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Title: Aphrodite's Quartet – Playing with Percy's Lovelife

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; post both series

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, foursome, anal, oral, explicit intercourse, bondage, double-penetration

Main Pairing: Jason/Nico/Leo/Percy

Side Pairings: Nico/Percy, Jason/Leo, Piper/Annabeth, Jake/Will, Chris/Clarisse, Frank/Hazel, Tyson/Ella, Percy/Rachel (past), Percy/Annabeth (past), Percy/Calypso (past), Jason/Piper (past), Jason/Reyna (past)

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Jake Mason, Will Solace, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Nyssa Black, Reyna Anderson, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Thalia Grace, Tyson, Ella, Aphrodite

Summary: Aphrodite has great plans for the son of Poseidon. She wants the boy to finally find happiness. And she's determined that Percy needs more than one lover to keep him happy.

Aphrodite's Quartet

Playing With Percy's Lovelife

Epilogue: Everybody Wins

"Ba—astard", whimpered the Sea Prince with tears in his eyes. "You're a—all bastards!"

"That is the hottest thing I've ever seen", purred Jason and licked his lips.

The blonde lounged on the bed, sprawled completely over it's length, his head resting on Nico's stomach, giving the half-Italian's cock in front of him some little cat-licks. Leo's lips were wrapped around his boyfriend's member, having the Ghost Prince busy at his crotch.

"S—Stop it", whined the son of Poseidon completely exhausted. "Ple—ease!"

"How did you even put that thing together?", grunted Nico, scratching the Latino's tights with his teeth, making Leo hiss in arousal. "I mean, you didn't even have Bunker 9."

"Well", grinned the son of Hephaestus broadly. "I found a few things around and the rest I bought. The chick in the sex-shop was so shocked when she saw what I bought."

"I—I thought you were jo—oking about this!", whimpered Percy and threw a pathetic look at them.

"One thing you should learn about my firebug is; He never jokes about tinkering", smirked Jason.

The Roman licked his lips again and looked at the gadget in front of them. Leo had spend the last two days tinkering away on it. He had used a divan as base so their lover would at least be comfortable. There was an engine beneath the divan, controlling the machine. Percy's hands and legs were tied to the four chair legs. The divan was sawed to fit their needs, sparing the part of Percy's crotch, instead there was a little net with a cock-ring to fit the Sea Prince's member in and stop the son of Poseidon from coming. The real thing however was happening behind the boy. The engine beneath the divan was controlling what was basically working like a little Ferris wheel, but instead of the wagons for the passengers it had different types of dildos, ranking from normal size to horse-size, with nipples and rims and really odd shapes. The wheel controlled by the engine would turn to one dildo, move into the one direction it was programmed to move; meaning Percy's ass. And then it would fuck the Sea Prince for a quarter hour before moving back, turning to the next dildo and repeating this. Jason and Nico both wondered how their firebug had managed to gather so many different dildos, but they seriously appreciated the variety. The three boys had been laying on the bed, watching their Sea Prince getting fucked by the machine for three hours now. The poor son of Poseidon looked about to collapse. But the sight of the great hero writing in pleasure as the horse-sized dildo was rammed into that tight hole was just too sweet to end it.

"Y—You seriously... Please", mewed the green-eyed demi-god. "Please, I c—can't..."

Nico sighed and got up, effectively throwing his other two lovers off the bed too.

"What are you doing, di Angelo?", scowled the son of Jupiter.

"I think we tortured him enough", declared the half-Italian. "I seriously need to fuck him now. Besides, I promised Hazel we would hit the beach with them this afternoon."

"We did ditch them often enough", muttered the son of Hephaestus a bit guilty.

Leo pushed a few buttons and the engine went dead, the dildo still within the boy. The Latino grinned as he pulled it out while the Jason and Nico freed their Sea Prince from his bonds.

"If you expect me to stand up and walk over to that bed, you obviously overestimated my stamina", muttered the exhausted son of Poseidon.

A soft smile graced Nico's lips as he lifted his boyfriend off the toy and brought him to the bed. Jason was busy getting the second toy ready that their firebug had built. It was some kind of sling, consisting of a waistband and some additional bonds for the hands and for the knees, lifting them up and parting them nicely. The leather-bonds were fastened on the four-poster bed so the Sea Prince would be just high enough so his three lovers could reach his entrance easily.

"Well, at least I can just lean back while you fuck me", muttered Percy skeptically.

"Everything to make you comfortable, babe", grinned Leo and kissed the son of Poseidon.

"I'm sure thanks to firebug's little invention, you're all loose and ready to take us all in", growled Nico aroused and slapped his boyfriend's ass once.

A hoarse groan escaped the Sea Prince's lips. "No teasing, please, just take me, please. I need... please... More... You kept me waiting so long... I need you, please..."

"He's even more beautiful when he begs", snickered Jason.

The Roman and his boyfriend positioned themselves behind the son of Poseidon once the green-eyed teen was secured in the bonds. Nico took the place between the spread legs.

"Can I... Can I come too, please...?", asked Percy with wide, begging sea-green eyes.

"Of course, love", smiled the Ghost Prince and kissed the older boy softly.

