With thanks to Lily Moonlight for the prompt of 'Conjurer' x

Happy Easter/Free Chocolate Day/Long Weekend to those who celebrate!

Any time in the New York Police Dept was busy. Whether it be midday or midnight, there was always some form of scurge or skirmish, with language being thrown around that would make even Stella blush.

Today, however, although the usual hustle and bustle was ever present, everyone was under strict instructions. Miss Lucy Messer was in residence for twenty minutes while her Mom ran up to the labs and Lindsay didn't need her daughter learning any new words or gestures or anything at all. She just needed her to still be there when Lindsay returned and spouting nothing that her Daddy hadn't already accidentally taught her.

Lucy was entrusted into the care of Uncle Flack and was currently sat on his desk while he magically produced quarters from her ears.

The sounds of the little girl's giggles and gasps of wonderment and delight were enough to rouse Stella from the case file she had her nose buried in across the other side of the room. Her eyes flicked up, scanning around before landing on Flack and Lucy.

She watched as Lucy's hand flew to her ear, searching all around for where nearly two dollars had been hidden all this time unbeknownst to her. Flack was smirking, pointing to her ear as if guiding her to the hallowed spot before reaching over and producing yet another quarter.

Two little hands were now cupping her ear as her eyes lit up and mouth dropped wide. Why had no one told her she had a piggy bank in her ear?

Stella nudged Mac and flicked her head over to the sight as Flack pressed the quarter into Lucy's palm, who then added it to the growing collection in the pocket of her dress.

Lucy looked at him, her brow furrowed as if trying to think back to when she may have mislaid all the coins now tinkling against her leg as she kicked her feet. Flack motioned to show her one more time and she nodded emphatically. He smiled as he extended his hand to her head but suddenly gestured over her shoulder instead. Lucy turned to follow his gaze, only to be dragged from the desk to Flack's lap whilst being tickled mercilessly. She squirmed in his grasp, her laughter infectious to everyone around as she tried and failed to wiggle away.

She collapsed against his chest out of breath but smiling from ear to ear when the tickle monster finally let go of her.

A smile tilted Mac's lips as he watched Lucy pull Don's badge from his belt and trace the shapes with her little fingers, naming the numbers and pointing out the differences between it and her Mommy and Daddy's shields.

Mac received another nudge and he followed Stella's subtle head flick to where Jessica Angell was leaning against the coffee bench, aimlessly stirring at her mug and watching the sight with a wistful smile on her lips. Stella had watched as Jess had grinned while Flack and Lucy played, completely oblivious to everyone around her.

Mac and Stella shared a silent look, both agreeing that neither would be surprised if a certain conversation would be had between the two cops very soon. A conversation or maybe even an announcement.