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Just to let you know this fanfic doesn't actually evolve the black organisation its, 3 small events. This introduction is just to sort things out in my mind (and yours).

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The Black Organisation had finally been caught and put behind bars. Unfortunately, the antidote to the APTX 4869 drug hasn't been made because something in the chemicals had reacted wrong when trying to make it, and now Haibara can't seem to come up with any other cure. A cure that is very much needed by a certain detective in the body of his 11 year old self.

You probably think I'm mistaken as he was shrunken to be about 6, however it has taken 5 years to get to this point. It took 5 years to take down the Black Organisation. And only God knows how long it will take from now for him to reach the point in his life when he truly returns to be Shinichi Kudo.

If ever...

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Chapter list: 1-Stranger-kun (Ran&Conan)

2-Edogawa-kun (Ai&Conan)

3-Detective-kun (Kaito&Conan)

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