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Chapter 1: -Entering a New Life

Twenty years old Kushina Mishima got out of her luxury car. Her long red fiery like hair shone in the sunlight. Her white skin was radiant. Once out of her car, she took her sunglasses and placed it away in her jacket pocket.

At twenty Kushina was a beauty. Her eyes were like rubies, pink luscious supple lips, small nose, her adorable mole near her right eye enhanced her beauty, her perfectly curvaceous large plump ass, D-cup breasts which could make any men drool, and she always wore classy grown up outfits. This day she was wearing a red plaid skirt with a white short sleeved blouse, and white strapped sandals.

'This will be my new start. Okay let's go over the details; control your temper, don't hit every guy who comes in on feet radius or whistle at you or make rude comments. Just ignore them, try not to resort on sarcastic remarks. Don't use any kind of bad word and blah blah blah,' she thought already cursing her luck as she felt the urge to introduce the drooling boys to her, so gently vocabulary.

She would have done so, if it wasn't for the boy who was watching her with such fascination that it made her giggle a little. 'Hey! I am not some sadistic bitch you know. It's just that I don't like when men look at my breast instead of my face while conversing.'

He was watching her from a distance. He seemed entranced by her looks. 'Yes, I am just so sexy!' He was walking normally when his eyes caught sight of her, the Kushina Mishima-sama. He clumsily stumbled with another student and his books fell to the ground. Kushina saw the whole thing and went to help the guy. She grabbed one of his books and gave it to him.

He was good looking and very tall at least for her as she wasn't the tallest person around with her small structure of 5.2. He had sunshine straight hair that shone in sunlight and blue deep eyes. He seemed to also be in his early 20's. His height was around 6.1. He was wearing a white shirt with khaki pants.

"Here you go," Kushina gave him the book with her smile no. 1 which was both charming and polite. The guy blushed and took the book from her hands. 'They are so soft,' Minato thought, as he blushed slightly. 'Thanks Mikoto-chan for taking me to that beautician,' Kushina thought as if reading the minds of the handsome guy.

"Thank you," he murmured and left while Kushina watched him go. 'Hmm, interesting he didn't ogle me like the other pigs. He must be the type of guy dad talks about, 'A gentleman'." Kushina concluded with little interested and then saw her watch.

'Darn it! Late on the first day, this won't make a good first impression!' Kushina cursed and began to dash towards the campus's historical building. She was surprised to see that the guy she helped earlier was going to the same place.

The inside of the historical was divided into many different classrooms to the right and left of the main hall. It was all made with hardwood floors. The walls were covered with posters and had a huge bulletin board showing the latest attraction in the area. My classroom was also hardwood flooring and soft Green wallpapers. It was divided in half and in each half of the classroom there were six long Oakwood desks one behind on the other. Kushina sat in the third row on the right side of the classroom and opened her notebook, ready to take whatever notes necessary. She looked out the classroom window. This was one of the reasons she liked this spot, she could see the beauty of nature from here. Suddenly a tap on her shoulder took her away from her thoughts as she prepared herself to shoo away the pervert who had invaded her personal space. It was the same guy who was earlier flaunting about some cool branded watch he had purchased and from the cool smile on his face Kushina reached at one conclusion 'he wants to play, huh!'.

"Is this seat taken babes?" He asked coolly. Kushina just smiled and shook her head. 'It will be fun to break him into pieces,' were the evil thoughts present in her mind

"Good, the classroom seems totally full today for some reason," he explained and Kushina looked around. Sure enough, every seat in the classroom seemed to be taken which was actually surprising. It was the first day of the semester. Students have been normally still on vacation. "And what's your name?" The guy asked Kushina again catching her attention.

'Lady Liberty, have any problem? You asshole!' she wanted to spit on his face so badly but controlled her tongue.

"Kushina… Mishima Kushina, and Yours?" She asked back politely.

"Inuzuka Kiba. Nice to meet you," the guy said while shaking her hand and didn't let go of it for a few seconds. 'Oh God I want to kick his butt into the next century!'