The son of Poseidon groaned the most satisfied sound ever as he finally felt the warm, pulsing members of his lovers slowly pushing into him. Not that he had anything against toys, but three hours were really testing him and making him long for something fleshy and real that could come within him. The three had doubled him in all different constellations to get him used to it. And this little toy the tinkerer had built really had prepared him well.

"You're an evil, little mastermind", muttered the son of Poseidon, leaning back to lock eyes with the head of cabin nine. "I really love... that."

The Sea Prince bit his lips at the slip and turned away again, hiding his face in his boyfriend's chest. This was screwing. Leo belonged to Jason and vice verse. Nico was his boyfriend. And Nico should be enough. Percy could be glad that the Ghost Prince was open enough for them to share bed with Jason and Leo, he couldn't demand anything more. From none of them.

"I love you too, Percy", whispered the Latino into his ear, kissing it tenderly.

The son of Poseidon stiffened. He would have fled the scene if he wouldn't have been tied up and impaled on three cocks. The son of Hephaestus ran his fingers through the silken hair while the Ghost Prince slowly forced the green-eyed demi-god's head around so he was facing the Latino again. Leo smiled at him and leaned in to kiss him softly.

"No need to look all deer-in-the-headlights, Perce", murmured Jason from the Sea Prince's other side, tenderly caressing the older boy's tights. "Like firebug and I said when we arrived at the hotel, we did share a certain interest in you with Neeks. We love you, babe."

"I... But you're together and... But...", muttered the son of Poseidon slowly.

"They do love you. Certainly not as much as I do", the Ghost Prince got interrupted by two irritated glares. "Because that is completely impossible. But they love you. And, as I already proved, I am willing to share you with them. Since I do get some got sex too with it."

"So... this is not just screwing for you two...?", whispered the Sea Prince wide-eyed.

"No, stupid", laughed Leo perplexed. "You're so much more than just an affair."

"Still, Nico got dibs on you. You're his boyfriend, which we gladly enjoy whenever we can", grinned the blonde. "But don't think you don't mean anything to us."

By now the three of them were seated balls-deep within the tightness, stretching Percy like never before. This feeling, coupled with what they had said, were really too much to take. He turned to kiss the Roman hungrily, just to be pulled off him and kissed by the fire-bender. The three started moving at the same time, but in a different rhythm, sending odd jolts of pleasure through the Sea Prince's body with that. And when his boyfriend finally touched his member and started to jerk the son of Poseidon off, it didn't take the overly sensitive and horny boy too long to come.

"Oh gods", whimpered Percy blissfully as he finally came.

He wasn't sure, but he supposed he did pass out for a moment, the pleasure being too intense and after having to wait so long for his orgasm, his body just collapsed at it.

"You look amazing when you come", whispered the half-Italian, kissing his boyfriend harshly.

"And he feels amazing when he comes", added Leo with a moan.

The three lovers had been waiting for too long to take their Sea Prince so even they couldn't hold it back for long once the muscles around their cocks tightened and constricted.

"I—I would love to take him longer, but I can't, I'm—oh!", moaned Jason and came.

As the other two felt the blonde erupting within the tightness, they couldn't stand it anymore too and shot their loads into the eagerly waiting hole. Percy moaned wantonly as he felt their seed within him. All three thrust a few more times to ride their orgasm out completely.

"That was... fucking amazing", gasped the Latino exhausted.

"Take me... off... please?", asked the Sea Prince with half-lid eyes.

"Of course, love", smiled the half-Italian, kissing him softly.

The younger demi-gods hurried to untie their Sea Prince and laid him slowly down on the sheets. The son of Poseidon didn't look as if he would be able to walk for at least two days. Jason grinned down at him and ran his hands through the soft hair.

"One simple and rather obvious question", hummed the fire-bender. "How are we supposed to get to the beach if Perce can't even lift a single finger?"

"Your... fault...", pouted the green-eyed demi-god.

"Easy solution", smirked the son of Hades and lifted his boyfriend up bridal-style.

"Mh...?", murmured Percy confused and tried to cling to the half-Italian.

The Ghost Prince, closely followed by the other couple, walked to the bathroom. The whirlpool was on and bubbling loudly. The three demi-gods still able to stand and walk got into the big tube, placing their Sea Prince between them. It didn't take two minuted for Percy to regain strength in the water and he grinned at them broadly.

"Awesome, isn't it?", grinned Nico. "He's rechargeable."

"I'm not a battery, stupid!", chided the son of Poseidon with a glare.

"No, but you're still rechargeable", chuckled the fire-bender and kissed him.

"And that's good since our siblings and friends are waiting for us", noted the Roman.

"Oh!", exclaimed Percy and bolted up. "Yes! I nearly forgot! Come on and hurry!"

"Wait, wait, wait!", yelped the son of Hephaestus and captured the Sea Prince's ankle as Percy tried to climb out of the tube. "Can't we stay here for a while longer?"

"All of us, naked, in a tube? Sure. And you really think that won't result in another round of very hot and wonderful sex?", grinned the son of Poseidon with a wink. "We don't have time for that now. We could have hot sex while shadow-traveling later."

