"I'm not a Cheater"

By: Princess Ren

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         It was just another night to everyone in Kanagawa. The light of the moon consuming the darkest of the night. Everyone was busy in their homes, doing whatever is necessary in their daily lives. Everything was peaceful except for two people, a couple at that. They were walking silently in one of the many streets in Kanagawa, the guy accompanying his girlfriend towards her home. His was rather tall for a 16-year old, with messy black hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes. He's expression solemn as he walked beside the girl. She shared the same skin texture, long black hair and dazzling amethyst eyes. She was also a bit tall for a normal 15-year old. She looked towards her boyfriend and frowned as she saw his expression.

"Is something wrong Kaede?" she asked worriedly.

"……… Let's end this Rei…" the guy replied in a low voice, his eyes transfixed to somewhere else, afraid to what he may see in her mesmerizing eyes, but he did heard the surprised gasp from her.

After hearing the statement, Rei immediately gasped. That was the only thing she knew right now. Her heart slowly breaking into pieces. Why did he wanted to end their relationship? She pondered her mind for the things that might have cause him this revelation but she found none. Surely, every couple has their ups and down, just like them. But all those things were natural for couples, some misunderstandings, as people called it. Her eyes slowly began to water and tightly shut them, refusing the tears to fall.

"W-what do you mean?" she asked, barely a whisper. She had heard him very clearly but she still wanted to confirm it, even if it hurts to hear those words.

       Rukawa flinched at the tone of her voice. It was filled with sorrow, something that he wasn't accustomed to her soft, melodious, and happy voice. He felt like an idiot and a jerk for doing this to her. In fact, he really doesn't want to end their relationship. He really loves her very much like his passion he has with basketball. What would her family would think of him after this? His family? Their friends? Surely, they won't like it since they really favor their relationship. But he must do what he must do. It was her fault why he is doing this.

"You know what I mean!" he snapped as he looked fiercely at her saddened eyes. He felt his heart break into million pieces seeing her in this state, all because of him but he wish to ignore it.

Rei was taken aback at the sudden temper blow-up. She had never saw him this angry before, "why?" she had asked, her voice shaking with sadness. Perhaps he has a very good reason to why he was doing this. She took a shaky breath before looking at his now cold eyes.

Rukawa just raised an eyebrow at her, "Why? You know what I mean! Don't act like a naïve girl, Rei!" he replied, his voice harsh as he send her a glare that he only reserve for rivals. He waited for a reply but found none. He then decided to continue,

"You're a cheater, that's why." He said, giving her a disgusted look. He saw her shock expression and calmly ran a hand over his hair.

After hearing those words, it nearly sent her to the edge. The tears that had disappeared started to make their way to her eyes again, and she felt a lump on her throat. His words repeated on her head over and over again. Cheater? She didn't cheat him! She would never do something like that to him! Never! She shook her head violently and bitted her now shaking lips. She slowly tried to swallow the lump on her throat,

"But I didn't. I would never do that to you! What on earth do you think I would do that to you? I didn't cheat you!" she shouted, but her voice held the sadness.

"Of course you are! You cheated me!" he retorted hotly. He tried not to look in her eyes, because he might do something drastic.

"No! I'm not a cheater! I would never cheat you! Never!" she was now on the vogue of tears. Gods! Does he know how she feels right now!?

"Yes, you are! Don't pretend you're not! I have seen it with my two eyes! The way you look when you receive love letters from the boys in school! How you flirt back with them! And worst of all, I have seen you with Ryujoji in a café!" he shouted in frustration. He really was disappointed with her. And he hated her for doing those things. He hates cheaters. He hates her.

Rei just stood there like a stone when she heard his reason. She can't believe he can stoop himself that low! Why can't he see he was jealous? Like every guy with their girlfriends?

"NO! I didn't like having those love letters. I already told them that I'm not interested! You know that! I was not flirting with them! I was just being friendly! And I didn't date Ryujoji-san! I was merely asked by our teacher to teach him with a current topic 'cause he was having a hard time understanding it! Didn't I explain that to you!?" she cried in anguish.

Rukawa just looked at her with a calm expression and slowly turned away from her, his back facing her. He was about to take a step when Rei said,

"Kaede! Please listen to me! I didn't cheat you! You are just jealous! Please reconsider!" she begged. She would never imagine that their relationship would end this way. Rukawa looked backed at her after saying those words. Is it because he was just jealous to come up with that excuse? No! He doesn't believe he was jealous! Even if he is willing to admit, he is whenever he saw her with another guy. But he saw it with two eyes! That was enough proof! He snorted before slowly walking away from her.

"I have enough with your stupid excuses! It's over now! You can't do anything! It's all over."

Rei saw his calm expression and couldn't help but feel weak. Why can't he just admit he is jealous!? Was it because he has pride? A lot of it? But still! It really pained her to see him look at her with a calm expression, not caring whether he had hurt her feelings or not. She felt her heart been stabbed with a million of knives when she heard the words that she had long feared.

"Please Kaede! Listen to me! Don't go! I need you! Please! I love you Kaede! Don't leave me!" she cried in agony. Now her tears were silently cascading down her pale cheeks.

       Rukawa stopped walking when he heard her begged for him to come back and her words had pierced his heart greatly. He doesn't want to leave her. He can't. He had loved her ever since the first day he saw her. Those dazzling violet eyes, her heart melting smile, her melodious voice, her beautiful face, her sweet and friendly attitude… he love everything about her! Guys would give up everything just to have someone like her and yet he threw it away. But he doesn't regret it, since she cheated him. He slowly walked again.

"You can't do anything, it's over now." He said while casting one last look at her tear-streak face, before walking away. Away from her… forever.

She looked at her boyfriend and saw him walk away. She couldn't stop her tears from falling. It hurts so much. 'Is this how many girls feel when guys broke-up with them?' She had asked herself. She stood there and watched Rukawa's figure disappear in the darkness. She really loves him very much. And she would do anything just to make him happy. Was she a bad girlfriend? She shook her head as she removed that thought. It really hurts so much. She didn't know it would end this way. Their relationship was over now… all over.

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