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I looked out the window of the darling little 'meeting' room. It was essentially the dining room, though we used it for no such purposes.

I sighed as I tried to block the sounds of my three brothers, Caius, Marcus and Aro mating with their mates.

I groaned ever so softly at the sounds of their passionate rendezvous.

I was soon broken away from my thoughts, however, by none other than...

"He's coming, Bella," Alice chirped as she whirled into the room and sat down in front of me.

My right eyebrow rose, though I immediately knew who she was talking about. "He?"

She scoffed indignantly and shook her head, her pixie-cut hair swinging along with her head. "Your mate, Isabella; you know who I'm talking about."

One of my personal servants, Felix, bustled in quickly, lithely as he cleaned off the ornaments on the ledge before speeding out of the room.

I felt the corners of my mouth turn up as I waved her off with my hand. "Yes, yes, I know. I just wanted to make sure. You've said this for a while, Alice. Going on twenty years…"

"Since his birth," she said flatly, staring after Felix for a moment.

I smiled sarcastically, narrowing my eyes as I regarded her. "Yes… I can't believe that you have seen me mate with a human. I hunt and drink from the very species for dinner… as you do as well."

She smiled, "and I love it of course. But do not forget that when Marcus first met his Didyme, she was human. He changed her quickly after of course, having nearly killed her in their passion together but she had been human none the less."

She watched me as I sighed, my lips separating as I looked out the window. She left me to think for a few minutes before she sighed, unable to keep from speaking any longer. Alice had always been that way… a talker.

"Oh and I must inform you of something," she said and she was giddy. I eyed her curiously. "Your problem is that he is human, yes?"

"Yes it is," I said, watching her carefully as I leaned my elbow on the table, my head falling into the arch between my thumb and forefinger. I did not have a good feeling about this.

She was abruptly worried to continue and my eyes narrowed, telling her that she had better continue. "And you would never change him?"

I growled, looking down at my hands as they fiddled with the line of diamonds down the length of my long dress to my abdomen. The dress was beautiful yet revealing; silky and alluring, with a low neckline to show as much cleavage as is socially acceptable to keep a woman modest and "naïve".

I always chuckled at that; there was nothing "naïve" about me. Not an icy limb in my hard body.

"Bella?" Alice asked and I sighed, the sound so harsh it came out as a growl.

"No." I said simply, frowning and closing my eyes in anguish. "No, I will not; I cannot imagine a worse life for him."

She smiled a small smile and my head flashed up to look at her, cocking to the side. Her smile grew larger as she answered. "I have kept something from you, Bella."

I breathed in and out, trying to calm myself. Anything to do with my mate made me anxious and to know that she had kept something from me… it angered and worried me.

"What?" I snapped and she flinched. In the background, I could hear her Jasper growl at my actions and I mentally cursed myself. But I would not stop until I knew what exactly she had kept from me. "What is it?"

"He has been turned," she said and my body grew cold; a chilling feeling tickled down my spine and I closed my eyes, my head bowing as I rested my elbows on my thighs, leaning into my hands.

"When?" I whispered brokenly.

"Three months ago," she said and my head snapped up.

"And you didn't inform me?" I growled out, jumping up. I immediately started pacing, aggressively and quickly, trying to get rid of my anger so I didn't lash out.

"I did not," she said, sighing sadly and I stopped to look at her. She looked up at me, sadness etched on her face. "I am so sorry. I only did it because I didn't want you to freak out and demand to see him at once. His creator would not have taken that lightly."

I growled protectively and possessively, not liking the insinuation. "His creator would not have liked it? Well pray tell, who is this… majestic creator who so took it upon himself to change my mate?"

I was angry; so very angry and when I was seething to this degree, I had a mind to be… sarcastic. Forgive the pun, but I would usually be bitingly so.

"He could not have known that the human was your mate," she said as she turned her body as I walked around to the back of the seat she was sitting on.

"The human?" I seethed, vaguely thinking of ripping the fabric from the couches behind me. "Do not call him merely a human, especially if he has been changed. His name is Edward Masen and he shall be called as such."

Just the sound of his name, even from my own lips, calmed me a little.

"Forgive me, your Highness," she said seriously as she stood from her chair and lowered to her knees. "If you must, punish me as you see fit."

I sighed and knelt down in front of her. "As wrong as it was for you to neglect informing me, for the… well, I suppose life of me I could never torment your husband so. Rise from your feet and tell me the rest of your news."

She hesitated before rising as I had told her to. She regarded me as I carefully made my way to the couches, lightning fast. She followed suit and sat opposite me, settling into the lush couch, her arm rested on the back of the seat as she nestled her tiny frame into the corner.

I sat as she did and watched her as she gathered herself.

Finally, she spoke.

"The creator was Carlisle Cullen from America," there was a wry smile on her lips and I watched her curiously. "A vegetarian, as it is."

I laughed, the sound startling even to me. "Ah, of course… the Elusive Doctor Carlisle Cullen of America. The lone vampire who runs around, turning every unfortunate, dying human he comes across and teaches them the ways of the yellow eyes."

Alice barked out a laugh, a higher, harmonious chorus to my own. "The very same," she said, toning her laughing down.

It was then that it occurred to me. "Alice," I said harshly and she immediately calmed herself, composing herself before looking at me.

"Yes?" She asked, biting her lip in a nervous gesture.

"If Carlisle Cullen changes every dying human… then just how did he come across my mate?" I asked as I felt the panic and worry bubble behind my words, to the tip of my tongue. I tried, in vain, to swallow them back but I could not.

