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The God's Clown and the Prince of the Sky

Story00: DESTATI

Destati! Tendi la mano…!

E' giunta l'ora, destati

Le porte verranno schiuse

(Destati! Destati! Destati!)

(E' giunta l'ora!)

He never felt this screwed before. He never felt this horrible for twenty one years of his life. He never felt this scared, not until today. However it was nothing than what he felt mostly right now.




Blade kept clashed with the odd blade held by a long haired man who was his opponent. The white and odd clothed man, The Noah before him, was had this amused grin on his face. The man's gold eyes looked amused too. Yet it had a slight mocked on it. Narrowed his now red eyes, the black spike haired young man pushed the odd blade and sent double slashes to his opponent, only to be blocked easily by the man. The man then did a counterattack faster than he had assumed. Startled, the young man immediately teleported himself away. The place where he just stood before was destroyed by the man's blade.

The young man eyes widened slightly. Unconsciously, his grip on his falchion hardened. He couldn't let his guard down on this man, not even a bit. Because if he did…it would be meaning of his defeat and probably, his death. Determined, he readied his stance again, he dashed, and he approached the long haired Noah with astonishing speed.

At this second, he really wished that Ignis and the others were here, helping him.

They just sat in there, not say another word. They were staring at the majestic Milky Way above them. Sat on the exercise ground, side to side. Cold wind breezed quietly that night.

They were a couple of young man and young woman. The young woman had snowy white hair below her chin, beautiful silver eyes, pale skin, and a scar, started with a pentagram on the left forehead, across her left eye and cheek. But the most noticeable from her appearance was her left hand. Her left hand deformed with black color and a shape of cross like on the back of his hand. Actually her whole left arm deformed but the young woman wore long, white sleeved shirt, only revealed her hand. She now dressed casually since she only wore simple white shirt, red ribbon which tied on her collar, black vest, black skirts, dark stocking, and high boots.

The young man that looked older by few years than her had black bluish hair, sky blue eyes, pale skin yet not as pale as the other young man, and was wearing black short sleeved T-shirt with same colored short sleeved collared shirt, black pants with a black belt, army boots, a ring on his right and a motorcycle glove on his left.

The silver eyes beauty smiled warmly at scene of the night sky.

"The stars…They're really beautiful tonight."

"Hmmh." The older young man gave his simple agree. His lips curved a bit.

They were not talking for a moment as they seemed in their own thoughts. Until the white haired young woman broke the silence between the two of them.

"…Hey, Noct? Can the stars also seen in your place?"

The young man pondered for a while. "Not always. Sometimes the lights of them got swallowed by the light from the city. The clouds also often closed the sky. This is the first time I ever saw it this clearly after long time."

The young woman nodded understandingly. "I see…"

They like completely a contradicting characters.

Yet inside, they have many similarities.

And now, officially, they were friends.

He felt horrible. He felt useless, so useless at the fact he even couldn't lend a hand for his friends. Not while he in the middle of the fight where he himself being pressed. Etro, he even didn't knew how long he will last! His opponent was incredibly strong and although he didn't want to admit it, this man was good in sword. Even though he had sparred with mainly with Ellen and Kanda since he stayed in the Black Order, he still found it difficult to match the Noah.

His time however was running out and he must finish it before he could safe his friends. And of course Ellen and Tokusa were not exceptions, although the Third Exorcist indeed had made him annoyed a lot. He hoped the others were alright. The blast from Alma's awakening did a good job to destroy anything near him.

And that mutation of Tokusa… the young man fought back the shudder which went down to his body. This was the first time he ever saw something… something as brutal like that. He never thought he would saw the side effect of the Third Exorcist Project. He had acknowledged it and truthfully, he was quite furious. How he hated with passion about that horrible fact. While he still in here, he wouldn't let it happened. He would save them no matter what happen.

He hoped his particularly friend was alright since she now dealt with Alma and not to mention, Kanda who wanted to kill the boy who now became Akuma. He also hoped that Fo would be fine since she was the one who would fight with the Noah if only he didn't intercept and told her that he would take care of the Noah while Fo could use her power to help Bak.

To young man's surprise, the Noah –later he learned that his name was Tyki Mikk. He found it as a weird name for a man.- did has a same opinion, though his reason more like because he interested to him because of his unusual power and abilities. And he wanted to test him, that if the young man didn't mind. For some reason, he didn't fully believe the Noah reason. There is more of it; he knew it once he saw this man's sharp gold eyes. The gold liquid of his eyes was burning with what he suspected with not so hidden jealously and hate toward him. The black haired young man had noticed it since this man appeared in front of them in Jordan. Had he jealous of him?

