The Attraction

There was no point in denying it – everyone already had their suspicions – but Angel wasn't quite sure of it himself and wanted to get confirmation. He had to find out the answers for himself before he could respond to the questions everyone else was posing. He had to learn the truth in order to move forward and onto new things.

Things like maybe starting something with Cordy.

It was Fred who first pointed out the attraction between them and it was Fred he has to thank for his current dilemma: What does he tell Cordy?

A part of him was glad Fred was the one to tell him and get him thinking about these things. Fred was sweet and innocent and pure of heart. She had only the best intentions and she was the kind to tell it how it was rather than paint sparkly pictures over the top to make something look prettier.

There was no doubt in his mind that she was telling him the truth when she said that Cordy was into him too, in a big way. And that scared him. How could someone like Cordy fall for him, a dark broody type? A vampire?

She was everything that spoke of light and cheerfulness and brightly coloured bits of material wafting gently in the breeze. She was white, where he was darker than the blackest void. Opposites.

Somehow, they had found themselves on a collision course. How soon would they crash and fall? He had to wonder.