In The Beginning
(A/N this is my second fic and my first one got flamed real bad. R/R)

I was no older than 18 and it was my first big job. They said it would only take 15 minutes to perform the whole job. By them I mean Catalina, George and Antoine. " Don't worry, Jeff" said Catalina "It won't be that long". I was very worried as to exactly what that meant. " Why are you acting like a woman, we are gonna be in and out" stated George. And of course Antoine said absolutely nothing as he always did before any job no matter how big.

Within 5 minutes of exiting of hideaway we had already stolen a banshee. And we were hauling ass. " I guess we're going to be real early" said George " I never thought we were gonna find a banshee just roaming around". " Jeff, George, Antoine get ready 3 minutes until impact." "What only 3 minutes I thought you said 15!" I said. Before I new it we were already there and Catalina was taking command. "Jeff, get the back door, here take the handgun" "George, Get the hostages on the floor, I don't want any interruptions, Use the Uzi" "Antoine, you know your job, get the goods out of the vault, you can use the grenade to blow it open" " I'll get the tellers to empty the registers, let's go we only have a few minutes."

Unknown to me and my group we had a huge information leak and after about 2 minutes the cops siren's were wailing and the scanner was out of the control. From there it all went down hill. Antoine had only 2 bags of money and Catalina had 1. We had planned on getting at least 10 bags, but we didn't plan on the cops coming that fast. As we exited the bank we were all running fast. I was still guarding the back door so I was the last one out. When I tried to run Catalina stopped me. I thought it was to say good job on a messed up heist but I couldn't have been further from the truth.

"Hey, Jeff, wait a sec. Hold up I gotta say something to you." "Yeah, Catalina, you know we gotta go right." "I know we will go or shall I say I will." "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, what do you mean at least you will, Catalina." " Yeah I mean I know who was the leak and I am gonna stop them right now." I had no time to react before I knew it, I had a .36 caliber shell in my head and my girl was leaving me at the steps of the bank. "The last thing I remember was her shouting back at me I hope you die you lousy piece of shit." That was the harshest thing that any one has ever said to me and even though I was shot and bleeding profusely from the head, that was the one thing that hurt me the most in my life.

They say it took me 3 years to recover from the coma and my injuries. They had doubts about me ever recovering. The only reason I was kept alive was because the cops thought I would help track down Catalina. And I would've done anything to get back at her but I wouldn't help the cops I would never help those heartless bastards. After three months of solitary I still hadn't changed my mind and the cops thought a little change to a maximum security prison would push me over the top. Little did the now that a very important informant for the Columbian Cartel. They planed on hijacking the transport and freeing the other prisoners. I had nowhere to go but I found a man that called himself 8-ball. He said he had a hideout but he couldn't drive because of his hands and it was way too far to walk. So I said if he would help me I would help him.