Tidus lay in his bed. The light was off, but he knew he was not going to get much sleep. His eyes were wide open, he was still fully dressed. A few hours had gone by since he left the dinner table and although he was fed up of this ship already, he had a feeling that he may have got through to Captain Bernie and his crew.

He thought it was odd though. Literally, once the androgynous blonde head said, 'He's telling the truth, Captain,' they all seemed convinced with it. However, he was not going to argue, because after all, he was telling the truth, there were no lies in his speech whatsoever.

There was a knock at the door. Tidus sighed and rolled his eyes, "Come in," he groaned. The door opened. It was Rocky.

"The Captain wants to see you in his room," the ronso murmured. He looked a bit ashamed of himself.

Tidus lazily sat himself up on his bed. "Ok, I'm coming."

"Sorry about earlier," grunted the ronso.

Tidus shook his head. "Don't worry, it's fine."

Rocky took Tidus down the corridor and stopped at the last door on the right. Tidus was expecting the Captain's room to be quite fancy and luxurious, but when Rocky opened the door, it was quite a disappointment. It was the exact same layout and size of his room. The only difference was a wide oak bookshelf along the wall on their left.

"Through here," said Rocky, as he approached the bookshelf grabbed its side and effortlessly opened it like a door to reveal another set of stairs. It was only then Tidus realised that it was not a book shelf at all, it was a secret door made to look like one. He followed Rocky down a long set of stairs until finally, they reached a pair of double doors at the bottom. The ronso swung them open and the pair of them walked through into much bigger and more impressive room than the others.

The walls and floor were made of the dark red, anchored pattern carpet material, whereas the ceiling was made of the smooth light brown wood. There was a marble dresser at the other side of the room with an impressive, golden framed, circular mirror upon it and in the upper corner was a picture – it was the same picture of the woman Tidus had had on his bedside table.

The dresser was also decorated with random bits of expensive looking jewellery scattered across its marble surface. Beneath this, was a set of draws and they were all open and filled with all sorts of clothes. Tidus decided he would not inspect further, as he believed it was an invasion of privacy to roam around in someone's draws….

To the left of the dresser was a bookshelf and Tidus could tell this one was real. Next to that, was a gun cabinet with a shotgun, sniper rifle and Ak rifle in it. Tidus shifted a little nervously when he saw this. To the right of the dresser was yet another set of double doors, but there was a thick, red, velvet rope in front of them, so Tidus guessed that no-one was allowed to go in there – much like the room he saw earlier labelled 'private.'

"Nice to see you again," a voice chirped. Tidus looked to his left and there sat Captain Bernie at an oak desk with papers, a lamp and several bottles of alcohol upon it. He sat in a black leather, swivel chair and behind him was a vast window looking out into the underwater world. Tidus figured this must be the lowest deck in the ship, if it was beneath the water's surface.

"Please…have a seat." The Captain pointed to the corner of the room, where a low wooden table and a few bean bags dotted around it was placed. Tidus remained silent and did as he was told. "Rocky, get the usual lads, tell them to come in here." The ronso nodded and made his way out of the room.

Captain Bernie, still at his desk, picked up a few bottles of alcohol. "Would you like a drink, Tidus?"

Tidus waved his hand. "Oh, no thanks."

Bernie lifted his eyebrow. "Oh, come on! Don't be such a pussy. A nice bit of dark rum will do you nicely." He threw a small bottle full of rum towards Tidus, who luckily caught it.

Rocky burst into the room once again and behind him followed Andre, the dwarf, the dragon and the androgynous looking person, all of whom were present at the dining table earlier in the evening. All of them had a bottle of alcohol on them, some of which had been consumed already. They all greeted Tidus in a friendly manner and some of them decently apologised for their behaviour towards him earlier. They all joined him on the bean bags in the corner of the room.

"Once we realised you were for real and weren't a spy, we all felt quite stupid and I'm sorry you were tricked by Seymour…the bastard," the androgynous looking person said.

