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"Why can't I do it myself?" complained Alanna Creek.

Jonathan exchanged a glance with his wife before turning to where his daughter sat on the edge of the dining table, legs swinging. "We love your gorgeous face too much sweetheart," he replied, clasping her jaw. "We wouldn't want you to stab an eye out."

Alanna pouted as her father kissed her head. "That wouldn't happen."

Maddy covered a smile as she approached with scissors. "Shall we?"

Alanna sitting on her father's lap, Maddy stuck her tongue between her teeth as she began to gingerly cut her daughter's overly long fringe.

As she did so, Alexander toddled over to grip her leg. Her husband was instantly on the case, coaxing their son over to him, so as not to break his mother's concentration.

This diversion failed when Jonathan became intrigued in the puzzle the two year old was trying to figure out. In his excitement, he leaned down... Alanna shifted... and Maddy almost chopped off the entire left half of her daughter's fringe.

"Jonathan!" she screeched.

All three Creeks, young and old, froze and looked at her with identical expressions. What was Mum going to do next?

They were all surprised when Maddy burst into laughter. It was nothing like the telling off they were all expecting.

"The looks on your faces!" she giggled. "You'd think I was a monster that's going to bite your heads off."

"Not at all dear," said Jonathan as Alexander added words of his own. "Mummy monster?"

Meanwhile, Alanna sighed dramatically. "Are you done yet?"