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The new addition

The Arcobaleno were one of the most dangerous organisation ever known in Italy and they were not one to be trifled with. As young as they may be, they should not be underestimated. Even the women of the Arcobaleno were known to be deadly, despite their striking looks. No one knew what went on behind the closed doors of the Arcobaleno mansion and no one was brave enough to find out.

That day was one like all other days for the members of the Arcobaleno but little did they know about what was going to happen.

"Luce! We're done here!" Skull shouted, kicking a body to the side. Luce looked up and nodded as she got up from her seat. "Good job, Skull! Now we can go back and have dinner!"

"Hmph, that will teach them to mess with the Arcobaleno. They wasted so much of my time and time is money." Mammon said, turning to leave the building.

"You shouldn't focus too much on money, Viper-"

"Shut up, Fon!" Mammon spat. "... And don't call me Viper! It's Mammon!"

Suddenly, a gasp was heard from Luce and the shuffling of cardboard was heard.

"What's wrong, kora?" Collonello ran over to Luce's side and peeped over her shoulder.

"It's a child!" Luce exclaimed, pushing away the boxes which were cover for the child who was covered in bruises and looked rather malnourished. "Oh that poor boy! We should take him back..."

"Absolute not." Reborn said, appearing out of nowhere. "We're not an orphanage, Luce!"

The boy's brown eyes widened at the sight of so many people and scrambled backwards till his back hit the wall.

"Kora! You scared the poor kid, Reborn!"

"Did not. It was probably your face that frightened him."

"Hah, or maybe-"

"Boys! Be quiet!" Luce scolded, turning back to the child. "It's okay, we won't hurt you! We just want to help you..." she said softly, a gentle smile gracing her face and a hand outstretched. The boy looked at the hand cautiously and after a few minutes of close scrutiny, he hesitantly reached out. Luce pulled him up and gently stroked his brown hair. The boy relaxed in her embrace and allowed himself to be carried.
Reborn sighed and shook his head. "The moment that brat recovers, he is out of the mansion, okay?"

We'll see about that after this adorable child melts the ice in your heart! "Of course, Reborn. Shall we leave for home now?"


"What is that thing?" Lal exclaimed as she opened the door.

"It's a child, Lal. And we're going to take care of him till he's better!" Luce seemed excited at the thought of being a parent and let out a small giggle. She quickly made her way to the infirmary with the child in her arms.

Lal didn't look happy at all and huffed with displeasure. "Great. Now Luce has to go all gaga over taking care of a brat. What will people think if they find out that the Arcobaleno have a child in their care?"

"My sentiments exactly." Reborn said as he made his way back to his room. "... But when Luce decides on something, she won't change her mind. Making her angry is the last thing I would want to do."

Colonello shivered at the thought of an angry Luce and immediately shook his head. The others just shrugged and headed back to their own rooms as well.


"Now let's get you clean, shall we?" Luce said to the small boy who was only slightly taller than Luce's knee. When she saw a slight nod from him, she led him to the bathroom where the tub was and lifted him inside. "Let's start with introductions! My name is Luce! What's yours?"

"T-Tsunayoshi..." the boy replied meekly, his voice soft and slightly hoarse.

So cute! And a Japanese name at that...But why would he be here in Italy?... "Can I call you Tsuna-chan then?"

Tsuna nodded, closing his eyes when Luce began to wash his hair. The grime and dirt was washed off and with some conditioner, all was left was a head full of lustrous brown hair. "How old are you, Tsuna-chan?" Luce asked as she dried his hair with a fluffy white towel.

"Eh... S-Six? I think..." A few seconds after that, a rumbling sound was heard and Tsuna's face turned red, not daring to look up at the lady with the puffy hat.

Luce laughed and led Tsuna out of the bathroom. "Looks like little tuna needs to eat!"

"T-Tuna?..." Tsuna looked up curiously at Luce with his large hazel-brown eyes, flinching when Luce started squealing and pinching his cheeks.

Luce swung open the large doors leading to the dining area and nudged Tsuna in. He looked around the room and saw a large table in the middle of it, a giant chandelier hanging above. He was so intrigued by it that he almost didn't hear a voice call out to him and when he snapped out of it, he saw a blonde man in military clothes sitting on the opposite side of the table.

