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General POV
~Damon, Katherine and Jeremy~

Damon and Katherine were sitting next to each other. They were both looking at Jeremy, who was sitting on a different table. Katherine knew that Jeremy could talk to Anna, even though she was dead. Anna was the only one that they could contact that had information about the hunter that could kill Klaus.
"This isn't going to work." Jeremy said because Anna wasn't showing up to him. A cell phone beeped and Katherine pulled it out of her pocket.
"I think that your witchy girlfriend's worried that you've run away with your ghostly lover." Katherine said to Jeremy after reading the screen.
"Stop with the teeny bopper drama." Damon said to Katherine before looking at Jeremy. "Focus." Jeremy closed his eyes and focused. He knew all he had to do was think about Anna and she would show up. He also wanted to help get his sister away from Klaus and he wanted to help in any way he could. Anna appeared on the table next to Jeremy, but Katherine and Damon couldn't see her.
"I'm not helping them." Anna said, which made Jeremy look at her.
"No, it's okay to help." Jeremy said, trying to convince Anna to help them. Katherine and Damon looked at each other because they couldn't hear Anna. "They're looking for a way to stop Klaus and get my sister away from him."
"I don't care." Anna said, even though she did want to help Jeremy for his sister. She just didn't want to help Katherine. "Katherine is not a friend to you. Neither of them are."
"What's she saying?" Damon asked Jeremy, not knowing what Anna was saying.
"Well, she doesn't want to help you." Jeremy said to Damon before he looked back at Anna.
"My advice?" Katherine asked in a whisper to Damon. "If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs." Damon looked at Jeremy and thought for a minute before stepping off of the table and walking towards Jeremy.
"Jeremy, I just want you to know, it's nothing personal." Damon said, which made Jeremy slightly confused before Damon hit his head against the table, making it bleed.
"Ow! What the hell?!" He yelled and tried to look at Damon.
"Jeremy!" Anna said with worry even though only Jeremy could hear.
"Anna, I know you can hear me." Damon said as he looked towards where he thought Anna was. "Tell us what you know. The sooner, the better for your little boyfriend here." Damon said, even though he really wasn't going to hurt Jeremy too much.
"They're looking for Mikael." Anna said, hoping Damon would stop.
"Mikael!" Jeremy repeated after Anna.
"Mikael. Is that his name?" Katherine asked, hoping to get an answer.
"Who's Mikael?" Damon asked, wondering who Mikeal was.
"The vampire who hunts vampires." Anna said to Jeremy, which made him look towards her. "You don't want to wake him. He will kill all of you."
"What's she saying? Damon asked Jeremy.
"Hello!" Katherine said to get Jeremy's attention.
"He's a vampire and a Hunter, and you guys would be idiots to wake him." Jeremy said to both Katherine and Damon before looking back at Anna. "What do you mean, wake him?"
"It's time to go find the keys." Damon said as he looked in the direction that he threw the keys.
"You think?" Katherine asked before Damon started to walk in the direction of the keys.

~Klaus and Elena~

Klaus and Elena were walking next to each other through the school. They were walking towards the gym, which was the biggest place in the school. Klaus hoped that Bonnie would come across them and he would be able to get the answers he was looking for. As Elena walked through the halls, some of her memories began to get clearer. She didn't exactly remember the people, but she could see some things that happened in the halls. There was the hug Caroline gave her on her first day of Junior year, walking around during her freshman year, and just other little things that happened in the halls of the school. The memories made Elena eager to get the rest of her memories back. She noticed that Klaus was rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb, which made her slightly smile just as they got to the gym doors. Klaus glanced at Elena before opening the gym doors.
"Attention, seniors. You have officially been busted." Klaus said in an american accent, which made Elena surprised. She never heard him speak with that accent and she was surprised at how well it was. "Prank night is over. Head on home." Elena couldn't help but look around the gym, hoping to recognize some of the student. "You two. I remember you." Klaus said in his normal accent when he spotted Dana and Chad as they stood up straight.
"I'm sorry." Dana said when she saw Klaus. She wasn't one of the people that knew about Elena being gone, so she just assumed Elena was there for the prank night. "Who are you?"
"Oh, don't worry, I wasn't in my right head last time we met." Klaus said as he slowly took his hand from Elena's. "Lift your foot up, please, Dana."
"Klaus, what are you doing?" Elena asked him as Dana lifter her foot from Klaus's compulsion.
"Just a little insurence love." Klaus said to Elena before looking at Chad. "If she drops her foot, Chad, I want you to beat her to death. Understood?" Chad nodded his head and Elena felt a little fear. She wasn't sure if it was because of the earlier memory she had of him killing Jules or from what Klaus was doing in front of her, but she was beginning to feel something that she didn't think she would feel about Klaus since she was turned.
"I want to sit on the bleachers." Elena said to Klaus, who gave her a small nod. She started to walk towards them because she didn't want anyone within a few feet of her while she tried to remember her past.