"Oh! That a promise?", asked Leo with wide eyes and an equally wide grin.

"Of course it is, firebug", smirked Percy and walked off, swaying his ass seductively.

"He's such a tease", noted the son of Jupiter with an amused glare.

"But he's our tease", grinned Nico and high-fived with the blonde.

"Stop boasting, get walking, stupids!", urged the Sea Prince from the main-room. "Or else you three can enjoy each other without me tonight. Because I'm not going to ditch our friends again."

"Oh! We can't have that!", gasped the fire-bender and scrambled out of the tube.

Percy's dominants hurried after him. They came to the living room and found the swimming-shorts their Sea Prince had brought them. The Ghost Prince chuckled while he dressed in the Nightmare Before Christmas shorts, watching how Jason put his Hercules shorts on and how the fire-bender got into his Lion King shorts with Timon and Pumbaa broadly grinning under the Hakuna Matata slogan. Perhaps that was payback for the Little Mermaid shorts Nico had bought for the Sea Prince to make it up for the torn Finding Nemo ones.

"So, where are we meeting the others?", asked Percy curiously.

"Beach. And a bunch of loud, obnoxious demi-gods is probably hard to miss. Especially if you add a harpy and a cyclops", chuckled Nico amused and linked arms with his boyfriend.

Leo hung off the blonde's arm as the four of them left the room and then the building. Even before the beach came into sight, they could hear the loud screaming of Clarisse and Reyna.

"See, I told you it would be easy to find them", snickered the Ghost Prince.

And really, their friends were near a beach-volleyball-net, Clarisse and Reyna on either side of the net, screaming at each other. Jake and Nyssa were on Reyna's side of the field, Will and Chris on the Greek's side. On a very big towel were Annabeth, Piper, Rachel and Thalia laying, just relaxing in the sun. Frank, Hazel, Tyson and Ella were in the water, playing with a water-ball.

"Look at who decided to come to us", chuckled Rachel curiously.

"Where have you two been?", asked Annabeth lazily, her head resting on her girlfriend's stomach.

"Nowhere, anywhere", grinned Percy with a shrug and sat down next to them and looked over at the volleyball-net. "Why are they fighting this time?"

"Who had been better, of course. Children of war, always competing", sighed the huntress. "Me and Annabeth had been playing in the last game. They keep arguing. It's annoying, really."

"Okay girls, how about a re-match?", grinned Jason as he came up next to Reyna.

The black-haired girl blinked a few times and stared at him before turning back to the brunette female. The Ghost Prince stood on Clarisse's side, grinning as broadly as the blonde.

"Where did Leo go?", muttered Piper confused and scanned the little group of arguing players.

"Wrong direction, Piper. He's over there", said Percy and pointed at the ocean.

"But... it's Leo. He's kind of a bit afraid of water", grunted the native-American.

"Not anymore", smirked the Sea Prince wickedly.

Hazel came up to them, panting exhausted and collapsing on the towel.

"Tyson is really... active", sighed the daughter of Pluto. "It's hard to keep up with him."

"Put a child of Poseidon into the ocean and you get that", grinned Percy.

"Four-four is crap! Guys, two of you have to join us!", called Clarisse demandingly.

"I want! I want!", screamed Tyson excitedly and ran up to her.

Frank sighed in defeat as he was pulled after the cyclops. His eyes swept over to Jason and Reyna and he decided to join his fellow Romans and the children of Hephaestus. Percy wrinkled his eyebrows and looked back to Ella and Leo, noticing that the two were coming up to them too. The harpy grinned giddily and sat down on the towel too, cheering Tyson on.

"Aw, how cute. The girls sitting together to cheer the boys on", snickered Leo.

"Oi!", protested Nyssa, Reyna, Clarisse and Percy irritated.

"What?", shrugged the Latino. "It's true."

"How lovely of you to join the girls then, firebug", smirked Jason and earned laughter.

"Oi!", protested the head of cabin nine with a pout.

"Come on, I'll buy you an ice", offered the Sea Prince with a grin. "Or do you want to watch?"

"Not really. That's going to be worse than the war games", laughed Leo.

The two ran off to a little shop not all that far away from their friends. Once they were out of sight, the Latino linked hands with his Sea Prince and pulled the other boy close for a kiss.

"How about we take a swim once we're finished with the ice?", suggested the fire-bender with a wicked grin as they reached the shop. "I would love for you to give me a blow-job under the sea."

Percy turned some to look at the distant game as the sales-woman greeted them. The Latino ordered their ices, knowing what the Sea Prince preferred while Percy watched their other two lovers.

"Maybe later, first I want to watch that game. I love the way Jason's and Nico's muscles work when they jump to get that stupid ball", purred the Sea Prince and licked his lips.

"Very good argument", nodded Leo and got his money.

"Oh no, it's free for you", smiled the beautiful sales-woman mischievously. "It always makes me so happy to see blossoming love. Go on and enjoy your vacation."

"Great! Thanks!", grinned the fire-bender and ran off with the Sea Prince.

"You're more than welcomed, Leo Valdez", whispered the woman with a smile.

~*~ The End ~*~