystic Falls.

She'll lie of course all of them. She'll claim that she wants a normal future. She'll pretend that it's her humanity she's protecting. The unspoken truth will be far simpler. Elena is not selfish enough to destroy the connection between two brothers. If she can't give her whole heart to one of them, she'll choose neither. The nature of her character will allow no other conclusion.

One thing he hadn't counted on was his own investment in this quickly approaching future. When he entered her home, he hadn't been prepared for her smile and warmth to be directed towards him. He was relieved that their connection was still intact and as hope built in his chest, ambition rose to match it. For the first time, he considered the possibility that Elena could come to care for him.

Elena is now treating him like a friend. He's honored by her regard but it's dangerous for her to lower her defenses to this degree. He's not a teenage boy or the emotional equivalent known as Salvatore. She may not recognize that she's flirting with him but the effect remains the same.

"I'm not sorry." For a moment, he thinks she's referring to the flirting and is about to assure her that he's equally unrepentant.

"There was a chance to kill Klaus and I had to take it." There it is...the elephant that can't be ignored. With that statement, the air becomes heavier and the expression on her face becomes familiar. Elena is far too young to be carrying around this amount of pain. Her eyes seem to be pleading for some type of forgiveness. It never occurred to him that she would feel anything other than mild guilt for her part in Esther's plans. As their eyes meet, he becomes convinced that she would've truly mourned his death.

He should resist temptation but his curiosity is eating him alive. "If you had no one to protect, would you still have allowed her to use your blood?" This is cruel because he knows she won't understand what he's really asking. She will believe he's just questioning her honor. What he really wants to know is if she would've tried to protect him if the safety of her friends and family weren't factors in the equation.

Elena should be willing to do anything to ensure Klaus' death. For her to place a higher value on Elijah s life - over her own well being or even just her own vengeance...

"No!" She's now less than a foot away and reaching for his hand. Once again, her kindness is overriding her common sense.

"Elijah have to know ..." She seems frustrated by her inability to find the right words. As far as he's concerned, the one was more than sufficient. She's so close. He feels nothing but greed as he stares at her mouth.

She doesn't have a good explanation for why she's currently latched onto a 1,000+ year old vampire. It had just felt like such a natural thing to do. She invaded his space like she owned it.

Mortification reigns supreme as sanity returns. The only way she could be more humiliated is if Stefan and Damon were here to witness the groping.

She forgets her embarrassment when she feels the warm pressure of his mouth and the rough slide of his tongue. His right arm is locked around her waist ...pulling her closer ...stealing her ability to move - think - breathe ...His left hand is sliding up her spine - tangling in her hair.

She doesn't understand how her attempt at an explanation led to a loss of all motor function. The effect he's having on her body is terrifying. His hands are touching her like she belongs to him.

As futile as the action may be, she starts pushing against his chest. "Would you please let me go? I need to scrape my dignity off the floor." She tries to make a joke of it ...force the clock back ...force them both to remember that there are lines they can't cross.

Even though her voice is soft and low (utterly unconvincing), for a moment, she's sure he's about to comply. She feels his grip loosening. She doesn't realize just how wrong she is until he uses the small space to reposition his hands.

She doesn't understand why he won't allow her to move. That's obvious by the way her heart has taken up residence in her throat. He's trying to calm down but her fear is increasing his arousal. She's shaking so hard - her breasts are sliding against his chest.

He's always been hyper aware of Elena's responses. He knows she's not afraid that he's going to cause her physical harm. No, this is the type of fear a woman experiences when she's about to willingly relinquish control of her own body.

He knows that he's taking advantage of the situation. Elena didn't have the faintest clue what she was starting when she touched him. If he was a true gentleman, he would allow her to pull back ...both physically and emotionally. A few hours ago, that's exactly what he would've done.

Hope is the cruelest emotion one can ever experience. It maims as surely as it heals. A few hours ago, he was filled with resolve. His path was set. The belief that Elena cares for him has created a new path. He may not have her heart yet but he has the chance to create memories her body will never forget. He's starving for that chance.

She's never seen this side of Elijah. His jaw is clenched and his eyes look sharp enough to cut glass. She really needs for him to stop looking at her that way.

"You're attracted to me." His statement is blunt trauma. That's impossible to dispute... she's sparking like an emergency flare.

"Lovely, lovely Elena." In any other moment, she would probably be flattered by those words. In any other moment, he wouldn't be whispering them against her ear like an obscene promise. He has no intention of stopping.