"By your name I can guess you're Japanese. What are you doing in an American college?"

"Same goes for you? Inuzuka Kiba, right? Which means you are Japanese too, right? So, what are you doing in an American college?"

"Well you are half correct Kushina. I am half Japanese and half American. My mother is CEO of William groups of industries. My mother's name was Nina William before she got married to my father. So, what's up with you babes?"

"First thing I am not babes and second I haven't given you permission to call me by my first name yet and third I am not here to get flirt by morons."

Kiba got startled after her sudden burst but geez guy was way too pushy for her taste and he had it coming.

"Aren't you a feisty one?" He asked

"But you like it don't you?" Kushina asked with a raised eyebrow while a devilish smirk was working its way on the corner of her lips.

"Yea sure I do?" He replied a little confused by the sudden seductiveness in Kushina voice.

Kushina grabbed the cold drink and took a sip. 'Oh darn! Now I have to buy more and where is that damn canteen?'

"I noticed that your cold drink was getting low," He set the glass down on the table. "So I figured you might want some more, you looked a little tired." His voice is somewhat high for a guy, though Kushina could tell he was lowering on purpose in hopes of sounding cool.

"Oh! You are such charming," Kushina said dryly but the sarcasm and boredom was evident in her voice, and she was enjoying the look of irritation on the Kiba face because of her another mood changed.

'Oh it's so much fun to play with their resolves,' Kushina thought while laughing like manic witch, inside her head off course.

"And I couldn't help but notice ... You look somewhat lonely," Kiba drawled huskily.

She was getting upset because of his persistence. 'Do I look like some kind creepy loner? Okay don't explode now everyone is staring at us so it won't be cool.'

So, she decided to play along with him for a little bit, just to see how things would go.

"What's your name? You see I am quite forgetful," Kushina said while leaning forward a bit.

"They call me Kiba," he replied while shoving his thumb in his chest for emphasis.

Kushina tilted her head a little, smiling at him in an annoyed and playful manner. "How unfortunate but well it suits you. You do act and smell like a dog. You should try a new cologne by the way."

He forced himself to laugh where she provided the pause. "That was funny…"

But Kushina had all ready had enough of this, and her true personality began to show through a little.

"Listen Kiba, I can't possibly conceive how horribly lonely you must be coming over here, and making a fool of yourself…" He interrupted her here, trying desperately not to get shot down. But she was having too much fun making the fool out of him. She was about to destroy this guy. She smiled and looked up, smiling triumphantly.

"You are gorgeous…" He drowned, and Kushina rolled my eyes and laughed, annoyed but nodded her head nonetheless while trying to keep herself from laying him out like that last guy who tried to invade her personal space at the airport.

"Thanks but how about listening to what I'm saying? I'm not interested. However, thank you for complimenting me, and by making yourself look pathetic." She smiled her best apologetic smile now. 6, or at least the best one she could manage.

However, this did nothing to faze him. He came up with another futile attempt. "You're welcome… so do you like Howlan?"

She had to hold myself back at this point, and faked a laugh. "Kiba, that wasn't me, saying 'try harder stupid'. I'd actually really be grateful if you left." He tilted his head looking hurt but still trying just as hard as before. She had to give him some claps here for being persistent.

"You don't have to be this cold you know …"

But now came a second guy's voice, and Kushina threw my head back, now just utterly annoyed. As if one asshole wasn't bad enough, now there are two of them. 'He brought back up, oh no,' was all Kushina could think for a moment until he spoke as well. "Hey babe, how are you fairing here and who is this?"

My mouth fell open, but I played along with this guy as well. "Fantastic honey and goodbye Kiba."

Kiba stood up while the other guy patted his shoulder turning around and looking at him anxiously. "Nice to meet you," Kiba said and ran out of the classroom while other students started to snicker, now this left Kushina with another guy, but this other guy was the one who caught her interest. 'So, maybe it won't be so bad.'

Kiba was amusing because he had no chance anyway, but this guy...Just looking at him, and knowing that she was already interested made her blood boil as she didn't like to be subject of such trivial things, such as having a crush on a guy.

