Though All Was Quiet

~~~Vixen's back! Well, sort of. I'm only writing this fic for a certain reason: for a very sweet reader of mine who has asked for it! So, without farther ado, here's my newest work! It should be interesting, and the couple is HY/Moon, just like always!


~~~Rating: R- violence, adult situations, mostly to be on the safe side

Chapter One: Motives for Each

*"Well gentlemen?" The room became void of any noise. Though all was quiet, the silence was louder than any sound could be. Within the silence was confusion, denial, and utter astonishment. The four boys, men to only a few select members of the elite, stared straight ahead at their supervisor, Lady Une. The impressive woman with long brown hair and clear-gray eyes stared seriously back at them. She took in the men and scrutinized them for every difference since she had last seen them.

Blonde hair and blue eyes still gave Quatre Winner the same innocent appearance, but his form had developed into a much more intimidating size. His head titled as he stared at her.

Onyx eyes and black hair pulled into a tight low ponytail at the base of his neck, Wufei Chang stood next to Quatre. He himself had grown much. In fact, he rivaled his tallest friend, Trowa Barton, as far as heights went. His arms crossed, he stared straight ahead, apathetic as usual.

Slightly off to Wufei's side stood a stoic and quiet figure. Trowa Barton. His green eyes pierced the dark like the knives his friend Catherine used in their circus act. Indian red hair hung over one side of his chiseled face, and a small smirk hung on his lips.

The fourth of the boys stood in front of them all. Duo Maxwell hadn't changed one bit in two years. His waist long chestnut braid still swung behind his as his animated face was lit up his violet eyes. He snorted, then laughed slightly.

"Gentleman?" A large grunt came from three of the boys, breaking the heavy mood. "Lady Une, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the only gentleman in here is Quatre. The rest of us are anything but gentle."

"Mr. Maxwell, you understood the gist of my comment." Replied the woman. But the slight rouge color that stained her cheeks was enough to alert the others of her embarrassment.

"Yes, he understood it. We all did. We just find it amusing that you would ask of us what you have and then call us gentlemen."

"Trowa's has a point. I don't understand why? Peace had been achieved. Won't this instill a fear into people if they think we are doing this to ward off another invasion? Won't they believe that we are trying to become the Alliance, trying to become totalitarian dictators?" Quatre tried to reason out.

"Perhaps. But in the long run, once people see that we do not intend to create a dictatorship, I believe they will trust us. At one point in Earth's history, each country had their own armed forces. And in most of those countries, the armed forces did control most of the power. But in a few, precious few, the government worked with both the people and the army to find a good balance of power. We want to follow in those countries footsteps, we want to build an army that will cooperate with the government and not rule over the people with an iron fist."

"And you need us to do so?" Trowa asked bluntly.

"Yes. We need men like yourselves, skilled men whom we know will not abuse any power given to you."

"Lady, what you're asking us to do is not really our forte. We blow things up, fight mobile suits and dolls, infiltrate, even do undercover. We do not teach new recruits our skills!" Duo laughed bitterly.

"I know. However, I also know you are the only ones who are right for this job. Please." Lady Une was desperate, in fact, she was close to begging them. Having the former Gundam pilots as teachers would not only insure they would not abuse the power given them, but that the students that came out of their classes were the best of the best with high morals and good, strong skills. The Gundam pilots, whether they knew it or not, were the perfect examples of how a soldier should be: strong, unafraid of death, plenty of skills, and a moral justice code that their own consciences forbid them from going against.

"What of Yui? What does he think of all of this?" Wufei snorted.

"I haven't been able to contact him directly, but I had Doctor J send him an email explaining this new… 'mission'."

"Hiiro never turns missions down…" Trowa muttered.

"That means that Hiiro is going to agree to teach the recruits! If Hiiro's doing it, count me in!" Duo replied enthusiastically.

"I can still work Preventers half time?" Wufei asked.

"Don't worry about Wu-man Lady Une. He'll do it anyway, he's just worried about going through Sally withdrawal." Duo smirked.

"Maxwell! That is completely false! I will take your teaching job full time, to prove Maxwell wrong." Wufei said proudly.

"I don't suppose Trowa and I have a choice. In fact, I don't suppose we ever did. We'll teach your new recruits as well." Quatre put in for himself and Trowa. Trowa simply nodded in his agreement.

"Wonderful. Classes will start in one week. Get your gear together and be back with a lesson plan. You can divide the recruits up however you want, you just have to let me know how you'll be doing it before they get here so I can plan. You will get the same salary as a Preventer does, and all your supplies will be provided. Dismissed!" Une barked. After the boys snapped out of their stunned reverie, they filed out and shut the door behind themselves.

Une sat down in her chair and rested her head on her desk. If they hadn't said yes, she would have really been up a creek without a paddle. Oh well. They had said yes, so she could stop worrying about it. Oh… but where would she put the new recruits to sleep?*


"That is it!" This is the last time you screw up here young lady!"

"Daddy! I don't know what you're talking about?" The blonde looked up innocently at her father. She watched as his eyes fell. Inside, she laughed. Sucker! He was going to fall for it again!

"Princess, listen to me. Last night your school was vandalized. Spray paint on the lockers, broken windows, eggs thrown everywhere, broken computer systems, toilet paper in the trees, stink bombs in the bathroom, everything. And you're telling me you don't know how it happened?" The man asked his daughter with tried eyes. She was pushing it. But if she told him the truth, just once if she told him the truth, he would go easy on her. He wished for her to tell him the truth.

"No daddy, not one clue! How could anyone do that to our school? It's horrible!" The girl's eyes filled with tears. Time to lay on the charm!

"Princess, I'm asking you to please tell me the truth. Do you know who did this to your school?"

"No!" She shook her head vigorously.

"You're pushing it. What if I was to tell you they found fingerprints? Fingerprints that match the ones they found at the diner downtown that was vandalized. Fingerprints that match the ones they found at the car dealership, the one that had off its cars egged. Fingerprints that match the ones at the zoo from when the monkeys were let loose. And what if I told you that they had been able to match the fingerprints to a student and a few of her friends at your school? Now what do you say? Will you tell me who did it?"

"Daddy, I swear I don't know!" She was worried now… fingerprints could be hardcore evidence…

"Stop lying to me! I'm your father! Just come clean and tell me you and your gang did it!"

"A gang? Daddy! I swear I'm not part of any gang, and I don't know what happened!"

"Oh Princess." The man's shoulders fell and tears began to follow. He stared down at his hands. "I tried to raise you as well as I could. But it's just not enough. It's just not enough. I've failed."

"Daddy, what are you talking about? You haven't failed! You've raised an angel! I'm your princess, remember?" This time the tears that clouded her vision were real tears, tears of sorrow that she had caused her father this much pain.

"Yes, you're my princess. But you're anything short of an angel- save maybe a fallen angel. Princess, I know you're the one who did all of the vandalism. You and that gang of yours have been wreaking havoc since the end of the war. I've pretended to ignore it too. But enough is enough. I'm sorry, but you're sixteen. Time for you to grow up, to be disciplined for your bad choices that harm others."

"I don't understand…"

"But I can't give you that kind of discipline. My heart would break. So I'm sending you to someone who can straighten you out."

"Daddy?" Her face was pale. Her voice was horse. Tears spilled silently over her smooth cheeks.

"I'm sending you to military school." Her world crashed.*