My first Fanfic ever! I don't know if the story is ok or it appeals your senses. Well then, this is Kirarin Revolution (I know you already know it is) but the plot is very different than you expected. It's not all about Showbiz, Idol or something. Because this story is about school life (laugh) told yah it's a different plot. By the way I don't own Kirarin Revolution.

"By Chance"

"I've decided! I'm going to confess my feelings today" Kirari puts her left hand into the surface of the table "Today's my chance!"

"Why?" Noel licks her pina collada lollipop

"Because today Pisces sign was lucky, so I'm going to gather up my courage and confess!" Kirari cross her arms and proudly raise her head.

Kobeni cups her chin "Oh… I heard it in the television this morning, Pisces is lucky and Sagittarius is quite in luck."

"Who?" Noel throws her lollipop into the trash and cross her feet "Isn't that Kazama Hiroto? The famous MVP basketball player and well known as the 'Campus Prince'"

Kirari's face became flush red and turns around playing her hands "M-Maybe"

***************LUNCH BREAK***************

"Pisces are lucky! Pisces are lucky" Kirari keeps on repeating those words with a sing-song voice walking in the hallway until her suddenly bump into someone.

"Gomen…" She bows her head "I didn't-…"

"You don't need to worry…" A boy said in a low voice.

"(I-I know that voice)" Kirari raise her head and saw Hiroto standing in front of her.

"Are you ok? Here let me help you" Hiroto lend his hand to Kirari to help her stand up.

But Kirari is so nervous, she can't neither move nor speak "I-I'm fine!" she said without thinking and slap Hiroto's hand and runs away.

"Are you ok Hiroto?" Seiji looks worriedly at Hiroto's hand. "Can you still play?"

Hiroto holds his wrist and looks at Kirari running in the hallway "Yea…"


"Noel…" Kirari embraces Noel and cries at her shoulder.

"Hatte, what's wrong Kirari?" Kobeni asked.

"*hick* I did something terrible to Hiroto! *hick*" Kirari wipe her tears and put her hands at Noel's shoulder "What should I do..?"

"Don't worry Kirari…" Noel pets Kirari "It's just as accident right? You didn't do it by your own purpose didn't you? So stop crying, nothing's gonna change when you cry…" Holds Kirari's cheek "You're just gonna waste your cute face."

"*hick* NOOOOEEEEELLLLL!" Kirari hugs Noel tightly.

***************FOLLOWING DAY***************

"Kobeni, Noel!" Kirari run towards Kobeni and Noel with a smile planted on her lips.

"Are you ok now?" Kobeni asked Kirari with a worried face.

Kirari nodded "Isn't it so obvious? Oh by the way…" A thing suddenly pop into Kirari's head "Thanks yesterday"

"It's nothing, we're friends aren't we?" Both Kobeni and Noel chuckle

"Oh! Kirari did you confess to Hiroto?" Noel asked Kirari

Kirari's bows her head and her eyes became dark that they couldn't bear to look at it "I miss it…" Kirari surprisingly raise her head and grins "But it's ok, there's still another chance"


The teacher claps her hands 3x "Ok class, today we're going to get ready for the cultural festival"

All the students start to chatter.

"Kirari, what should we pick?" Noel murmured.

"Hatte… I think Café sounds cool." Kobeni starts to think.

The teacher clears her throat "CLASS! We need to pick up an activity"

One student stands up "How about a haunted house?"

"That'll be creepy that's why I hate it! What about a play?" Another student suggested

"We'll be needed the auditorium for that…"

All the students start to fight.

[After seven minutes]

"Ok class…" The teacher puts her hands at the surface of the table "According to the voting we have made Café gets the role or should I say we'll be having a Café for a cultural festival. So in order to have an organised Café we'll need a leader"

One student raises its hand "I nominate Noel to be our leader"

"Whooaaa…!" All of the students reacted.

"So Noel, can I believe in you?"

"Y-Yes ma'am…!" Noel stands up nervously.

"Ok, I'm going to leave them in your hands Noel" The teacher said smiling.

***************LUNCH BREAK***************

Noel sighs "That was really tiring!" Noel sits at the chair covering her eyes in her arms.

Kirari giggles "I told you it's hard to be a leader."

"I know… I know…" Noel gets her bento on her bag.

"By the way is that Seiji Hiwatari; the friend of Hiroto?" Kobeni said pointing the yellow haired guy standing in the front of the classroom.

Kirari looks at the guy being pointed by Kobeni and they notice that Seiji is asking Kirari to come there.

"Huh? Is he asking me to come there?" Kirari gets her chopsticks.

"Oh come on Kirari I think he's going to confess to you or something? Noel winks at Kirari that make Kirari nervous.

"COME ON!" Noel and Kobeni push Kirari to Seiji.

"Wha-What do you need?" Kirari scratch the side of her head.

"You're the one who hit Hiroto right?" Seiji asked.

Kirari nods "B-but I didn't do it on purpose, I was just-…" Seiji covers Kirari's lips and nods.

"I know… but the part where in you hit him is injured and right now Hiroto can't play smoothly because of that and also the following game is next month."

"S-Sorry…" Kirari bows her head

"Hey its ok you don't need to do that…" Kirari raise her head "The reason I came here is I have a favour to ask you…"

Kirari clears her throat "What is… it?"

Seiji holds Kirari's hand and stare at her seriously "Can you… be Hiroto's servant for one month or until his injury is gone?"

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