He couldn't help but sweat dropped at this. The white haired Exorcist had told him few times about her encounters with the Noah of Pleasure. If his theory was correct combined by the stories, her reaction whenever she told about the said Noah, and lastly the Noah's reaction to her, then this man had a big possibility to crush on her. The red eyes young man was seen as his rival or even a hindrance to the Noah. For Etro's sake, they just friends, no more than that if barely little sister and her older brother. Looks like the man would be difficult for him to be convinced. Shamefully, this was not the right time for it. Not thinking twice, the black clad young man agreed and here they are, fighting each other with all they have. And for the sake of his friends, he couldn't lose in here.

Su rimembra tu trepida…!

Su sveglia!Ehi ricorda…!

(Su sveglia! Su sveglia! Su sveglia!Ehi ricorda…!)

Called upon his power, blue lights with strikingly similar with died souls surrounded him. He then switched his black falchion with one of his weapons. Wasted no time, the black clad young man raised his gun to his opponent and fired.

"…So what are you going to do, now?"

Felt slightly confused, the white haired girl fixed on the other young man who taller than her. The older young man didn't look at her directly; instead he kept looking at the bright stars which shine softly in the night sky.

"I mean, what you are going to do after you know the fact that somehow you have Fourteenth's Noah inside you?"

The young man's spike, black haired was being played by the wind. Rather than spike, the hairs more like the tail of the chicken.

The thin young woman was silent at first. An awkward silence followed soon. The young man suddenly felt stupid for asked such a question. He shouldn't ask it at first, no matter how it worried him. He was about to apologize when the gray eyes young woman beat him first.

"Isn't it obvious?" the silver eyes beauty said with a small yet confident smile. "I'll keep continue to walk. I'm Ellen Walker, an Exorcist, no more, no less. Nothing will change it."


The line of fire was echoing loudly in that place. Left the ears with ringing sounds and the air filled with the smell of the gun powder. Then a sound of clashed between gun and sword echoed loudly, followed by repeatedly parried by the black haired young man and the Noah. The still smiling Noah, Tyki Mikk, looked to be pleasured at this. Despite the fact that he too much close to the beautiful Exorcist he adore, this young man before him was indeed interesting.

"You know what, Red Eyes?" He began with the baritone voice of his. "You had some quite unique skills in here."

Tyki then kicked the young man's abdomen thus sent him with full force to the back. Gritted his teeth in pain, the back clad young man flip his own body to got his balance for once. To forced his feet, to step back to the earth roughly. The young man clutched the area where the man just kicked him. It was hurt like hell, yes but the kick didn't hit in the critical part. Probably only two or three fractured ribs and judged from the attack and the stance, his opponent wasn't letting out all his power.

Destati, destati !

Forza, tendi la mano!

He lifted his head, anger flashed in his red eyes as he glared the man who had just kicked, no, humiliated him. The irritatingly grin was still in there and filled with amusement.

"Not bad for a human. But," the black long haired Noah threw his amused golden eyes at him and yet Noct didn't miss the dagger flashing those cutting eyes. "It's still not enough yet, Red Eyes."

Eancora una volta…!

Apiranno le porte…!

With that, Tyki readied his sword again and before the young man knew it, the Noah already in front of him and about to stab him. In instinct, the wielder of the black gun teleported himself to behind the Noah, the gun in his grip changed again into a black falchion and swung it. Much to his annoyance however, the Third Child of Noah could predict it and his own sword clashed hard with his. And once again, they exchanged their attacks.

Dodge, thrust, dodge, ducked, and slash kept repeated between them. When he saw an opening on the Noah's stance, the young man took his opportunity in no time. With lightning speed, he thrust his black falchion forward. While the man could Dodge the attack, the falchion managed to cut his upper right arm quite deep.

Narrowed his golden eyes, the Noah did a quick counterattack by threw a punch right into the young man's face. Almost in the same moment, the young man raised his left palm to the man and as fast as it went, the Noah found himself surrounded by few strong explosions. Those explosions gave him some damages. Meanwhile the young man fell mercilessly to the ground with a loud thud due to the effect of the punch he received. The young man bit back his hiss.

Damn. That hurt.

"What about yourself, Noct?" This time it was Ellen who asked him.

Bright blue eyes snapped at the silver eyes, blinked once. "Sorry?"

"This may be a little offended to you, but you're from a royal family, aren't you? Are you going to replace your father when you get back?"

A question he was rather not thinking it for now. Noct bite his own lips unconsciously. He opened his mouth hesitantly.

"I..." His tongue felt numb.

He was a part of the royalty. He was the main and sole heir from the kingdom. He was the protector and the keeper of the Great Crystal. The crystal had chosen him. Only a king can have its power. Therefore, he supposed to be the next King, replace his father.


"I…" He once more opened his mouth only to found he couldn't speak a word. The white haired young man who sat beside him began to look at him with concern, mixed with worry.


