She was there; they all were. Lined up at the far reaches of the cemetery, close enough to hear the sermon but far enough to not be classed as mourners.

No one came for him. He only had the officials, ensuring the burial went off without a hitch and that the bastard was definitely dead and six feet under - you never knew with him.

They lowered the casket and Jane began to wring her hands, red friction marks appearing over her scars. She was still anxious, still expecting the lid to pop open and that sadistic, tight jawed, lopsided smirk of his to appear. She'd killed the bastard herself but he'd find a way to come back. He'd done it before.

She jumped when Maura laid a hand on her arm, her touch warming Jane's chilled skin. "With death comes peace."

A gruff snort sounded behind them, "Not where he's going."

Maura looked over to Korsac before steadying her worried gaze back on Jane. "I mean for us. For Jane."

Jane watched as the Priest picked up a box from his feet, opened the lid and took a handful of soil before tossing it into the grave. Before she even registered that she had moved, she was marching over the grass between the trees.

Maura tried to pull her back but a pair of hands grabbed hold of her arms from behind and kept her still. She glanced to her shoulder as Angela hugged her tight to her side, her head shaking just a slight. She needs to do this.

They watched as Jane crossed to the dumbstruck Priest and took the box from his grasp. She looked into the hole, the cheap coffin snugly slotted into the grave, the little gold plaque shining in the sun. She turned the box over and unceremoniously emptied its contents, the glistening plaque obscuring as the dirt piled on top. "The end."

She heaved a sigh and passed the box back to the even more dumbstruck Priest and crossed back to Maura, Korsac, Frost and her Ma. She felt lighter, but his words still echoed in her mind, his deathly cold touch still lingered on her skin, the sight of Maura twitching and incapacitated from the taser still caught her breath when she closed her eyes. It would be a while until it sunk in that she didn't need to be on alert for him to appear again, but she could handle that. "I need a beer."

Angela gave a laugh, stepping closer and smoothing a hand over her daughter's hair.

"I'm buying," Korsac foolishly announced.

"Well, now I need two beers!"

"Hey!" he grumbled, though definitely would not deny her.

They all laughed, Maura winding her arm through his as they turned back to the cars. "You okay?" she whispered to Jane, her other hand stroking down her arm.

A breeze whipped at Maura's hair revealing the two burns on her neck, the red and purple hues a sickening contrast to her usually flawless golden skin. "I will be."