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Geraldine Kennedy was enroute to the bathroom, hand over her mouth, when Alice Horton suddenly stepped into her path.

"Oh hello yummy mummy," she coddled, rubbing the vicar's extended belly, pulling faces and making nonsensical noises.

"Ah, Alice," said Geraldine, struggling to make words. "I'm actually on my way to the bathroom."

"Oh," said Alice, not understanding.

"To throw up like a like a dog," clarified Geraldine.

"Oh." It took her a long moment before she repeated the declaration once again with greater realisation. "Oh!"

Thankfully dashing by her oblivious verger, Geraldine barely made it to the toilet before she was promptly sick.

"Well, that's the end of last night's dinner," she heard Alice say.

Deciding to allow herself some wallowing time in misery, she blanked out her friend's running commentary, and thus didn't hear Alice address the newly arrived Harry.

She did hear her husband arrive in the bathroom though when he knelt down beside her, hands already pushing her hair back. "You okay hon?" he asked gently.

She gave him a wan smile. "Never better."

Turning away, she was promptly sick.