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Chapter 1: Never let you go

Sahira sat on the wooden bench, staring out over the deserted park. There was nothing much there apart from a few trees and a rusty old climbing frame. Nobody really visited this part of Holby, with the Farmead Estate being a mere 5 minutes walk.

It began to rain. A light drizzle dripped from the clouds. It ran down Sahira's neck, making her shiver. The rain helped her clear her thoughts. She turned around quickly, hearing footsteps.

"Sahira? What the hell are you doing here?" she heard Greg's familiar Irish accent.

"Will you please just go away Greg?" she said, anger rising in her voice, "I don't want you here. I don't need you here!"

"Okay, but I need you. Please don't go."

"I am married. I have a husband, Greg!" she cried.

"And you think I don't know that?" he leaned in towards her "I tried to resist, but you are irresistible." he kissed her, tenderly and she deepened the kiss.

Then unexpectedly, she pulled away, tears streaming down her face.

"Greg…I can't. You know I can't! I've got my family to think about: Indy, Rafi. I don't want them to get hurt because you love me too much to let me go."

"Sahira, you can't stay here. It's raining and you're soaked!" Greg said "Come back to mine."

Sahira looked at him, his eyes made her melt and she couldn't say no. She allowed herself to be lead away by Greg: the man she truly loved. The man she would die for.

Greg parked the car outside his flat, he and Sahira climbed out. Before he could open the door, she was on to him. Lips crashing together, hands in his hair, they stumbled inside, up the stairs and into his bed.

A few hours later, Sahira awoke, her body entangled with Greg's. She looked at him, smiling. She glanced at her watch. 5:49. She was late. She shook Greg awake.

"I've got to go and pick up Indy from nursery." she said panicking.

"It's okay. You can get there on time." Greg replied, calming her slightly, "I've got to get back to work."

They dressed quickly, before rushing out the door and going their separate ways.

Sahira couldn't stop thinking about what had happened between them.

How could something so wrong, feel so right?

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