Tidus raised an eyebrow. "But…how were you so convinced so quickly that I was telling the truth."

The androgynous being smiled, "Because, I'm an angel…I know people well and I can tell if people are lying or not."

Tidus was impressed. "Wow! I've never met an angel before, I've heard a lot about them."

The angel seemed flattered. "Well, I am glad to have changed that. I'm Frankie by the way…oh and you probably can't figure out my gender, but don't be freaked out, it's because I don't have one. All angels are androgynous. That's why we have uni-sex names."

Andre, who was clearly quite tipsy, as we was swaying a little in his seat, chuckled. "Because of that, we're not quite sure how Frankie pees! Ha!"

"Oh shut up Andre, you drunken dumbass!" snapped Frankie. Andre, did not take any notice and just laughed.

"Alright children, let's have no fighting," sighed Captain Bernie, as he walked over to join them on the bean bags, with a bottle of coconut rum in hand. He slumped into his seat in between Tidus and Andre. "Sorry about earlier Tidus," he said. "If only we knew about your past experience with Seymour, we would not have been so hard on ya."

Tidus lifted an eyebrow. "Why's that exactly?"

Captain Bernie swayed a little and his words were ever so slightly slurred. You could tell the alcohol was getting to his head. "Because…as I explained before…everybody on this ship is a criminal…well, we're not really criminals…it's just that…we've been labelled as criminals by that fucker man, Seymour." There were some growls and muttered curses about Seymour from the others. "Do you remember when Seymour was running for President? Do you remember all those marches that were going on around Spira? The peaceful protestors who got attacked by Seymours' men?" asked Andre

Tidus took a swig of rum and nodded.

"Well…that was us," murmured Captain Bernie.

Tidus' eyes widened. "Really? Wow…I remember that well…didn't some of you guys get killed?"

There was a short silence and the rest of the crew shifted awkwardly in their seats. "Yeah…we lost some…good people," replied Bernie avoiding eye contact with anybody.

"We did not deserve any of it!" snapped Andre.

Bernie then looked Tidus right in the eye. "We wanna get back at that prick, Seymour! Everybody on this ship has had a bad run in with Seymour and we all want our well deserved revenge."

Frankie the angel patted Tidus on the back. "And now we know that you're on our side, we'd be more that happy for you to join in with our plan."

"Plan?" queried Tidus and then taking another big swig of his drink.

"Our plan," announced Captain Bernie, "Is to assassinate President Seymour."

Tidus nearly spat out his drink, whilst smiles crept to other crew members' faces. "And how exactly do you intend to do that?" asked Tidus.

There was a short silence. All eyes were on Captain Bernie, "Well…I have not quite figured that out yet," he said. "But…I do know that I want it to be big…in the public eye…it needs to be on the day of Seymour's wedding…we need to…blow it up! Yes, that's it! We need to blow up the Besaid Temple, whilst Seymour gets married; killing him and all his henchmen!"

There was a small cheer from the crew, yet Tidus remained silent. He now realised that the blue prints he saw earlier in the private room were in fact of The Besaid Temple, which is where he first met Yuna. "Hold on!" he exclaimed, "What about Yuna? Is she going to be in the building when you blow it up?"

"Ah shit! I forgot that you're shagging Yuna," mumbled Captain Bernie. "Don't worry…we'll somehow get her out of the building before the explosion takes place."

Frankie, realising Tidus' anxiety cut into the conversation. "Don't worry Tidus, I think we all need to think over this plan a little bit more."

Captain Bernie gave a hiccup and smiled. "We need guns…weapons, coz the ones we have are shit!"

"We could steal some from Shepington, Captain!" chimed Andre. "Used to work there a long time ago – only the finest weaponry gets made there!"

Rocky the ronso grunted. "The only trouble is…Shepington is right next to Zanarkand, which is going to be crawling with cops all on the hunt for Tidus."

Bernie clumsily stood up, swayed a little, then raised his bottle of rum in the air. "We are pirates! Since when were we afraid of the law? We need weapons, therefore we go to Shepington!"