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And I have a question for you all. Or Poll. Whatever you wanna call it.

I have watched:

1. Doctor Who

2. BBC Sherlock

3. Supernatural

Because these 3 shows have been taking away my attention from One Piece (I've seen Doctor Who and Sherlock before and finished, but this is my first time watching Supernatural and words cannot describe). I'm only up to season 2 of Supernatural but I say to everyone it's worth checking out.

71. Go bowling

"Mr Zero, what happened to the bowling alley we put in last week?"

Crocodile gave Mr 3 a glare.

"He lost," Miss All Sunday said, not giving a fuck.

72. Join the circus

Monet's expression went from shock, confused, amused, confused and amused again when Vergo and her Master had come back wearing clown suits.

73. Switch Zoro and Sanji's bodies around.

Law smirked at his work, then grinned even wider when they both started to hit themselves in the body they were in, screaming "Shitty marimo! Take this- OW!" and "The hell, love cook? How 'bout some of- ARGH!"

74. Dance the Lucky Star opening

It started when Benn said that they needed to make a flashy entrance everytime they appeared somewhere. Shanks agreed.

It was quite a sight for the Whitebeard pirates, marines and whoever else was at Marineford to see Red-haired Shanks stoping a war like a boss while dancing randomly.

75. Talk like 'ERMAHGERD' for a day

"Ermahgerd, erm ah Shercherberkah!" Law randomly piped up during the meeting, creating a derp face.

"Shert erp, newbie," Mihawk replied.

"Er der whah er want," Law snapped, still derping around.

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