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- Flashback starts -

Naruto leaned forward, placed his elbow on the table, and rested his chin on his right hand as he spoke, "70-30."

"What?" Tsunade and Jaraiya both shouted in amazement as they couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"I said 70-30," Naruto finally conformed and Kushina felt Minato balling his fist in anger and now Kushina had to wonder that Naruto was just a playboy with no brain like Minato described or sex god with a brilliant brain.

"How?" Both Jaraiya and Tsunade said in unison.

"I can explain it with a single word dad ...Sex..."

- Flashback Ends -

"WHAT?" Screamed Tsunada, shell shocked after hearing her younger son's bold statement?

"Mother...Oh dear mother...I think I should simplify for you as you don't seem to comprehend my brilliance," Naruto said, and sighed in a very mocking way; a devilish smirk still plastered on his handsome face.

"It was just like I said, Mrs Walker is a very mischievous lady, she loves to bet, and not to mention that she was bored just like me. So, to spice things up I offered her a proposal which she couldn't refuse.. -" Naruto was taking his sweat luxurious time, which infuriated Tsunade greatly, it was too much for her to hold her anger anymore and she finally snapped.

"Naruto Namikaze! I order you to answer my question right now. Otherwise consequences will be..- Tsunade was held on the last string of her patience as she was praying that her son didn't do what she think he had done. She gave Naruto last chance to explain himself when he rudely interrupted her.

"Now-now mother; it won't make a good first impression on our future family member, right? So, why don't you let me finish what I am saying, and after that you are free to praise my brilliance as much as you want," Naruto drawled lazily resting his chin on his left hand while eying Kushina from corner of his eyes, amused as he stared at her in a leering way with a sinful smirk working it's on his gorgeous face; smirk so sinister that it would make even devil proud.

Kushina felt very uncomfortable under the intense gaze of Naruto, and shuddered; she was disgusted with herself to feel attracted to such a vile human being.

'No! He isn't a human. He is a devil reincarnated in human flesh! How could he talk with his own mother like that? I don't care how much of Greek god he is, all I know that I hate him. Darn it! Stop blushing stupid, stupid, stupid! You only love Minato!' Kushina was reciting this mantra in her head over and over again as she tried to control her racing heart beat; her body was responding to his dark alluring voice.

While Kushina was trying her best to avoid his frozen intoxicating jams, Naruto finally decided to grace the eardrum of his awaiting audience with his dark yet sexy and enchanting voice.

"Sooo, where was I?" Naruto questioned to no one in particular as he tapped his index finger on his chin; giving an impression that he was in deep thoughts but his annoyingly sexy smirk was saying otherwise.

Tsunade Namikaze was infuriated beyond beliefs, she was usually a very level headed, calm, collective and dignified lady who was known to keep her head cool but being disrespected by her own son was too much of a blow on her pride as she was used to command respect by everyone present around her.

She was about to explode again when she saw Naruto mocking everyone, but she tried to control her temper for the sake of her dear husband, who was constantly squeezing her hand in assurance.

"So what was it? I think it was about some project, but what project?" Naruto kept his thinking pose intact but his smirk was getting wider and wider as he was feeling a little too cheesy at the moment.

"Naruto!" Screamed Minato in aggression while Kushina tried to calm him down, and not to mention her fluttering heart who traitorously seemed to skip one or two beats whenever Naruto were to speak.

"Yes, brother dear?" Naruto spoke in a very cheerful voice; his voice seemed too sweet to be true along with his not so natural smile as it appeared too bright for human standards or Naruto's standard as he was only capable of smirking darkly.

"Naruto! You bast.. -" Minato finally exploded when Naruto mocked him again but was swiftly cut off by Jaraiya, who finally decided to interrupt Minato before he attacked Naruto physically, and got his ass kicked in front of his fiancee.

"Naruto, you were giving us details of your recent success with the Walker's project. So, can you please elaborate what you meant by your last statement as it gave us a very wrong impression? I am sure you didn't mean to imply that Mrs. Walker is cheating behind Mr. Walker's back, especially with my own son; who perfectly knows that Mr. Walker is an old acquaintance of mine, and not to mention one of the very first man who shown confidence in my abilities when no one was willing to give our company a single project."

There was silent warning in his voice as he left the question hanging while daring Naruto to say otherwise. Jaraiya was grateful to elderly man; he helped him when his business was in a pinch. Everyone present in said room felt the chills down to their spines, and Kushina finally concluded why this man was known as white devil.

Naruto stared at his father's eyes for a second or two as a serious expression replaced his teasing persona, but soon his serious demeanor vanished, and was replaced by a shy loop sided grin which caused Kushina to redden as she couldn't stop the rosy hue from spreading on her face; she suppressed her squeal of delight as she could almost imagine a cunning fox grinning widely. She wondered how could someone keep his facade without losing composure under that intense calculative gaze, even once

"Father, how could you voice such accusation on someone as loyal as Mrs. Walker?" Naruto asked while being over dramatic as he tried to appear shocked, but his infuriating smirk was still taunting everyone, and he tried to console his amusement when he saw Minato's vain bulging in anger.

"She is such a loyal wife. Do you know how much time it took me to actually convince her?" Naruto questioned while he raised his right hand to emphasize his point.

"Naruto!" Jaraiya growled out, clearly not in amusement and gave his younger son yet another warning.

Naruto's widened, he enjoys playing games and this was getting pretty interesting. He would make it up to his father later, but for now he had to endure the killing suspense along with another, and not to mention he was enjoying his mother's dramatic expression.

"So… as I was saying before; it took me quite awhile to convince her, 10 seconds exactly," said Naruto while wiping the invisible bead of sweat from his forehead to emphasize that how much efforts he actually putted to convince Mrs. Walker.

A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as he continued, "10 whole second before she actually launched herself like rocket on poor little me, and crushed her luscious lips on mine like hungry beast. I succumbed to her burning passion; I sacrificed my body for the development of our company. I know it took me quite a time to finalize the deal but Mrs. Walker could not sit straight for a while after we finished. So, I had to wait till her boyfriend...Err...I mean driver gave her a massage, and dad you were right; her boobs weren't natural but I endured it for the sake of our company. I am beaten all the odds and finally got this contract of 70-30% profit ratio for my brilliant performance on the sofa," said Naruto while proudly presenting Jaraiya a panty; on panty there was signed by the name of Lisa Walker.

'You got your 70-30, just fuck me like a mindless whore I am. You are a best fucker in the world! You can have the whole property of my geezer of a husband for all I care,' was the message written on it, and there was a lipstick mark on the side of it.

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