Gave up, Noct sighed heavily then closed his eyes.

"Honestly, I don't know."

But he wanted to be a normal boy.

Noctis wished to be normal.

Forced his body to stand up, the young man use his sword as a tool to help him straightened his body. He panted slightly as he tried hard to push back his intention to either touch his hurt face or attack the man randomly. No, he was a fighter and on top of that, he was a royalty, not some kind of brawler. He needed to think carefully a way to defeat this man or he would mess up something. Before he could thinking further, terrifying aura had exploded not far from them and shake the ground violently. The wind grew with the same violence.

Having a very, very bad feeling, the wielder of the falchion snapped his head and twisted his body at the source, forgot his own battle with the man. To his horror, he saw between the ruins was his dear friend, Ellen Walker, floated with disturbingly familiar shadow behind her. Frightening series of laughter came from the shadow's mouth. From that, he forcibly realized it would be one meaning; Fourteenth's awakening. His red eyes widened in shock and panic.

"No…" He muttered shakily. His worst fear finally became reality.

(Su sveglia! Su sveglia! Su sveglia!Ehi ricorda…)


"Hey, Ellen?" Noctis asked hesitantly.


Eh? Come? Non lo vuoi?

Tuttavia t'appartiene!

"Looks like it has begun…" Tyki's voice faintly heard due the wind. Yet it got the black haired young man's attention since it made he snapped back to him. He found that the man's wounds closed rather in fast phase. Sharp golden eyes clashed with dagger spinel color.

"You have heard it by yourself, aren't you? Soon the Fourteenth will arise from inside her and she will become one of us."

The black clad young man gritted his teeth and tries hard to hold his own anger.

"Why her?" He hissed in venom. "Why must Ellen!? Answer me…!"

The Noah's face went flat and cold. His famous mocked smile now gone. "Why don't you go to the Earl and ask him in front of his face, Boy? Besides, it's none of your business in fact."

"We are friends forever, right?"

His whole body shook in anger as he heard the man's statement.

"None of my business?" he spat coldly. "You said it's none of my business!?" he almost shouted.

That was the last straw. He couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't control his emotion anymore. His power suddenly increased in devastating speed, until it reached its full potential, into the level where his power was rivaling the Noah's or perhaps even more. Reacted to his emotion state, more blue lights like souls appeared around him, thousands of them and circled him in rapid rhythm. Much of the tiny crystal flakes fly in everywhere near him, sparkled by the sunlight. Transparent shield appeared but this time it began to reveal the true form of the shield.

Tyki who saw this was in alert and readied himself for what the young man would do. Yes, the first time he saw the boy before him, he had thought that the odd haired boy just like the other humans. Perhaps a human similar with the pathetic Exorcists –except Ellen and few-, however when he tried to attack him once at Jordan, the more he studied him as he fought the boy, the more he felt the difference between the black clad boy and the other humans. His clothes, his aura, his elegance, everything about him made as if he wasn't from this world. As if he was from another world, another dimension, different from this one. When the young man's euclase eyes changed color and he summoned his black sword from nothing, the Noah of Pleasure knew he faced something completely opposite, contradicting even, either from Innocence or Dark Matter. The Third Child could sense it once the young man let it out his power. His power was nothing Tyki had seen before in this world.


And Darkness.

And Death.

All of them mixed together in peculiar combination.

So he had a right to wary this human. The fight with him had proven his suspicions. The human managed to fought and hit him in few places even though the human received some damage from him. And now with the boy increased his power to higher level, he couldn't let his guard down.

Then all chaos broke loose.

Cio che hai perduto!

Diventera uno!

A soft smile was forming on her pink lips. Her gaze softened to him.

"...Yes. We are friends. Forever and always."


"Always, Noct."

As if to respond his wrath, his red eyes flashed brightly. The transparent shield finally revealed its true form as many of the weapons, nearly hundred of them appeared. Swords, guns, lances, spears, all of the weapon you could name, floated and circled him silently, elegantly, yet deadly. They were adorned by thousands of crystals flakes which drifted weightlessly, created an ethereal sightseeing like diamond dust.

Noctis stood in the middle of them, surrounded by the crystal flakes and black weapons like the death angel surrounded by his black feathers and diamond dusts. Then in less than a second, all the weapons pointed at the Noah and launched in great speed, to attack with elegant and merciless movement in the same time.

