Color me, cover me.

A pale body lies beneath him.

It tenses under his grip, as he drives it forward again.

His hands are firm upon the other's shoulders, nails drawing blood and fingers pressing red marks into white skin.

Sirius Black always pushes too hard.

His legs are stemmed against the bed.

With one hand the boy holds onto his pillow, wet from salty tears. The other grips at the bedpost in front of him.

It is always a little too rough.

Feel me.

A big hand finds a smaller one, enveloping it.

Bodies are glued together by desire, hands clawing and teeth finding skin.

The boy is pushed down into the linen. Muffled screams and moans blend together, inseparable now.

New tears cover old scars.

Sirius thrusts.

Hips meet hips. Again.

And again.

And again.

Strong hands seize slender wrists.

He lifts them up, up over tired bodies, shoulders straining from the force.

The boy is fixed against the wall.

His red hair is rumpled, and sweat covers his body. It drips.

Sirius' lips trail kisses across his shoulders.


A hand explores.

It traces scars on the slim frame in front of him, caressing chest, nipples, stomach.

Nails sting.

Red lines are painted on a white thigh.

Tender kisses become nibbles, nibbles become bites.

Slender wrists struggle against their captor, body thrashing against the wall. A hand finds red hair, running through it.

Fingers find cheeks, damp from tears. Wet tears. Salty tears.

The pulse beats its frantic rhythm.

A tongue tastes the salty drops.

Devour me.

The hand finds a mouth, covering it.

A pale body tenses. Bracing itself against the cold wall.

Hands close on each other.

As muffled cries fill the room again, as fingers cling to each other for support.

A pale frame lies discarded on the bed.

The room is quiet around him.


His skin is bruised, pallor surrendering to black and blue.

Red marks and purple welts.

Beneath it lie yellowing marks from meetings past.

His body is a color palette of desire.

Paint me.

Decorate me.

Colors cover bodies, concealing truth from sight.

Soul and heart are hidden beneath the redness of flesh meeting flesh.

Hard eyes of sapphire blue.

Green stings of jealousy and want.

Longing, growing yellow with age.

But the heart?

Excruciating and relentless,

Darkening and shadowed,


Forever Black.

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