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Chapter 6: Revenge

Rafi's P.O.V

I go home as there is not much I could do in the hospital. Security was convinced I'm a violent thug anyway. I sweep up the pieces of the broken plate, picking stray bits of cheese off the carpet. I admire the large bloodstain on the floor. My wife has done a fantastic job there.

She is lucky Greg found her. He, on the other hand will not be so lucky. Nobody interferes with my family and gets away with it. That Greg Douglas can have my wife but he will not have my son. Not Indy: not my flesh and blood.

I know Sahira doesn't love me anymore. She's sick of me, says I'm overprotective. She things she's a 'big girl', but I want her to be mine. She tells me I'm paranoid but from what I've seen today, my anxiety is entirely justified. She and Greg are having an affair.

I will ask her about it when she is better and perhaps she will she things differently. Hopefully, she will see that she belongs to me and that Greg was only ever interested in a brief fling.

Sahira Shah is my wife, and nobody will have her but me, because:

I Rafi Raza, will have my revenge.

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