They weren't in the gym long before Bonnie stepped through the doors. Bonnie's eyes first landed on Dana, who was holding her foot off the ground. Her eyes moved, which made her see Klaus looking at her. She couldn't help but remember that Elena was supposed to be with him. Bonnie looked around the gym before seeing Elena on the bleachers.
"Elena." Bonnie said before starting to walk towards her, only to be stopped by Klaus.
"Bonnie." Elena said in a whisper that only Klaus could hear. Bonnie didn't hear what Elena said, but she just knew Elena said her name.
"I was wondering when you'd show up." Klaus said as he noticed the change in Bonnie's face, and the fact Elena said her name. "Now we can get started." Klaus turned back to Dana and Chad, but Elena couldn't help but keep looking at Bonnie. "Dana, why don't you relax? You and Chad sit tight." Both Chad and Dana sat down on the floor and watched what happened in front of them. Elena stood from the bleachers and sped towards Bonnie, which caught her off guard.
"Bonnie..." Elena said in a whisper from the fact that they were inches from each other.
"We're friends." Bonnie said, hoping that it would trigger something in Elena. "Remember?" It took a second, but Elena nodded.
"Best friends." Elena said, which made Bonnie smile before they hugged. Elena was glad to be in the embrace of someone from her past. She was glad she remembered something and was able to see someone she only saw in her head. Bonnie knew she had to get Elena away from Klaus, but at the moment she was just happy to have her friend remember her.

Klaus just stood and watched them. There was a part of him that was happy but he couldn't help but worry. He knew that Elena was regaining her memories faster now that they were in Mystic Falls and it was only a matter of time that she would remember what he did to her.
"It seems your witchy interference seemed to have caused some undesirable side effects." Klaus said to Bonnie, which made her break the hug with Elena. "And since you caused the problem, I'm going to have you find the fix." Klaus was being careful with his words, trying not to let anything slip to Elena about what really happened.

~Caroline and Tyler~

Caroline and Tyler were standing in the hall of the school, unaware what was happening in the gym. Tyler had his arms around Caroline as she put some honey on one of the doorknobs.
"Do you think Elena's okay?" Caroline asked as Tyler started to kiss her neck. Tyler wasn't one of the people that knew about what happened to Elena at first, but Carline told because she felt like he needed to know.
"I think that she'll be okay." Tyler said, not really knowing what else to say. "She has friends that will never give up on her." Caroline turned to face Tyler. "I think that she'd be doing the same thing if it was you." She couldn't help but give him a small smile.
"I just want this school year to be great, you know? I just want everyone to be happy." Caroline said to Tyler. "Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits."
"I'm happy." Tyler said before kissing Caroline.
"You two are adorable." Rebecca said, which made Caroline and Tyler look towards her. They didn't know who she was, but she knew them.
"Uh, do we know you?" Caroline asked as she slowly stepped in front of Tyler.
"You're Caroline, Elena's friend," Rebecca said before looking at Tyler ", which makes you Tyler. The werewolf."
"And who are you?" Caroline asked.
"I'm the new girl." Rebecca showed her vampire features and before anyone could say anything, she snapped Caroline's neck and got Tyler in her arms. "You're coming with me." She said before dragging him away from Caroline.

