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It was out of seasonally warm on that particular day of April, but that was perfectly fine for her majesty. She truly enjoyed days like these. It felt very nostalgic of her hometown where it was sunny like this on most days of the year, and so she was able to plan a lunch outside on the gazebo of her favorite palace garden. The one that overlooked the labyrinth of rose bushes that stretched out over quite a few acres, and even the flowers were early to bloom as a result of the nice weather.

All in all she should have been enjoying this day much more than she truly was but there was quite a bit of difficulty in that given the current predicament her people were in and not even this pleasant tea time could allow her to forget it.

"More tea, your ladyship?" Offered one of her many maids.

"No thank you." She politely refused. Letting out a sigh, she allowed her eyes to wander over to the dozen maidens and bodyguards that surrounded the terrace. It was strange how lonely one could feel even when surrounded by this many people.

When she first came to live as a queen, she felt very unsettled by constantly have so many people around her. She was once just a humble average island girl who went for a walk one day and found a young man washed up upon the shore. How was she to know that he was the heir to the Symphonian kingdom who had been missing for days after falling off his ship, from that moment on her life was forever changed. After so many years, she had grown quite used to both the perks and annoyances of falling in love, marrying and taking on a role of royalty, and they eventually faded into the background.

She couldn't help but feel lonely when her lunch date with her husband fell through. The man had become so busy over the past few months that it seemed too difficult to even plan a lunch with him in the privacy of their own abode.

It was just a part of the package deal she supposed, though that didn't prevent her from getting so vexed at the matter all the same. What a nuisance this new Raregroovian king had become and that was putting it lightly. Raregroove and Symphonia had been warring off and on for the past 50 years or so, but there was something about this newest development in particular that caused a very foreboding sense of dread, that this was to lead into very dangerous territory.

For the past few years the quarrel with the Raregrooves was put on ice. They were still on very bad terms and any little thing could set off the fighting again, so this new war didn't come as such an enormous shock to anyone, but it was all so sudden. What started it was somewhat an enigma. The previous Rargroovian king had died quite suddenly and his heir took over and settled himself on the thrown almost with the same week, and now without so much as a warning, he wants to see their nation of Symphonia burned to the ground. If only they knew more about this dangerous new threat, but there is so little intelligence they have on him, only that he was the only prince and heir to the Raregroovian thrown, he was recently wed, he is quite the ambitious, and veracious lad and that he was no older than her youngest. That was the most unsettling thing of all about this young man. She couldn't imagine her son being married, running the country, and least of all trying to take up the war effort. What a terrible thought. He was practically still her baby in her mind.

"Queen Sakura."

Her majesty blinked, the sudden new voice shocking her out of her muses. She had been so lost in thought she had not noticed the servant coming at all.

"Yes? What is it?"

"I regret to inform you that his highness prince Haru, has been in a sort of an accident as of recently." Said the man, as he stood strait and tall delivering the unfortunate news to his queen.

Her eyes widened at the news. "What happened?" Her voice rising to a worried octave.

"His highness has hit his head upon falling off his horse. He lost consciousness from the impact."

"Has a doctor been called?" She stood up from her chair.

"Yes milady. There is one checking him over in the prince's bed chambers as we speak."

"Thank you. You are dismissed. I will go to him now." The servant stepped aside to allow the queen her passage. She stepped lively as her maidens followed suit.

Haru Glory's eyes shot open and he gasped as though letting out a breath that he didn't know he was holding for a few minutes. His mind was blank from overload, like a computer that had tried to do too much at once and needed to be restarted. It took him a moment or so for things to catch up to him and notice where he was. He had just finished fighting a to the death fight with Lucia, being trapped in the Endless, having to convince the one he loved to blow him up to save everybody, just before finding out he true feelings for him as well, all with in the past 60 seconds, and now here he lay staring at the ceiling of an enormous, pristine bedroom fit for a king, feeling completely fine, albeit, stressed out and a bit of a head ache.

Yes, for certain, it took him a moment to realize something screwy was going on.

He sat up, probably too quickly. It did very little to help his headache. He took a long look around the room. He sat on a lavish king sized bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and a gold canopy above him. The room was larger than the average person's entire apartment. The ceiling had paintings of angels covering it like a mural and the massive ornately decorated windows on the left of him with the velvet curtains streamed in sunlight.

Where in the world was he?

'Knock, knock!'

He turned to his right at the sound of knocking at the door. Who could that be? Hopefully someone with answers.

"Haru." He heard from the other side of the large wooden barricade. It was a voice he was certain he had heard before. A woman that he knew but he just could not place his finger on who it was.

"I'm coming in, son." She said when she received no answer.

The door opened to reveal the one person that Haru never in a thousand years would have foreseen coming. For this woman was none other than Mrs. Sakura Glory, Haru's mother, deceased for many years.

The Rave master held his breath and his eyes bulged. He could not make a single sound. He dared not even blink. There she was, Not exactly as he remembered but it was unmistakably her face.

