Chapter Two:

Sirius slowly made his way down to the potions classroom, with Remus and James. Remus had forgiven him as soon as he promised to apoligise. None of them knew where Peter was. James was telling them a story of one of his 'amazing' plays on the quidditch feild, when Sirius remembered. "We have potions with the Slytherin's today" he said suddenly, cutting James off mid sentence. "Perfect time for you to apoligise" Remus said with a small smile. They filed into the classroom slowly, the slytherins were already there. Estella sat beside Severus Snape talking heatedly about some kind of potion. As Lily walked into the classroom, James scooted off to talk with her. Patting Remus on the back, Sirius sauntered his way over to the table where Estella and Severus sat. "What's up Snivelly?" he murmured softly, leaning his elbows on the table. Severus sent Sirius a glare, before turning to Estella. "Its that pompous nit, Si..". "I know who it is" she murmured, inturupting Severus "If you would be so kind as to go take your seat Sirius, me and my FRIEND are speaking". She murmured, putting extra emphasis on the word friend. Sirius frowned at this. No girl had ever asked him, Sirius Black, to go away before. It must be because she didn't know him enough yet.

Their potions Proffesor, came into the room at this moment, making everyone sactter. "Black? What are you doing?" She asked in surprise, to find Sirius on the Slytherin side of the classroom. Sirius turned to the teacher with a smile. "Oh I just thought I could sit with Miss Estella. You know, inter-house mingling and all that". The Proffessor seemed more than surprised, but delighted. "Yes, yes, everyone switch partners. Snape and Potter together, lets go. Evans and Jerald. Lupin and ..yes him" the Proffessor twittered. Severus glared at Sirius as he picked up his things and slithered from his seat. Smirking proudly, Sirius made a show of wiping off the seat, before sitting down, making Severus even more angry.

Turning his attention to Estella, he put on his brightest smile, before remembering she couldn't see. "Stop staring at me Black" she snapped from the corner of her mouth, as she began searching threw her bag for her potions book. "How'd you know I was staring love?" he wondered allowed as he pulled out his own books, smiling at the Proffessor happily. "Because you were making the hair on my neck stand on end... in disgust" she said softly, placing her book and wand on the table in front of her, one hand on her wand at all times. "Yes love, lets talk about the hairiness of your neck, what a pleasant conversation" Sirius drawled with a smirk. A simple flick of her wand and Sirius' books dropped off the table. "Black, what on earth are you up to?" the Proffessor asked, turning to look at him. "Sorry Proffessor, slipped" he laughed, picking up his book with a bright smile.

For the rest of the class, Estella susceeded in ignoring Sirius completely, not reacting to his numerous attempts at conversation. As she got to her feet at the end of class, Sirius reached out, in one last attempt, grabbing her wrist. Going stalk still, Estella tries to pull her wrist from his grasp. As he didn't comply, she decided to order him to "Let go of me" she snaps aloud. Getting to his feet, blushing softly, Sirius murmurs "Let me walk you to your next class". Estella scoffs in disgust "that was the last class of the day, stupid bloke". Sirius nearly hits himself for being so idiotic, he wasn't making a very good impression. "Lets go outside for a walk" he murmurs softly, smiling softly. He wasn't sure how to act around this girl, it was like an all new playing feild.