Her Sanctuary

The lab had been her sanctuary all of the day. It was quiet with everyone else off on various missions and quiet was something she very much needed right now. About halfway through her latest mug of coffee, footsteps alerted her to the presence of someone coming in her direction.

She glanced at the time. It was well after 9pm. Oh. The rest of SG-1 was due back an hour ago.

Cam appeared in the doorway, peered in and then when he saw she was there, entered. He grinned at her and gave her a quick wave. "How's everything in here?"

"Just dandy," she said, distractedly. "Just goddamn dandy."

Cam was immediately on alert. "What's up, Sam? You okay?"

"Nothing that you'd care about," Sam said, looking up from her report. She said it in a joking tone, but Cam could tell she actually meant it.

"Of course I care," he told her. "You're my friend."

She stared at him for a moment, considering him. He looked sincere. But then, so had the dirt bag that had stood her up. "I had a date," she admitted. "Last night. Only he didn't show."

"What?" Cam looked appalled. "Someone stood you up? Was he blind? And stupid?"

She shrugged and turned her back on him so he couldn't see her frown. "No. Neither of those things. He's handsome and smart. He's a scientist, for cryin' out loud. We have a lot of things in common. But... he didn't show and I can't understand why."

"Maybe he had a good reason. You know. Is he with the Stargate program? Maybe he had some world saving thing to do and couldn't get to a phone to let you know."

"Thanks, Cam, but I don't think that's it." She shrugged. "Maybe I'm just undateable. Men get intimidated sometimes when they hear that I'm in the military and smarter than they'll ever be. I thought this one would be being a scientist as well."

"Well, you know what?" Cam reached over and patted her on the shoulder. "He's an idiot. You're an amazing woman, Sam and if he stood you up he doesn't deserve you. Don't ever forget it."

Sam smiled softly at Cam's words, but didn't reply. What was there left to say? Instead she lifted her report off the desk and glanced at the words she'd written so far. It outlined the properties of a device another SG team had found on their mission a week ago. So far, she could not determine its purpose; the only thing she knew so far was that it was some kind of weapon and it had the potential to be very dangerous.

She had set it as high priority and had aimed to get the report in that evening. Now, she was beginning to wonder if she'd manage to get it done by morning. An overnighter was looking like a very good option.

"Sam. Stop it, okay? Stop beating yourself up."

"I should get this finished," she said.

"It can wait another day. You should go home and get some sleep."

"I'm not tired, Cam," she said.

"In that case, wait here. I'll be back in a half hour, okay?"

Though she had no idea where he was going with that, she nodded and obeyed. After all, the lab is where she expected to be in half an hour anyway.

As promised, Cam returned a half hour later. He was carrying two bags of Chinese food in one hand, and in the other, a bottle of wine. "Dinner?" he asked, grinning.

Sam smiled back. "Has anyone ever told you that you're amazing? Thanks, Cam."

"Not a problem." He cleared a space on her desk – she flinched but said nothing – and handed her a carton. "Enjoy."