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Meeting the General

Hinata was sitting in her beat up car pondering on whether she goes in and meet her boyfriend Naruto at work or return to his apartment and wait for him there, taking out the locket he gave her on their first anniversary, she opened it and smiled at their silly pictures from their first festival together, those moments were the best and she would never trade them for anything.

Finally on deciding to greet her beloved Naruto, she got off her car and was shocked to see him with some bimbo in his arms kissing right in the parking lot, she couldn't believe he would betray her like that, how could loyal Naruto turn into this two faced bastard.

Hinata was blinded with rage when she walked over to him, her midnight hair flowed behind her showing her pale angry face, she never got angry easily, Hinata was quite the opposite, she was soft spoken but strong, not the kind of person to jump straight to conclusion, but what was happening in front of her was unacceptable and she won't allow a low life like him to trample on her so easily.

Naruto has still yet to recognize her presence near him, but he was so caught up smooching the woman in his arms, he didn't even notice her. Hinata's eyes flared with anger when he didn't even feel her nearing, so raising her voice for the first time he was immediately caught off guard "Naruto" her soft yet strong voice caused him to let loose of the woman in his arms and watch in shock his girlfriend's angry face "What are you doing?" she hissed.

Frantically Naruto looked over at the woman beside him, but she was long gone, running away from the angry beauty 'What a wuss' he grumbled but a growl made him snap his head to face his dreaded luck. He sweated bullets; he didn't know what to say, how could he explain his mistake? "Uh –uh H-Hinata, I can explain" his voice quivered with fear because it was the first time he ever saw Hinata this angry, thinking about what he'll say to her he figured there wasn't any explanation for his stupid actions.

"Don't" her cold voice rang in Naruto's ears, "I don't need your pathetic excuses" she continued as she grabbed the locket from her neck that Naruto gave her and throw it in his face, "Because we are done" she hissed causing Naruto a shiver to crawl down his spine.

Turning her heels to leave this pathetic excuse of a man, he actually dared to stop her "Hinata, Hinata wait I'll explain everything please give me a chance" he begged, but Hinata ignored his pleads and drove her beat up car in a dangerous speed almost hitting Naruto in the process but fortunately for him he got out of her way in time.

Turning on the radio in full blast she was listening to 'Part of me by Katy Perry' and somehow this song seemed to relate to her, bobbing her head to the beats, she pulled over in a gas station. Opening the door in a rough manner, she stomped in the convenient store in the gas station; she took a drink from the beverages area to relax her mind from the entire buzz in the parking lot. As she was paying, her eye caught the sight of a poster on the board near the cashier.

She didn't realize she was staring for a long time on the rugged piece of paper, until she was caught off guard by the cashier when he spoke "I was once in the military too" Hinata pulled her gaze off the poster and looked at the old wrinkly man, you could see that this man had been through hell and still could stand through it all over again, she felt admiration for him, he was a man she wanted to be.

"How was it?" she asked him as he leaned back in his seat, and sighed in content, "Oh it was the best, fighting and protecting the country, best damn feeling and a great way to relieve anger" he smiled looking in Hinata's sparking eyes. "That good huh" she smiled at the man who gave her determination to try it out, "Yeah best days of my life, I would go there again but my body is too old to keep with you youngsters, better keep those job openings for people who are capable" he joked but his eyes held a little sorrow and Hinata felt bad for him, "Don't worry, I think you're capable" she smiled brightly trying to make him feel better.

Her words made the old man laugh "No need for compliments, so I'm guessing you wanna join?" she nodded her head and looked in his deep brown eyes, she could see that he was handsome in his days and if she saw him in his young life, she would date him in a heartbeat, he seemed loyal, but alas time wasn't in her hands, "You know if I was younger, I would date you" he joked and both of them laughed "Me too" she sighed remembering what Naruto had done to her, she would choose this man over him any day.

"Well honey, here's your drink, it's on the house" giving her a pleasant smile which she generously returned, "Thank you, I don't know how to re-pay you" he laughed heartedly "Oh no need, just when you are off duty, come visit by and tell me how they changed" he said making Hinata grin, "It's the least I could do" taking her drink she waved to the old man and left the gas station, on her way to her apartment.

When she arrived to her sanctuary, Hinata went straight to her bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror she shook in anger; why would he do that to her, he wasn't a man and she was going to show him what a man is supposed to be. Grabbing a pair of scissors, she lifted a huge fist of hair and started cutting; she cut all her anger, her pain, her betrayal and didn't stop until she couldn't cut anymore. Ruffling it a bit, she raised her head to look at what she did and realizing what her actions have done, she looked like a boy.

Smirking she opened the mirror cabinet and pulled out bandages, she wrapped them tightly around her chest to make them look flat, making her smirk widened when it worked, she really did look like a man and she was going to join the military as one.