Gasping breaths erupted from my mouth as Alice opened her mouth and rushed to reassure me. "Your mate was in an accident of sorts."

My eyes narrowed and I growled at her. "What type of accident?"

"Car accident, your Highness," she said and I closed my eyes, my body slumping. My mind – overactive with worry, so terrible that I felt the impulse in my fingers to touch my mate though he was not here – sought out to the depths of despair to show me the worst imaginings it could come up with.

And then Jasper was there, kneeling in front of me at a safe distance to keep Alice's possessiveness and protectiveness from rearing its head. His voice was a southern drawl. "Bella, it is alright. Remember – Alice told you that your mate is now a vampire. He has survived… he is alright now."

I nodded, the gasping breaths slowing before eventually ceasing. I rested back into the couch and looked up to the ceiling. "Thank you, Jasper."

"As always, Bella," he said and then he was no longer in the room.

"Bella, may I proceed?" Alice asked quietly and I braced myself, nodding. "Very well then… your Edward was in Port Angeles of Washington with a few of his friends at a bar of some sorts. He's twenty mind you, so of course that is the norm in America."

I nodded, settling my gaze upon her once again. She hesitated and I quickly spoke. "Please Alice… please just continue. I need to know what I happened and I need to know now."

She nodded again and breathed in quickly before continuing. "There was a group of boys the same age if not older and they quickly found him. Your Edward was from a wealthy family, Bella…" she said and I bared my teeth, a throaty growl ripping its way out.

"He was mugged," I growled to myself, anger taking its place in front of concern.

"Yes, he was." She said and I knew what she would not say. He had been beaten roughly… roughly enough to be considered dead or dying. They left him to die and Carlisle Cullen smelled the blood."

He had been bleeding, I thought to myself, my teeth snapping and grounding. They had hurt him so badly that he had been bleeding… he'd attracted a vampire with that same blood.

"The men?" I asked, unable to help myself.

They had better be dead, I thought, my thoughts filled with a deadly kind of malice.

"Dead, all of them," she said in a flat voice and I nodded, partly happy. I did not need to know who killed them, but I was somewhat upset that it had not been me. "I put Felix on the job immediately."

I smiled thankfully at her and she shrugged her shoulders modestly.

"And what of him now?"

"Now?" She asked and I nodded, leaning forward eagerly. "Well, after those three months that Carlisle taught him the ways of the yellow eyes, he left him there to fend for himself. As always, it did not work and Edward… faulted."

I huffed, a smile forming on my lips. "You mean he took to his rightful nature."

She nodded, smiling just as I was.

But then she frowned. "Bella, there is something that I must tell you."

I frowned, "what?"

"He is coming here… to Volterra…"

"He is coming?" I asked, overjoyed only to look at her and see that it was not a good thing. "Alice, what is the matter?"

She looked at me sadly. "Oh Bella, he is coming here to meet his death."

Dread. Fear. Pain.

I felt it all.

Was I destined to lose my mate before I truly found him?

"We must stop him," I said, my voice sounding… dead to me. I was huddled in a painfully tight ball, my arms holding me together as the pain wracked through my body.

"And we shall."

"Put the word out to all servants," I said and she looked at me.

"What do I tell them?"

I looked at her. "Tell them that if anyone by the name of Edward Masen enters these walls, I am to be notified and he is to be kept calm and rational in the throne room to wait for my arrival."

She stood and smiled, "of course."

And then she sped out of the room, leaving me to think.

Vampires only wanted one thing… they only needed one single thing to survive.


But then, there is a soulmate for each of us. Our mate… we were destined for them, to connect ourselves with them in mind and body to create one solid, strong union.

Edward was all of that for me… and more.

Through the years, I have envied my brother. They had met them together, nearly instantly after our rebirths.

But living nearly amillennia alone, whilst those around you experienced the joy that you could only imagine… it was hard.

Aro had his Sulpicia, a beautiful yet snarky and rude blonde vampire. I had, on countless times, coming so fucking close to killing her. But I couldn't do that to my brother.

Caius had his love, Athenodora, a brunette bitch… she and Sulpicia were just as bad as each other.

But Marcus' mate, Didyme was my favourite. Kind hearted and good spirited, she lifted up the beings in this coven and made them happy… even me.

She was the good example of what I wanted. I wanted someone who would share my passion, my desires, my love and affection.

There were many characteristics of a mated pair that separated them from those who were… casually fucking, I suppose.

Perhaps the most obvious… the mating bites.

Female and male vampires left two signature marks on their mate. Once on the neck, then on the chest; the sole reason being that when we were in the public eye our mating mark on the neck was easily seen without the partner feeling uncomfortable because their mate was revealing too much skin for their liking.

The reason for a mate to bite on the breast or chest of their mate, depending on gender was that in those private moments of love and passion, they would see their claim on their mate and feel safe, loved and cared for. They would feel at peace, seeing the mark that showed the intimacy of them together and the mark that was their passage to release venom and therefore smell onto their mate. Not only that, but the arousing state of just the sight of their mark on their mates body led to the most powerful of climaxes.

That didn't mean that they did not bite their mates many other times in various places… but that was all common. No, the way to tell that a vampire was mated was by the bite on their neck and, perhaps on occasion if it is visible, the bite on the chest or breast.

It was rare that that would be visible though; and if it were… it wouldn't be for long.

I ached for that, I craved it… for a mate that would give me everything.

And I could only hope that the male Alice had seen – my Edward Masen – who was apparently destined for me… would give me that… would give me everything…

… That is, of course… if he lived.

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