~Klaus, Elena, and Bonnie~

Elena stood near Bonnie because she felt comfort being so close to her friend. She couldn't help but look at Dana and Chad, who were slightly confused and scared. Her eyes eventually met Klaus's and she could see some worry in them. She felt Bonnie's hand hold hers in comfort and Klaus noticed. He wanted to hold Elena's hands even though he wanted to find out how to successfully make hybrids. Elena was about to open her mouth before Rebecca walked through the doors with Tyler in her arms.
"Get off of me!" Tyler said, which made Bonnie and Elena looked at him.
"Hush now." Rebecca said to Tyler as they walked around Elena and Bonnie. Elena felt like she knew him, but she couldn't think of a name.
"I'd like you to meet my sister Rebecca." Klaus said towards Bonnie. "Word of warning... She can be quite mean."
"Don't be an ass." Rebecca said as she shoved Tyler into Klaus's arms.
"Leave him alone." Elena said, which slightly shocked everyone. "He hasn't done anything." There was a second when Klaus was thought about finding a different werewolf to turn into a hybrid, but he knew that using one that Bonnie knew increased his chances of having them turn out successful.
"I'm going to make this very simple..." Klaus said, which made Elena stand a little bit in front of Bonnie "...every time I attempt to turn a werewolf into a vampire hybrid, they die during the transition. It's quite horrible, actually." Elena stood in her spot as Klaus bit into his wrist. She wanted to stop him because she felt like she knew Tyler but she knew that Klaus was more powerful than her. "I need you to find a way to save my hybrids, Bonnie." Klaus said as he forced his blood down Tyler's throat. "And for Tyler's sake... You better hurry." Klaus snapped Tyler's neck. Elena and Bonnie watched in shock as Tyler's body fell to the ground. "And if you happen to find out why Elena doesn't remember much, I'd be ever so grateful." Klaus said, which made Elena slightly surprised. He could see it in her eyes, even though she was still looking at Tyler. She knew what would happen to him if he didn't survive so she slowly turned to Bonnie.
"I know him, don't I?" She asked Bonnie, who gave her a slight nod. Elena looked back at Tyler before looking back at Bonnie. "He was a werewolf?" Bonnie just gave her another nod. "Can you help him?" Bonnie just gave Elena an unsure look.
"I can try."
"Go on, then. Go fetch your grimoires and enchantments and what-not." Klaus said, which made them look towards him. "You don't have much time if you want Tyler to survive." Bonnie started to move, but Elena stopped her.
"Everything will be fine." Bonnie said with some comfort to Elena before holding her hands with both of hers. "I promise." Elena slightly smiled at the words of her friend before watching her walk out of the gym.
"Rebecca, take the wolf boy elsewhere would you?" Klaus asked his sister even though he kept looking at Elena. Rebecca didn't say anything as she took Tyler's arm and dragged him out of the gym.

Elena was once again left with Klaus, but Dana and Chad were also in the gym. Klaus started to walk towards Elena, which she noticed but didn't acknowledge him. She kept staring at the door that Bonnie and Rebecca left through. Klaus was within inches of Elena just as Stefan walked through the doors.
"Stefan..." Elena said in a whisper, not knowing what might happen to him after she saw Klaus kill Tyler.
"Finally ready to tell the truth mate?" Klaus asked, hoping to get some information out of him. Stefan looked from Klaus to Elena. He only knew what Katherine told him but because it came from Katherine, he didn't completely trust the information.
"When a doppelganger turns into a vampire, they suffer from temporary amnesia." Stefan said in the simplest terms. Elena knew from what Klaus told her in the beginning that she was a doppelganger and that Katherine was the only other one out there. "That's all I know."
"So you don't know who turned me?" Elena asked and Stefan sadly shook his head. Klaus was trying to figure out who it was. It wasn't him or Stefan which left Katherine, Caroline and Damon. Those were the only vampires he could think of that have met Elena besides Elijah, who was daggered in a coffin. Caroline wouldn't do that to her friend and he knew that Katherine had fled Mystic Falls. A small smile appeared on Klaus's face when he figured out who it was, but he didn't say anything.
"I believe you." Klaus said to Stefan, which surprised Stefan. "Care to drink on it?" Klaus motioned towards Dana and Chad. Stefan didn't say anything, which Klaus took as a no.
"What about you love?" He asked as he looked at Elena, which made her turn towards him. "Care for a sip?" Elena looked behind Klaus and noticed that there was fear on their faces.
"I'm not hungry." She said when she looked back at Klaus. It made him surprised but he didn't show it. He didn't say anything before speeding over to Dana before he began to suck her dry. Elena and Stefan just stood and watched trying to control their own hunger as the scene of blood wafted through the gym.

