Hello fellow pirates~! It's Cloud on crack again! And this time she's doing a 333 ways for One Piece! I also have a message to One Piece fans – Please visit the Thousand Sunny forum and join us. Why? Because we need more people.

Kudos to iTorchic for inventing the fabulous '333 ways' in fandom! All hail her fabulous writing skillz!


1. Swap Franky's cola with coffee

Chopper and Luffy had no idea how severe the consequences of their actions would be. Let's just say it took several hours to stop the cyborg from bouncing everywhere.

2. Make Hello Kitty Whitebeard's official mascot/sponsor

A bloody body- still alive- was found later in a dingy. He seemed to be covered in bloody cracks and had a Hello Kitty pin stuck to his shorts. "I'm doing that again!" Luffy declared.

3. Buy an Adele CD

For the next few weeks, Robin sang Rolling in the Deep constantly. When Zoro yelled at her to stop singing it, she began singing Rumour has it.

4. Write as many R-rated Yuri stories as you can

Sanji, Franky, Brook and many other perverts were never the same again. Sanji still bleeds occasionally.

5. Do a mob flash

It was strange, seeing Whitebeard, his crew and those other pirates, including Straw Hat Luffy and Fire Fist Ace, dancing in the middle of a war. Well, they got Fire Fist back, didn't they?


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