Alison crept into the hospital room disguised as a candy striper. Thankfully it was empty. The blond woman had left a few minutes ago holding her ringing cell phone and the redhead guy had finally left too.

That meant it was her turn.

On the hospital bed a girl was sleeping deeply. She was pale with long limbs and quite the full chest. Her face was heart shaped with a small button nose and full lips with long auburn hair were framing her face.

Trembling Alison reached out to touch the girl's lips that were identical to her own.

"This is unreal"

She whispered. She had known about her twin sister for sometime now but knowing and seeing her were two very different things. The girl took a deeper breath, her lips pouted and her eyes fluttered open. Alison gasped seeing the dark brown eyes under a crystal layer of cerulean blue.

Bella blinked a few times her eyes adjusting to the dark room. Her pain meds were wearing off and the pain on her leg had woken her up. The first thing she saw was her own face with a crown of long blond hair around it. Bella's strange two-colored eyes locked on the pair of cerulean blue on her reflexion.

"Who are you?"

Bella whispered

"Who are you?"

reflexion-girl whispered back. Bella moved her bitten arm and gently touched the other girls face letting her fingers slide down Alison's cheek till she reached a spot behind the left ear. The skin there was slightly raised in a clear star shape due to a birthmark. Alison smiled and lifted her blond hair to show Bella the birthmark.

"What's your name?"


"I'm Bella"

"I know"

Alison sat on the visitor chair while Bella sat up, the two girls locked eyes.

"Are you... my sister?"


The two sisters sat there until the next nurse came in at seven am followed closely by a well rested Renee and Edward bringing breakfast.

They found Bella alone reading Lolita instead of Wuthering Heights.

"Hey mom"

Bella said smiling brightly putting her book down. Edward smiled back looking hungry suddenly.

'Oops. I guess Alison smells the same as me'

Bella mused; glad her mind was silent to Edward. He leaned in for a hug and his eyes turned black.

"Why don't you go for a walk?"

She whispered and he nodded and after muttering an excuse he left. Renee shook her head smiling.

"He really does everything you tell him, doesn't he?"

"It's called guilt. If we hadn't fought I wouldn't have fled Charlie's to come home"

"Maybe. You're chipper today."

"I am. I had some news"

"ohh tell me tell me"

Renée said enthusiastically before perching on the still warm visitor chair.

"Remember how when I was a little girl all I wanted was a sibling? I got my wish"

Renée began to pale and tried to deflect.

"I didn't know Charlie has a girlfriend"

"He doesn't. I'm talking about Alison. The one Ken took"

Bella finished coldly. Renée became whiter that the sheets on Bella's hospital bed. Knowing her daughter Renée sighed sadly and began explaining. Neither saw Charlie leaning against the door with tears sliding down his eyes as he heard the tale.