I loved the Stargate movie! The original, of course, because I can't bring myself to watch the series, but oh well! So, here is an 200 word drabble about the last moments of Ra and the boy. Tell me what you think!

"Where will you take my body now?" The boy screams in his own mind. "You have lost my World, and now you lose this One." Ra though, is busy preparing his ship for flight. He must leave this planet before the rebellion comes to him. "Where!" The boy demands.

"Quiet, boy!" None of his words leave his mouth though. This is a conversation from the inside, between the boy he took and himself. "You are expendable." He reminded him. The ship whirred, lifting, taking him away from the chaos. He must find a new world to rule, a new galaxy, even.

"You leave!" The boy still raged, something he had not done in millennia. His strength had come with the rebel Tau'ri. "You leave by yourself! Leave me!" The humming of the transporter caught Ra's attention. "… Wh-what is that …?" But he knew. He knew.

"Boy …" 6 … 5 …. He pulled himself away from the boy, disengaging with a body he had not let die for a very long time. "I think I will leave you …."

"Wai … no!" 3 … 2 …. The boy, who was once curious, and without fear, screamed. "No!"

1 ….