Summary: This story will span Peeta's life up until his name is called during the reaping. It may, or may not, follow the book though - meaning more Katniss interaction both direct and indirect. I hope to follow his happy, humerus sad, and hopeful moments throughout his life.

Updates: Daily (Edit: 1/13 - they happen when I can because of school)

Idea: This story will be 100 word answers to prompts. They will be continuous and are all related, but they act as little snippets of his life. (Edit: 1/13, 100 words was too hard. It's more like however many)

Inspiration: Forthright's Lord Charming (an Inuyasha fanfiction that I love)

Chapter 1: Big Strong Hands

Peeta watched Riley and Roti, swallow stale cheesy-buns. His own remained in his small hand, uneaten.

"Peeta, eat something!" Mama screeched from the stove, her face red from rushing bread to-and-from the hot oven.

Bringing the hardened bread to his mouth, he took a bite - his uneasy nerves making it hard to swallow.

"We'll be late!" Roti complained.

Peeta rushed to his book-bag holding the cheesy-bun in one hand while struggling with the bag. Hands held him still as they eased it over his shoulder. Papa smiled at him and Peeta placed his smaller hand into his father's larger.

Prompt: Big Strong Hands

Words: 100