'Damn why I feel all weak whenever I meet a guy with blue eyes? No I am not dwelling on the past,' she chided herself as she got angry with the guy in front of so, she could shield herself from the charm of blue eyed guy.

"It's really difficult to believe that no one else has noticed the 'piss off' that you have stamped across your forehead. To me, there never had been a sign clearer than that," He said while Kushina laughed at what this random guy had just said.

"Then what are you still doing here?" Kushina inquired and the guy simply shrugged back at her, a goofy little grin working its way across his features.

She turned, and looked at him as he spoke, "Well I will say that I have no intentions of ending up like the last guy who you proceeded to crush like aluminum can; I guess I just must be a masochist eager for punishment."

Nodding in agreement, she responded to him trying hard to keep from laughing at him. "Well, I'll give you props. You're the first guy that I've met that's made it as far as saying that. Good for you." She thought it was just playing along at first, but then she automatically asked another question.

"So tell me, what makes this masochist eager for punishment any different than any other man or boy I know?"

He leaned forward casually, and answered her question without his confidence wavering one bit, "Don't know maybe he is different… but he does seem to actually affect you. Which is different, as you are well aware of, and there is the guy who left just a moment ago? No doubt he is crying in a corner somewhere, traumatized for life," He leaned in. "Maybe even longer."

Now nodding along with his words, Kushina laughed at this boy's words again, which really pissed her off but the girl in her was getting warm to him as the fatigue of flight, and constant flirting started to wear off.

"Well, if what you say is true then I guess I have something to be proud of; destroying a man's confidence… all in a day's work…" He chuckled at this, and she grinned when his face became slightly flushed.

"It seems to be."

She could feel herself slowly warming up to him, little by little becoming curious about him, and about what he had to say and she wanted to protest, she wanted to tell her to leave.

'But not before I see which way this conversation is headed.'

"You seem to become very intimidating when you need to be but I don't think that's how you always are." He waited here for her to ask the question he knew was coming.

"Oh you don't? So tell me, what makes you think you have the knowledge to make such an assumption?" She also leaned in a bit, placing her chin on the back of my laced fingers.

He nodded at this in concurrence. "Well, I don't really know much about you… but your responses to me aren't nearly as vicious as the ones you were aiming at that poor unfortunate soul before me."

Kushina nodded her head again, deciding that it's okay to answer this, as long as she got her piece as well. "I'm Mishima Kushina, and I'm surprised that you didn't already know that since I snagged second place at the Olympics in 2010." Here Kushina slapped her hands down on her knees, leaning toward him in the chair, and once more looking skeptical.

"So then, now that you know that much does it make you feel like less of a target?" She snapped.

He looks confused by that statement. "No way."

Inwardly, she was shocked but it hasn't shown so much on her face. "You don't know, do you?"

He smiled gently as he spoke. "Nope, the difference is that I like being your target." She nodded at this, not only looking like a cynic, but she could feel her hesitation to believe in him being lessened.

She had dealt with a fair share of jerks so, she wasn't going down that easily. "It must be sad to know that it doesn't make a difference."

He looked unfazed by this attempt at striking down his confidence. Kushina was looking at him through all of this as if at any moment he would start to act like every other guy

"Not for me," Kushina was the one who was thrown for a loop, and it was apparent on her face this time as he continued to speak. "I can deal with it. Like I said, being your target is just fine."

"So who is it that I have the pleasure of making a target of?"

"Namikaze Minato, chess player, and the local jerk that is actually a foreigner and will go to get his neck karate chopped one day." He laughed when Kushina's face grew a little pale.

"I'm sorry…" she began as she remembered the morning accident where she kneed some guy without even paying any attention.

'Why does this asshole get an apology? Why's he so special? Oh but it was my mistake. I was so angry with persistence of that jerk who flirted me in flight and I took it out on him.'

"Don't worry about it."