He doesn't think he's ever appreciated the color pink quite as much as he does right now. The tank top and shorts are very inspiring. By modern standards, the clothing is modest...or at least they would be if she wasn't in such close proximity to a lamp. The light has rendered the pale cotton practically translucent. Her skin is glowing through the fabric.

It's a very good thing she isn't a virgin. He can't remember ever being this impatient for flesh. He wants to gorge himself on her skin ...he needs her clothes off - now.

She feels her back hit the wall. Then she feels his tongue working her neck - lower - lower - her mind is nothing but static. She doesn't remember her top being removed. It doesn't matter - nothing matters - his mouth ...his teeth ... Elijah...

His fangs cut into his own tongue when she moans his name. His own blood is coating his throat ...such a waste. She accepts his blood as hungrily as she accepts his kiss. She's sucking at his tongue like she's the vampire.

He's never seen anything as beautiful as Elena ...topless ...hips rising...grinding against his own. Just a few inches of soft cotton covering her sex. When he moves his hand between her legs, her eyes slam shut - she's so close.

Just one finger ...just to tease ...just to distract. She doesn't realize they've moved to her bedroom - yet. Elena cannot be broken - he thinks of all the ways she can be bent - all the ways he'll have her.

She's coiled tighter than a cobra. Her eyes have slammed shut ...leaking from frustration. Before she even realizes she's no longer vertical, his mouth has moved between her legs. She thinks it might hurt - the way her thighs are being forced open - so wide. Pain is the last thing she feels.

She is absolutely ruined...the pleasure is devastating. She almost hates him - she can't imagine letting anyone else touch her - ever again.

She's fighting him - She's fighting her own body now - her heels push against the bed - her bed? ...trying to move away from his lips.

She feels his soft laughter as he forces her hips back down. "It's a little late to start running now." Truer words have never been spoken.

He's moved up - wanting her to meet his eyes as he removes his belt. His lips cover her own and she's screaming inside his mouth - he just knew - she's coming before he has even finished working his way inside.

He'll never be able to forget this ...Elena ...spread out like a sacrifice - for him. Her body shining with sweat... the smell of her heat filling the room. Even when she's seconds away from exploding...she still tries to outmaneuver him. If he was a human man, he thinks this would be the point where he'd propose. As a vampire, he'll just hold her to the vows her body makes.

As she curls against his chest, she tries to convince herself that nothing has changed. It was just a very *intense* goodbye. She isn't free to love him. She definitely can't afford to believe - for even a microsecond - that he loves her. She can't even let herself enjoy the lust - she already feels too connected to him. She'll probably never see him again.

Elena never fails to amuse. Her thoughts couldn't be clearer if they were printed on a neon sign above her head.

Does she really think he would've taken her to bed if he never planned on returning? To experience her so completely ...then walk away with nothing but the memory of her skin? His masochistic tendencies do not extend that far. Nor is he going to treat her with the condescension she's come to expect from Stefan. If she ever chooses a human male over a future with him, it won't be because she has any doubts as to his feelings for her.

He had always planned on returning - providing his protection. Even though Klaus was technically indestructible, there were still ways for him to be incapacitated. Elijah's words to Rebekah were truthful but they served a greater purpose. He has no doubt that Rebekah will relay his message. If he's lucky, Klaus will believe that he's embraced his inner martyr and left town - just one less vampire for Elena to concern herself with.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Leaving Mystic Falls is a necessary evil. His resources are extensive but many contacts won't answer certain questions unless properly motivated. The kind of physical motivation that generally ruins his suits.

He just has to remember that hope heals. Once he gives Elena her future back, he'll be free to offer up his own.


I think the legend of 'Amaryllis is very fitting for Elejah. In my mind, Elijah was comparing himself to Amaryllis. He feels like his love for Elena is unrequited and seeks a way to win her heart by offering something truly unique/what she desires most (freedom from Klaus). I also find it fitting that Amaryllis/Elijah offered up heart's blood. It's not like he held a grudge against Elena for stabbing him! :)

Amaryllis fell deeply in love with Alteo but her affections were unrequited. Hoping that she could win him over by bestowing upon him the thing he desired most - a flower so unique it had never existed in the world before - Amaryllis sought advice from the oracle of Delphi.

Following his instructions, Amaryllis dressed in maiden's white and appeared at Alteo's door for 30 nights, each time piercing her heart with a golden arrow. When at last Alteo opened his door, there before him was a striking crimson flower, sprung from the blood of Amaryllis's heart.