"Hey kid! Here for some food, kora?" he said in between mouthfuls of what seemed like pasta. Tsuna nodded and went to take a seat which he had difficulty getting on because of his small size. When he was finally settled on his seat, a tantalising aroma wafted up his nose. Taking a big whiff of the smell of a slightly tangy yet sweet scent, he turned his eyes to where the smell was coming from and his jaw dropped. That was the largest plate of pasta covered in tomato puree that he had ever seen! And it was warm too, unlike the cold rotten scraps he found on the streets.

"Eat up, kora! You look like you haven't eaten in days!" Colonello said with a soft chuckle. Turning to Luce, he asked, "What's his name?"

"Tsunayoshi. But he said we could call him Tsuna!"

"Welll then, Tsuna," Colonello got out from his seat and went over to ruffle the brunet's soft hair before leaving the room. "Feel free to find me if you need anything, kora!"

"That man just now was Colonello! Later on, if you see a grumpy looking man with weird curly sideburns and wearing a fedora, that's Reborn. The one with a hood all the time is Viper but she likes to be called Mammon instead. Fon is the Chinese man with the braided hair; Verde is the one with green hair and is always in a lab coat. Last but not least, is Skull. He's the one with all the make up and plasters on his face. He may look scary but he's a really nice person!"

Tsuna slowly digested the information as he chewed on his food. With all these introductions, does that mean he would be staying here?

"Reborn said that you have to leave when your wounds are healed..."

Tsuna's face fell.

"But don't worry! I'm sure that with your cuteness and innocence, you can convince them!"


Luce just smiled and patted the child's head. "Dinner starts at seven so you're free to roam anywhere in the mansion! I have to do something so I'll be heading back to my room! Have fun, little Tuna!"

Tsuna waved to her and took his last bite before going to explore the mansion. He was enjoying every second of his time here and he had never felt so relaxed before. On the streets, he had to run for his life and starved a few times. He lived every single day of his life in fear and now, he was safe. Even though his stay might not be long, he might as well live it to the fullest.


Tsuna wandered around the long quiet hallways, his footsteps echoing. He had been walking for about fifteen minutes and he still had no idea where he was. All the corridors looked exactly the same and so were the doors. The hallways were devoid of any life and he couldn't even find out where he was. Yes, he was lost. Suddenly he heard a loud crash and some swearing coming from one of the doors and as he went closer to the source, he saw a piece of paper with the word "Skull" stuck on a door. This must be Skull's room... Tsuna thought, raising a hand to knock on it.

"Gah stupid boxes- Oh it's you!" Skull said, patting Tsuna's head. The child looked up and saw that Skull wasn't wearing his helmet, giving him a clear view of his plasters and piercings.

"I got lost and I heard some noise from here." Tsuna explained sheepishly, biting down on his lower lip.

"I see... I was just clearing my room and some boxes fell, that's all!-"

"Can I help?"

Skull paused for a moment before grinning. "Sure! Come on in! What's your name? I'm the awesome Skull!" he announced proudly.


"Cool, come on! You can help me pick up the stuff lying around and hand it to me!" They soon started on the huge mess in Skull's room and as Tsuna picked up a photograph, he ran to Skull, pulling on his leather pants.

"I-Is this you?" Tsuna asked excitedly. The photo showed Skull riding his motorcycle through hoops of fire, twenty feet high.

Skull nodded proudly, sighing as he reminisced on the past. "Yeap, I was known as the immortal daredevil who could never die and that even the grim reaper hates me! This is just one of the many stunts I performed!"

Tsuna looked at Skull in awe and clapped his hands. "That's so cool, Skull!"

The stuntman's chest swelled up with pride. I think I'm starting to like this Tsuna kid... "Erm, let's get clearing and have dinner!"

"Is that... An octopus over there?..." Tsuna inquired as he stared at the tank. Suddenly, the octopus turned to Tsuna and and waved a tentacle. The boy shrieked and jumped back. "HIEEEE! It!... It... It waved!"

"Ehehe yeap! That's my pet, Oodako! Don't worry! It's friendly!"