~Katherine, Jeremy, and Damon~

Jeremy was still sitting on the table, but he was holding a rag against his head. Damon got it from his car before he actually began to look for his keys. After he found his keys, he started to walk back and noticed that Jeremy was starting to fall asleep.
"Don't fall asleep, Jer." Damon said as he got closer. "You might have a concussion."
"Thanks for the concern, dick." Jeremy said, only looking at Damon for a moment.
"Oh, stop pouting." Katherine said to Jeremy because she was slightly annoyed. "You took one for the team. Everyone back home will thank you once Klaus is dead and you have your sister back." Damon started to pat his pants pockets, trying to find his phone.
"Where's my phone?" He asked Katherine, knowing that it had to be her that had it.
"Do you need to check in with Stefan?" Katherine asked because they both knew that he was with Klaus and Elena. "Or Bonnie to make sure it's okay you pummeled her little boyfriend?"
"You know you have it." Damon said as he took a small step towards Katherine.
"What can I say?" Katherine asked with a shrug. "I needed you present here and now."
"Katherine, phone, now." Damon said in a demanding tone as he held out his hand. Katherine let out a sigh before tossing Damon's phone to him.
"Bonnie's been texting me." He said with some worry when he started to look through his phone.
"What is it?" Jeremy asked as he looked at Damon.
"It's Klaus." Damon said before looking at Jeremy. "And Elena." Jeremy's eyes went a little wide because he didn't think that she would still be around him even though he was glad she was okay.
"No turning back, Damon." Katherine said as she stood from the table she was sitting on.
"Shut up, Katherine." Damon said before tossing the keys to Jeremy. "Stay with her so Anna can guide you. I'm going back."
"I'm coming with you." Jeremy said as he stood from the table.
"No, you're not." Damon said. "You are the only one that can see and hear Anna and we need her help to find Mikeal."
"This is my sister we're talking about."
"Right now the best way to help your sister is find a way to kill Klaus." Damon said and Jeremy knew he was right.
"You're going to get yourself killed." Katherine said as Damon started to walk away. "The Damon I remember wouldn't have been that stupid." Damon stopped and turned towards Katherine.
"I wouldn't have done it for you." Damon said before he continued his way back to Mystic Falls.


Bonnie was sitting with her legs crossed and candles lit all around her. She tried to contact any witch that might know how Tyler could survive, but none of them were saying anything. There was some whispers but no straight answers. Bonnie eventually opened her eyes, which made the flames on the candles die down. She tried to think of the whispers that the witches were saying and tried putting the pieces together.
"Did you find a solution?" Bonnie turned her head to see Klaus with Stefan and Elena a couple of feet behind him.
"The witches didn't say anything." Bonnie said before seeing anger on Klaus's face. "But they were whispering." Bonnie sadly looked back at Elena before looking at Klaus. "Elena wasn't supposed to survive, let alone be turned into a vampire." She slowly stood up, letting what she told them sink in. "Because you've already fed Tyler your blood, the only way for him to survive is if he has Elena's or Katherine's blood. But..."
"But what?" Stefan asked as Elena kept quiet.
"If you mix your blood with Elena or Katherine's blood before you force it on someone, you wouldn't need their blood after." Stefan took a small protective step in front of Elena.
"Now that's interesting." Klaus said before turning towards Elena. He was surprised that Bonnie told him what he needed to know, but he also knew she was only doing it so Tyler would survive. "Let's talk love." He said to Elena and she knew by his tone that he wasn't going to harm anyone.
"It's okay." She said to Stefan when she noticed that he was trying to protect her. Elena slowly walked towards Klaus before they walked away from Bonnie and Stefan.

~Klaus and Elena~

Klaus was walking with Elena behind him to where he knew Rebecca had taken Tyler. Elena stopped but it took Klaus a little bit to realize that she wasn't following him anymore.
"What's wrong?" Klaus asked with some interest as he hoped she didn't remember the night he broke the curse.
"They don't trust you." Elena quietly said. "They are my friends and they don't trust you."
"Do you trust me?" Klaus asked after a moment, trying to chose the right words.
"A part of me does." Elena said to him. "You took me in when you didn't have to." Klaus took a few steps closer to her.
"I'd do it all over again." He gave a small kiss to her forehead. A small smile appeared on Elena's face, but Klaus didn't see it as he took a small step back.
"Why?" Elena asked with some curiosity.
"Because I fancy you." He brought his hand to Elena's face and rubbed his thumb over her cheek. "I have an idea." Klaus said as he looked in Elena's eyes.

~Caroline, Tyler, and Rebecca~

Rebecca was sitting on a table in the chemistry classroom as she watched Tyler and Caroline. Caroline was standing next to Tyler, rubbing his back with comfort. She was trying to help him feel better even though he might die. All of their heads looked towards the door when they heard Klaus walking in.
"Well, the verdict's in." Klaus said as he got closer to Tyler. "The original witch says Elena shouldn't have survived." Rebecca kept her face neutral even though she felt a little sad for her brother.
"Can you make your hybrids?" Rebecca asked her brother as she slid off the table. Klaus just gave her a small nod before showing a tube of blood.
"Call it a hunch..." He moved closer Tyler and held the tube in front of him "..Elena's blood. Drink it."
"No.." Caroline said and Rebecca grabbed her "... Tyler don't."
"If he doesn't feed, he'll die anyway, love." Klaus said to Caroline as he gave her a quick glance. "Consider this an experiment." He held the tube while Tyler looked at it. Tyler didn't want to drink Elena's blood, but he also didn't want to die. After a few moments his hand slowly started to reach for the tube. "There we go. Good boy." Klaus said as Tyler started to drink Elena's blood. It didn't take long before Tyler's head started to hurt and he fell to the ground. He held his head with his hands and Klaus slowly kneeled down to be at eye level at him. Tyler lifted his head to reveal amber eyes, veins around his eyes and hybrid fangs. "Well, that's a good sign." Klaus slightly smiled knowing what Bonnie said was true and that he could now make successful hybrids.


