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It was a scene of domesticity.

Daniel rattled around the kitchen, moving between the stove and island table, a glass of red wine in easy reach. Audrey lay on the couch, her legs thrown over the arms. A book was propped up on her swollen abdomen as she bit into an apple with gusto.

"Niamh's nice."

"Mairead is an odd one – did I say that right?"

"Tallula – will want to add an H to that."

"Ooh, Siobvhan."

"Saorise – how I am supposed to say that? Say-or-say? Say-or-ise? Say-sha?"

"Erin? Oh how lovely, it means Ireland."

"Ooonagh? I rather think not."

"Aibhlinn, Aoibheann – how on earth am I supposed to say that?"

She paused a moment to question her husband. "What do you think honey?"

Daniel looked up. "Hm?"

"What if we have a boy?" contemplated Daniel as they ate their dinner later that night.

"What?" Audrey replied dumbly.

"A boy," he repeated as he waved his fork around. He swallowed before he elaborated. "What names are we considering then?"

"You were listening?" she said incredulously.

"Of course," he replied, mortally offended. "I do know how to multitask."

Audrey snorted. "That is a skill that all men are incapable of."

His tone dropped as he turned seductive. "That's not what you said last night."

"Please don't insult my intelligence by considering that multitasking," she replied primly, rising with some grace as she picked up her plate from the table and move to place it in the sink.

Daniel's jaw just dropped. Then he grinned. Even with his very manhood affronted, he still considered himself the luckiest bastard on alive.