After about an hour of clearing, Tsuna wiped the sweat off his brow. He didn't think there was that much mess in Skull's room! Among the mess, there were photographs, trophies and some CDs. A loud thump was heard and Tsuna turned around to see that Skull had tripped over something and fell face first onto the hard flooring.

A concerned Tsuna quickly ran to his side and peered over Skull who had a hand on his nose and was groaning like he had broken a limb or something. "Are you okay?..."

"M-Maybe..." he replied in a nasally voice. "Ow my nose..."

Tsuna rummaged through his pocket and pulled out a plaster. "Here, move your hand." Skull sat up and dropped his hand, letting Tsuna lean in to stick the plaster on the bridge of his nose and gently patted it. "There, all better!"

Skull sniffed and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. "N-No one has ever helped me like this before except Luce!... Everyone else would just bully me or order me around because I'm the weakest... You know what? I think I like you, kid!" Skull pulled Tsuna in for a tight hug and Tsuna smiled a little, returning the hug. "Let's go for dinner! Come on, I'll carry you!" He lifted Tsuna and placed him on his shoulders, bouncing with each step. "To the food!"


"Colonello! Please call Verde out for dinner!" Luce said, placing the dishes on the table."

Colonello's eyes widened and gasped. "Kora! The last time I went, he tried to inject me with some strange liquid! Reborn should go this time!"

"Keep dreaming, blonde idiot. It's your turn this week." Reborn said with a smirk.

"... Mammon!-"


"F-Fong! Please!" Colonello shouted desperately. He really didn't want to die by Verde's hand.

Fong chuckled and headed for the door. "Fine, just this once."

Colonello sighed in relief and plopped down in his seat, readying his fork to stab at some of the delicious chicken when someone punched him in the head. "L-Lal! What the hell was that for, kora!"

Lal rolled her eyes and sat down beside him, smacking his hand down. "You're supposed to wait till everyone is here, stupid!"

Soon, Skull and Tsuna came into the dining area in high spirits and the stuntman carried Tsuna off his shoulders and down on a chair.

"My, you two seemed like you had fun!" Luce said, placing the last of the cutlery down.

"Yea! I was clearing my room and Tsuna here decided to help me! He's a really nice kid!"

"Which is obviously why he's not supposed to be here." Reborn mumbled, glaring at the child.

Tsuna shrank back in his seat, letting out a quiet "Hiieee!" as he felt the coldness from the fedora-wearing man.

Luce shook her head and stood akimbo. "Reborn! Stop that!"

Reborn huffed and turned away. Useless burden.

Soon, Fong and Verde entered and took their seats. "Who is that? My new test subject?" Verde asked, a creepy smile on his face.

"No way! He's my new friend!" Skull defended.

Reborn grunted and went on to glare at Skull who shrank back in his seat like Tsuna. "Don't get too sticky, lackey. He's out of the mansion as soon as his wounds heal."


"Do you have any idea what the consequences are of having a child in the Arcobaleno's care?" Lal furiously said, slamming a hand on the table. "Our weakness will soon be that pathetic brat and what would people say?"

The entire table kept silent until Luce spoke up. "If there is nothing else, let's eat!" Even though she was smiling, everyone could feel the menacing aura behind her and decided to start eating.

"Why do we have to eat together? I'm really busy working on a new theory." Verde complained, stabbing his food with his fork.

"Haven't you heard the saying 'A family that eats together, stays together'?"

"Technically, we're not a family considering that there is no blood t-"

"Eat. Now." The menacing aura flared up once more and being the intellectual scientist with an I.Q higher that all the members of the Arcobaleno combined, he knew when to shut up if Luce was in her I-may-be-smiling-but-I-actually-feel-like-tearing-you-apart mood. Well, she wouldn't do that to her family but this was one thing Verde did not want to try.

Tsuna perked up. Little gears were clicking in his simple brains. If eating together meant that they would stay together, wouldn't that mean that Tsuna might actually have a chance to be part of this family? Apparently, Skull was thinking of the exact same thing when he nudged Tsuna and whispered, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tsuna nodded furiously, a tiny smile on his face. That might actually work out to become a reality instead of a dream to little Tsuna…

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