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Meeting the General

Hate couldn't describe went through the others' mind, tension filled the air as Sai moved Hinata out of his arm and went straight back to Gaara ready to hit him one more time. However this time he was prepared, Sai moved his arm back ready to hit Gaara in full force unfortunately for Sai things didn't go as planned … as usual, the red head was able to block the punch by quickly grabbing on Sai's wrist and forced his body to turn as he held his arm firmly behind Sai's back.

The pain was immense with one more jerk Gaara could break his shoulder blade easily, "AH! LET ME GO!" Sai couldn't stop himself from saying it, that moment he felt vulnerable and he really hated this feeling. He never really experienced until now and the person he hates had broken his pride.

Sai looked up at the unconscious Hinata, he saw how the bruise was swelling her entire right side of her face, however blood dripped from her weirdly angled nose he never knew that Gaara's punch was so powerful and if it wasn't for Hinata he would be then one lying unconscious right now. But it's better him than her.

Unaware Gaara's eyes fell on 'Hikaru', he really did some damage, which was unintended. He didn't expect 'him' to jump in and 'save the day', he felt something burn inside him, was it jealousy? No way! What the hell he wasn't gay! Oh god this guy is making him question is gender orientation!

His thoughts made him let go Sai letting his face hit first on the floor, good he deserved it, was Sai gay? Why was he defending another guy? Gaara's thoughts were muddled, shaking his mindless thoughts away he grunted at Sai and turned away to walk to his room in the main base.

Even though knowing he should help his injured recruits, well this is the army and every man for himself, he wasn't going to make this easy for some beginners who didn't even taste a tiny bit of what he went through. Seven years of hard work ever since he was eighteen couldn't compare to anyone, he had it hardest of his siblings and went through all of it alone, what those two experienced was nothing!

Leaving comrades behind wasn't his way but this is an exception.

Sai groaned as he sat up rubbing his injured arm, after soothing it for a few minutes he looked at Hinata, she looked so vulnerable he stood up and walked up to her scooping her up in his arms. He obviously didn't expect the lightweight that he almost fell backwards.

"Woah, does she even eat?" he spoke loudly not thinking about his surrounding and he started to make his way to the medical unit, he even needed something for his shoulder blade.

"She? Interesting" a smirk spread over a shadowed figure, his body leaned against the pole as he watched Sai walk off with the now revealed female figure in his arms.

Knowing this secret could be the end of Hinata but the figure laughed, this could work perfectly to his advantage.

An hour later Sai was still with Hinata in the infirmary icing his sore shoulder and watching over her, thankfully he was able to persuade the nurse not to undress her either. The nurse managed to place back her nose and stop the unnecessary bleeding as well, most of her right side of her face was covered save for some unaffected skin, even her eye was covered due to the swelling that spread around her eye.

Sai looked at Hinata in regret if it wasn't for him she wouldn't be like this, he felt responsible and he didn't know what to do to make up for what happened. He really want to protect her from Gaara but he couldn't even do that, how useless.

He bit his lip looking away this won't go away soon, Sai stood up and fled the infirmary, regret hovered over him and looking at Hinata won't make it go away.

Another mistaken occurred.

Night came and everything was quiet, in the infirmary the figure on the bed started to regain consciousness. One opal eye revealed itself while the other was overwhelmed with darkness; the room was illuminated with one light bulb that had been flickering for a while.

Hinata was in a daze, she didn't realise her surroundings until suddenly everything came to her like blast making her gasp. She quickly sat up leaning back on her forearms breathing deeply. Sitting up further her hand immediately went to the side of her face when Gaara punched her. It was covered she sighed, now she knew that wasn't a dream and Sai really stood up for her.

Again why?

Sighing one more time she rest her head on the bed head behind her, this is getting complicated for no reason. This whole joining the army thing was a mistake on her part, she didn't expect in a matter of two or three weeks someone would want to torture her, another finding about her identity or even getting punched that literary knocked her out cold.

Neji had been right all along, he knew what he was talking about and she was stubborn enough to deny everything he said.

Stupid girl.

Hinata closed her eye and sighed one more time.

"Tsk a girl shouldn't sigh so much" the menacing voice immediately caught Hinata's guard off, she quickly sat up erect and her eyes wondered trying to search where the voice was coming from.

"Awee trying to find me? How sweet" this time the voice echoed which was weird since the room was small.

Her eye darted from left to right, she tried to show she was calm but she couldn't help shaking a little more. This person knew she was girl and she couldn't think right.

"Unfortunately I'm not hear in person or I would've done wonders to you but soon darling you'll be on your back ready for me to devour you" that voice again! His voice held venom and Hinata shook even more, what the hell did he mean 'devour?' Shit this didn't sound good at all.

Hinata wanted to scream but her throat squeezed forcing her voice to die, "Good night baby" her eyes widened as she held her head, shit shit shit! This is not good at all! She can't stay here anymore; she needs to get out before things escalate to the worse.

The scared girl threw her covers off as she quickly trotted out of the infirmary, quickly heading out of the main building to the exit.

Gaara was having a bad night, he couldn't sleep and 'Hikaru's' unconscious body plagued his mind, he really didn't know why he was thinking about him but it's getting really irritating. He obviously wanted to stop thinking but his mind wouldn't let him.

He paced his room but it was suffocating him, he couldn't stand one more minute in this tiny room. Gaara ripped his door open and started to make his way to the training field, a good run in the night might help him.

As soon as the cold wind blasted on his face he took a breath and began to jog, slowly he increased his speed until he was running full speed. Obviously the field is huge and he planned to at least run the perimeter, his legs didn't burn at all, they were used to this kind of running for a long while. Gaara trained himself to endure a lot and he was quite proud to say that because of that he can do more than most generals could do.

What Gaara didn't expect during the run is to find another person running at this time of night, however it was for an entire different reason as the person ran clumsily and it was towards the exit gates.