He stood up now, and continued to smile down at her until she just want to ring his neck as she was feeling a little flustered. "It's a pleasure to have met you, Mishima-san,"

Kushina nodded in response as he began to walk away until she seemed to have forgotten to say something, and called out, "Hey!" He turned back, still smiling softly at her. "Sorry, I kicked you in the stomach."

"Don't mind," he replied, and Kushina finally decided to stop acting like a bitch.

"Hey you can sit here if you want to." Kushina pointed at the empty seat beside her.

"Thank you."

"No problem. So, you are not from here?" She asked in somewhat questioning manner as she gave him an overall look, and aside from his skin tone he appeared to be an American to her.

"Well I may look like an American but actually I am from Rome, Italy and I am here to complete my MBA, If you don't mind?" He questioned, and Kushian could tell by his gesture that he wanted to know about her."

"I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I am trying to get a job with a top company in my country. So, I am here to complete my education."

"What's your major?"

"Computer science, Classic European History is a core class I have to take"

Minato joked. "So you're what people call a nerd." But the comment seemed to make Kushina mad but in a cute way which made him laugh at her. "Sorry. It's just… you're cute when you get mad," he said, and winked at her while she blushed for the first time and looked another way.

Two weeks later

May I ask a very personal question?"

"Go ahead."

Minato grinned, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Hearing this question made Kushina blurs to the point that her face was crimson red as the cute gentle girl hidden beneath her started to surface, and Minato laughed some more.

"Should I take that as a yes?" Minato asked again but this time Kushina managed to shake her head. "That's surprising. A woman of your beauty and smarts should be able to find a guy easily."

Still red faced Kushina spoke in a low voice as if thinking, "Finding a guy is easy. I've tons of offers. But finding the guy isn't as easy." The whole time Minato looked at her far away expression, and recognized that he's had the same problem.

"I understand what you mean to say I have many girls wanted me for my looks. But I never accepted an offer. I don't want a one night fling. I want a woman who can understand me, a woman I actually like for more than just physical appearance." He wanted brains, character, honesty, and all that stuff.

If he was to have a girlfriend he wanted to choose her. He wanted to be the one to ask the girl out. But until now he hadn't found a girl who could catch his eye. Sure, there were many who were very smart, others were fun to be with, but he only saw them as friends.

Somehow Kushina made him feel at ease. He was about to ask her to go on a date but the professor appeared, and class was in session. The whole time, Minato kept glancing at Kushina. It was amazing how she concentrated so much on what the professor said and explained. She was so focused and taking notes like every minute. When class was over, before she could leave, Minato grabbed her hand.

"Is something wrong?" Kushina asked innocently, and somehow he didn't end up on the floor.

This time it was Minato's turned to blush. It shouldn't have been this hard. But somehow, it was the first time he asked a girl out on a date, and he couldn't come up with the right words, so he started mumbling. "Um… well… I just… I was wondering if… by chance… you… you would like to go out with me," he said the final sentence rapidly.

"I'd love to!" Kushina smiled, and pink hue was visible on her cheeks. Seeing her smile made Minato's heart skip a beat. 'She looked so pretty, so innocent, so cute.'

"I'd better go! I have a lunch date with a friend. Just call me and tell me when you want to hang out," Kushina wrote her number on a piece of notebook paper and handed it to him, then she left.

Kushina hadn't lied when she said that she had countless of offers from guys. It was something that annoyed her older brother quite a bit since he was so overprotective. But Kushina had never really liked any of the guys. They were so superficial. She had gone out with a nerd, a jock, and a video game and she had lost interest with each instantly 'except that one,' she thought darkly but quickly shook it off.

'It's finally time for me to move on,' she thought as she desperately wanted to give the girl inside her another chance, and with Minato her heart beats faster. He was handsome, but she was attracted to him by something more than just his look. He was honest, and open. Maybe going out on a date with him would be worth it. 'Who know?'

'Well I am over with bad boy type. I don't need anymore adventure,' she thought dryly remembering her past when she thought that boys like Minato were boring, and liked to go to dangerous, adventurous, sadistic and violent type.

Written By: NarutoTheTrueLegend