Klaus looked at the hospital, where Stefan and Elena were in. After talking with Rebecca she had gone to get the truck that carried their family members. He couldn't help but think of Elena and he hoped that her amnesia would last awhile longer, or at least until they got close enough so her memories didn't matter. Klaus couldn't help but frown when he heard footsteps behind him.
"Well, look who finally decided to show up to the party." He turned to see Damon walking towards him. Klaus stepped in front of Damon, stopping him in his tracks.
"Where's Elena?" Damon asked, needing to know that Elena was okay.
"Oh, Elena's voluntarily donating to a greater cause." Klaus said, which was partly true. Elena did volunteer to give him blood because she didn't want werewolves biting her just so Klaus could turn them. She knew that Klaus would be able to heal her, but after her first bite, she didn't want to get another one. Damon tried to walk towards the hospital, but Klaus stopped him again.
"I'm afraid I can't let you interfere, mate."
"You'll have to kill me."
"Oh, I would love to kill you, but I made a pledge to your brother, and unlike him, I keep my word." Klaus couldn't help but think of Elena and that she would be pissed if she found out he killed Damon. "Not to mention, I know your little secret." Damon almost froze because he knew what Klaus meant. "You don't want me to tell the others who turned Elena." Damon squinted his eyes at Klaus, knowing that he meant his words. He tried to go towards the hospital again, but Klaus stopped him by slapping him against a car.
"Don't you want to know about your friend Mikael?" Damon asked, knowing that it would make Klaus stop.
"What do you know about Mikael?"
"Just that he knows you're here."
"You're bluffing."
"Katherine and I found him. Consider it our leverage." Damon said and Klaus considered killing Damon, but instead he sped away and left Elena inside. Damon let out a sigh after he knew that Klaus was gone. He looked at the hospital and started to walk towards it, knowing that no one could stop him.

~Stefan and Elena~

Stefan sat on a chair, looking at Elena who was laying on a hospital bed. When Klaus took a tube of blood, she came up with the idea of having some of her blood taken from her so she wouldn't get bitten again. Elena was awake and she could feel the blood leave her body, but because she was a vampire, it was quickly replaced.
"Do you think you're doing the right thing?" Stefan asked Elena with curiosity. Elena couldn't help but think about it before answering.
"To be honest, I'm not sure." She said to him. "He didn't have to help when I turned or get me this." Elena's hand went to her daylight necklace. "It's the least I could do." Stefan didn't say anything, but Elena's mind started to go back to the pictures she found inside her locker. "Stefan..." Stefan looked at Elena "... did we used to date?" Stefan slightly smiled.
"Yeah, do you remember?" Elena shook her head.
"I say a picture of us inside my locker, but I do have some memories of us." She admitted to him before they both heard footsteps in the hall. They both looked to see Damon standing at the hallway.
"Damon." Stefan said as he looked at his brother, which made him miss the small smile on Elena's face.
"We need to get you out of here." Damon said to Elena as he stepped into the room.
"Where's Klaus?" Stefan asked as Damon got the needles out of Elena's arm. Elena didn't fight against Damon's actions because she knew she'd be okay.
"He ran after I name dropped Mikeal." Damon said to his brother as Elena moved her legs over the edge of the bed.
"Mikeal?" She asked Damon before looking at Stefan. "Didn't Rebecca say something about a Mikeal back in Chicago?" It took a second before Stefan nodded. "Do you think it's the same one?"
"I don't think there are many Mikeal's that Klaus is afraid of." Damon said, which made Elena look back towards him. "Are you okay?" She nodded her head.
"I'm fine." She said with a small smile, while a little part of her wanted to talk to Klaus. "I trust you guys." Elena said having some memories of the both of you. "My memories haven't given me a reason not to trust you." Damon slightly smiled which Stefan did as well.
"Let's get you out of here." Damon said as Elena slowly stood up. Elena looked at Stefan, who looked from her to Damon. Damon gave him a small nod before the three of them left the hospital together.

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