"I'm not a Cheater"

by Princess Ren

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Chapter 13- The Practice Game with Ryonan

It had been a week since the incident with the coaches and the confrontation from Ayako. It was a busy week for everyone, especially for the Shohoku Basketball Team. They were preparing for this day, practicing for more than 3 hours just to be able to improve their skills just to try and to be able to defeat Ryonan High, who was one of the finalists in last year's basketball tournament since today was their scheduled practice game with the opposing team. For some people, it was just another practice game to prepare both teams for the upcoming tournament but Shohoku Team was not 'some people' they were determined to defeat Ryonan who was rumored be able to make in the Upcoming Inter High this year and it was not something that the team captain of Shohoku would allow, who was also determined to go to the Inter High, believing if they defeat the team they have a high chance going against the other teams in the tournament. It was a perfect day, everything seems in place except for a small court in Kanagawa Prefecture. If one look more closely you could see a handsome young man playing effortlessly in the said place, his cobalt eyes burning with an inner fire, his lips firm in determination as his jaw set in a stubborn way. It was none other than Shohoku's so-called Super Rookie, Rukawa Kaede.

Author's notes

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