She had aged about ten years from the look on her older eyes, with a hint of crow's feet at the corners. Her hair looked to be on the verge of turning grey but not yet. It still had a few more years. It was shorter than he remembered. Gracing just above her shoulders, but just as thick and strait as a whip as he knew it to be. She had aged nicely. Her figure was still thin and she still was so beautiful for a woman in her mid forties. She adored an expensive, red, professional looking, buttoned down, summer dress that cut of just above the knees with matching gloves, high heels and hat to keep the sun off of her face. Her features were covered in subtle make up. She looked like the first lady of a nation.

After a moment of simply staring, he rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times. There was no way what he was seeing could possibly be real.

"Are you all right dear? I came just as soon as heard you had an accident." She spoke in the soft voice that brought back so many of Haru's memories as she walked over to the bed he lay on and took up a seat on it next to him.

"M-mom?" It was that he could manage to say. He was lucky he could even breath after this shocking turn of events was being thrown into his face after all that he had already been though in just the past few minutes.

"I just spoke with the doctor. He said that you were lucky to only step away from such an accident with just a minor bump. You could have gotten a concussion, or worse." She said happy that her son was looking well.

"… Ah…A-am I … dead?"

It was the only explanation that he could come up with at the time. I mean Elie did fire Etherion at him with enough force to melt a solar system. Why else would he be in a place like this, talking with dead people?

"Of coarse not, silly." Sakura chuckled at his preposterous idea. "You simply fell off your horse and hit your head just hard enough to knock you out and give me a scare, but the doctor tells me you'll be absolutely fine. So there's nothing to worry… about…?"

One could see clearly from outer space just how odd her son was acting it was so obvious. He looked as though he was looking at a ghost. He slowly and nervously reached his hand up to touch her face. She could feel his fingertips shaking as they skimmed across her cheek. It was almost making her uncomfortable at how disturbed he looked.

"You're real?" He said at a level more quiet than a whisper.

"Perhaps I should call the doctor back – OH"

The queen was absolutely thrown off guard by her son just throwing her arms around her in a massive hug that almost caused her to fall back. The boy sniffled as he buried his head into her shoulder, not slaking on his tight grip at all as though he was too afraid she was going to leave for good.

"Sniffle, mom…"

"Sweetheart what is the matter?" She was truly at a loss for why her near 18-year-old boy was now clinging to her as though he hadn't seen her in years. After a few minutes of absolutely nothing but him just clinging tightly to her and crying, she eventually had to break the silence.

"Now dear." She said pushing him back slightly. She looked into his puffy red eyes and wiped away the remaining stray tears. "That's enough of this. I don't know what you're making such a fuss about, but I think that maybe you should just rest for a while until you're less upset and then you can come to talk to me. The last thing any of us need is to cause ourselves any extra stress right now."

She stood up, smoothed the wrinkles out of her clothes and walked out the door to greet her maidens who were waiting patiently for her this entire time. Just as she gently shut the door behind her and left, Haru went into a panic and shot up, getting the sudden sense of dread that this could once again be the final time he ever saw her.


"What is it?"

She swung the door open again so suddenly at the sound of her son calling out to her. From the sound of his yell he sounded as though he was terrified but there he sat just as she had left him but a second ago. They stared at each other for a moment in silence. Sakura waiting for him to say anything, clearly it was important.

Haru just stared back completely at a loss. She was real. She came right back. This wasn't like last time. His mother was here and she was alive.

"Uh… " There was nothing to say. "…. Never mind…."

With that she took her leave once more, confused and slightly annoyed by her son's erratic behavior.

Haru just sat in stunned silence for a minute longer before he got out of bed and went to one of the rather large windows. This place was so unfamiliar to him and for good reason too. It was no less than ten minutes ago that he was trapped inside a world destroying entity, fighting for his life, and getting blown up by the woman that he loved just after defeating his greatest adversary, and now he was just here. Where ever this place was. Outside his window he could see that he was over five stories up and was over looking the most beautiful view of a lush, green palace courtyard.

He looked down. These were most certainly not the clothes he was wearing before. He was adorned in red pajamas made of what he could only guess was pure silk, or satin, how was he suppose to know the exact names of fabric. There wasn't a scratch on him for someone who just walked away from such an intense battle, in fact when he took a closer inspection there were scars from previous battles that were completely gone. The only mark of any injury at all was the bandage on his head from the supposed horse riding accident that his mother had told him about. When did he ever hide a real horse?

Was he in a palace? It certainly looked like one. How did he get here? Where is here? Where was everybody else, all his friends, Elie? How did his mother get here? What was going on? This was not helping his headache at all.

Now here's when I hit the bad news. This won't be like other fics I wrote in the past where I can't dedicate a lot of time to it. I'm still in school and there is a part of me that feels a little guilty for writing this when I should be writing a paper for one of my classes, not to mention those other projects I've been working on, I don't want to put those down either. I don't know when I'll be able to update next, so nobody hold his or her breath.

That's another thing I want to talk about. Normally when I write a story I've got two out of three parts figured out, the beginning, middle, or end. Sometimes I know where I want a story to go but I don't know how to start it, sometimes I know how to start a story and I know how I want end but I've yet to work out the details of how to get there. Well in this case I know where I'm going from the beginning and middle but I don't know where it will end up later on. I feel a little bit irresponsible and unfair to my readers because of these facts, but I assure you, I'll try to give you as good an experience as I can for as long as I can.

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