Golden eyes widened slightly in surprised. Tyki waste no time to dodge all the weapons that attacked him. He avoided some of the weapons with his own graceful movements. But even with his entire try to dodge the weapons, one of two weapons almost managed to slash him with only miss as thin as the paper. As he landed to avoid another sword, he never expected the young man would appear in front of him face to face via teleport. Blood red eyes, dark black hair, dark colored clothes as dark as moonless night. What caught most of his attention however was the boy's stoned face. Red eyes stared coldly and merciless, there was no emotion in there. Glowed like a ruby. Face as pale as alabaster stone, showed not even a hint of expression. Lips pulled into a deep frown, locked securely, and deadly silent. At that very moment, The Noah had struck by the sudden change of the young man's behavior. It wasn't a human expression. It also nothing liked Noah's expression. When he saw that expression, only one thing that crossed in Tyki's mind. The boy before him...

Now he was like...

Like the...

The Grim Reaper.

A second later, out of reflect, he found his sword clashed hard with the boy's sword. The Noah of Pleasure found himself being pushed back a step by that force. Tyki frowned deeply at the strength the red eyes young man achieved. Since when the boy had this such strength? Or he actually had it since the beginning and hides it? His trail of thought broke when the young man opened his locked mouth and spoke with a tone full of ice and darkness.

"And don't call me those stupid nicknames,Tyki Mikk, The Noah of Pleasure. My name..."

"Is Noctis! Remember that...!"

Eh? Come? Non lo vuoi?
Tuttavia t'appartiene

The Noah smirked in arrogance. He then summoned his Tease, rivaled the numbers of the young man's weapons.

"Well then, Noctis..." Tyki said in smooth and dark voice.

"Show me all that you have. Show me...your true power."

Cio che hai perduto!
Diventera uno!

A soft smile curled on the prince's lips.


They stood face at each other. None of them moved or speak yet; they too occupied to move and talk as a pair of puzzled and curious bluish silver stared deeply at a pair of confused and uncomfortable euclase.

To each of them, stood in front of her or his was a stranger with a peculiar way of clothing he or she never saw before. Both of them wore same dark and black colored clothes but with one look, actually you could tell how much different they were by the air they gave. The girl had a strong willed, white, and pure aura around her while the boy gave the air of nobility, somehow dark yet calm and kind aura. The boy blinked at her and not long after the girl followed the boy's example. Then before they ever knew a golden blur was shot to the boy and nearly hit him. Fortunately the boy managed to avoid that thing by stepped aside to the left, even though he was extremely bemused at the moment by the sudden appearance of the thing.

As if she was awake from her daze, the girl's beautiful silver eyes widened in shock and immediately grabbed its tail to pull it to her side. And in the same time the white haired girl scolded the thing, which the boy took a notice that it looked like a golden ball with a pair of wings, a pair of small horns, and four legs looked like. It was no bigger than a tennis ball. His eyebrows knitted at this small detail.

"Timcanpy, don't do that! Bad Tim! Bad!" The girl held the small creature in her hug before she let it go. Her worried gray eyes went to the boy. "Are you alright?"

Snapped from his frown, the boy-the young man shook his head hastily in dismissed manner.

"It's okay. I'm not hurt, in fact everyone is alright."

The girl let out a relieved sigh. "Then good." She said quietly. Realized something, she then asked him the question she wanted to ask from the beginning.

"Who are? And what are you doing in here?"

"Uh…" The young man looked hesitated. "I think…I'm lost." He answered in slight shame. He bit the curse for himself for not giving a better answer since his answer seemed lame enough. The way the petite young woman looked at him didn't help either. It only made his shame and uncomfortable even worsen.

Then much to his surprise later, the girl blinked few times and asked him further. "How can you're lost?"

"I don't know. One moment I was in the middle of the fight. I was tried to stop it and the next time I knew, I already in here." He replied unsurely. It was true that he was in the battle and in the end he ended up in this place but not in a logical way. Heck, perhaps the girl would accuse him for being crazy. And he didn't want to reveal all of it so he better play safe. For now.

The girl narrowed her eyes thoughtfully at this although the boy had guessed that the girl before him not entirely trust his explanation.

"Still, I wonder how you can enter this place. Do you remember anything else, Mr…?"

"Noctis. I'm Noctis. And you, Miss?"

The girl lips pulled into a soft smile and he thought it suited her very well.

"My name is Ellen Walker and this is Timcanpy. Nice too meet you, Mr. Noctis."

"No way…" Noctis muttered in disbelieve at the young man stood only a few feet before him. "You are…Fourteenth?"

The red haired young man just offered a mysterious smile. Grey skin, golden eyes, just like Komui's description. The seven stigmata on his forehead however were barely seen due to his pony. "I am. And true, I'm the one who summoned you."

The black haired young man went alarmed. His blue eyes flashed threateningly at him. So he was the one who pulled him into this world just as the Bookman had suspected. "What do you want with me?" He asked in cold tone.

This only served the Noah of Destruction's smile grew wider. "Simple," he began.

"I want you to help and protect my dear niece. That's why I summoned you to this place, Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum from the Kingdom of Lucis."

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