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CHAPTER 6 – Easter Sunday

Wade POV

I can't believe Zoe! There really must be something wrong with her for her to want Judson again. I haven't even seen them together and she's giving him her keys already. I mean who does that! Well not me obviously, but I don't even remember the last time I had a girl over or the last time I had… you know. Damn Zoe.

I walked over to Lavon's but he was already gone. Getting ready for the Hunt I guess, being Mayor and all he's the one that starts and finishes the game. I didn't really feel like seeing Zoe this morning so I thought I might as well leave before she gets here and walked to the Rammer Jammer for breakfast.

There was already a big crowd waiting in the square by the time I had finished my bacon and eggs and coffee. But I guess that's Bluebell for you. Any event at all requires a turn out from just about everyone. I couldn't stop myself from looking for Zoe though, I tried to tell myself it was only because I HAD to beat her, and if she wasn't here how could I do that. I spotted her in the crowd and she was looking up at the pergola at Lavon and Annabeth who must of walked on while I was looking for Zoe.

Lavon took hold of a microphone greeted everyone, 'How's everyone doing on this lovely spring morning? We all ready for Bluebell's annual Easter Egg Hunt?' Everyone responded with shouting and clapping.

Annabeth took the mic from Lavon, 'Now I know everyone knows how today will happen but we still have to go over the rules so everyone remembers.

'First of all the Hunt will begin when Mr Mayor announces so and finish when the Easter Rabbit is found. There is 10 golden eggs to be found. When you have one of them and ONLY one! You will make your way back here where we will give you a clue to find our furry friend. Then the first person to find him is our winner for this year! There will be no toleratin' of any cheatin, so no hiding other eggs and no stealing any from others. But good luck and happy hunting! Woo!' She handed the mic back to Lavon.

'I do declare this Egg Hunt…begun!'

Everyone turned and ran about, shooting in every direction tryin to find one of 'em eggs. Those not racing settled themselves around the square for a picnic, waiting for the end when the winner would return. Which I had no doubt would be me. I have to find an egg first though.

I usually do this pretty easily coz just about every time there is one placed around the Jammer somewhere. Its different each time but I know they like to keep some in key places, for example The Rammer Jammer, no one else has really seemed to pick up on this fact…but its usually me that finds it so I guess they don't get the chance. Now to find it.


I've living here for how long now? And I still managed to get lost and find new places?

I had woken up a little late, so didn't arrive at the square until Lavon started talking, but the process of the hunt seemed straight forward. This rabbit would be easy to find. And Wade would be taken down, I thought a little smugly. But that was kind of ruined when I was almost knocked over by the crowd that suddenly turned into a frenzy, there was so much movement that poor Tom was turning in circles not sure which way to go. Gee this town is dedicated.

After wandering a while in the bush I thought I would go back to the square and go in a different direction from there. I thought I found a track that would take me back, but how wrong was I? I don't know how long I was walking, it might not have been long at all but surround by trees and having no clue as to where I was it seemed like forever! Man was I glad that I wasn't wearing bigger heels.

I ended up walking into this little clearing that had a couple of cute little seats and a little bird bath in the middle. I was a little surprised at finding this place, it was so cute that I couldn't help sit down and have a look (also I was a bit tired) but that's when I spotted it across from me. At first I glanced over it but a little glimmer caught my eye and I looked back. And there it was. Sitting at the leg of the chair across from me. A golden egg.

I was struck for a second because surely someone must've thought to have looked here. Unless this place isn't well known by others, because then it was my lucky day because I had managed to find one of the eggs that would give me a clue and be one step closer to finding that rabbit before Wade.

After tucking egg down my shirt, they said no stealing but I wouldn't put it behind Wade to try, I followed the only other path leading from here. Making sure it wasn't the one I originally came from and headed for the trek back to the square.

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