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Chapter 1

The world has always been split in two… humans on one side, supernatural on the other. Some humans are gifted enough to notice the difference between their kind and those that aren't truly like them, yet always brush it off and go about their days. Within each species, there are leaders that strive to keep their existence secret from humans no matter the cost. The Elves are ruled by the Kurosaki family, the witches won over by Aizen Sosuke, and the Weres have been led by an unknown creature for long centuries… they all have the longest lifespans that near immortal within the long list of creatures. Unfortunately, that means the war that erupted centuries ago just lasted longer. Aizen had grown an ego the size of the sun, thinking himself better than everyone and claiming himself a Divine; a mythical creature so rare it's thought to be nothing more than a story. His immense power helped him convince many, yet the Elves and Fay refused to believe him. The Divine are creatures that balance each other out, for there are only two… Aizen was completely lost to darkness and nothing could tip the scale back in Gaia's favor. Unbeknownst to most, the Divine aren't born that way. Their gene is created at conception and within many creatures, yet it remains dormant. Only two are considered worthy to unlock it. Those two will take the thrones and rule over all creatures, countering one another to keep balance within the world. Ichigo Kurosaki, the youngest son of Isshin Kurosaki, is rumored to be one of the creatures with this gene. He was born different even for an elf. Everything about him was more vibrant and full of life, more animal and dangerous, and even his magic was so in tune to Gaia that he was deemed… something more. It wasn't until his nineteenth birthday… that he started to hate his life because of that reason.

He moves gracefully, a slight swing to his hips he never could get rid of, and everyone turns to watch him no matter their sexuality. Ichigo's long since lost the urge to blush madly at the extra attention, that embarrassed look replaced by one of resigned fury. Upon his brow remains an eternal scowl, marring the beauty of his features in attempt to appear partially normal. His hair is vibrant, a perfectly bright orange styled in messy spikes, and his eyes are a glowing amber that seems almost gold in the right light. He strolls through the halls of the college he's attending, striving to achieve a degree as a biologist and hoping to travel the world for the sole purpose of studying animals. He's friends with many types of creatures and humans, always warm and welcoming although his scowl refuses to fade.


He stops and turns to see Orihime, a young white witch, pushing through the crowd to reach him. He's known her a short while, met her through one of his other friends. Tatsuki is an elf that redefines the definition of warrior. She was born with an aptitude at fighting and strategy most males would kill for, so it was only natural she end up a tomboy on the front lines of the battle… well… she's more the solo-missions type. Others would only hold her back. Orihime was an orphan, losing her family to Aizen's greed and arrogance, and Tatsuki's family took her in off the streets. They're more sisters than anything and Ichigo has come to see them as an extended family. The strawberry blonde's greatest gift, one that almost rivals that of the most talent elf, is her visions. She's extremely ditzy for the most part, but her visions are strong and force this personality so she won't use them with ill-will.

"Hey, Orihime," he smiles. "What's up?"

"I… I need to tell you something," she gasps out once she reaches him.

She must've run all the way to him, her small hand gripping his petite wrist and pulling him out into the courtyard hastily. Confusion touches on the orangette's mind, yet he waves it off in attempts to keep his normal life just that. Once they're away from everyone else, Orihime takes out a piece of chalk and draws a circle around them before sketching strange looking runes along that.

"Get in here," she huffs, pulling him inside.

"I never did understand this stupid circle," Ichigo mutters.

"It's a spell," she states reprimanding. "It blocks out Aizen's magic so he can't hear what I'm about to tell you. Listen closely, I had a vision."


"Let me finish before you freak out," the younger female glowers. "When you go home today, your sister will pull you aside… she's had a vision as well. She'll tell you that you have to do something, but don't question it. Just do as she says. This is very important, Ichigo."

"What is, Orihime?" he wonders cautiously. "I know you're not like Karin… you don't have to keep secrets about what you see. Your visions are meant specifically to change events, not like hers where she's not allowed to intervene."

"… A Divine has manifested," she murmurs.

"Seriously? But… those don't exist!"

The look she gives him is frigid and doesn't look right on her cherubic face, the other smiling sheepishly at her in amends. Witches are one of the only ones that know the Divine is a real creature, as they were one of the first to find one. Their tomes are written with their history in mind, most holding many chapters on the history of this elusive race. If anyone would know a Divine when they felt one, it would Orihime… she's the most powerful seer in the history of supernatural creatures. After he quiets himself, she continues with a wary eye on him for anymore outbursts.

"It's been so for a very long time. I don't know how they managed to stay under the radar, but they must be extremely powerful. I only felt a slight whisper of them, so they must've been distracted for a moment to let their guard slip."

"So… what do I have to do with this Divine?"

"Aizen is growing more powerful by the day," she sighs out. "I saw within my vision that he, too, finds out about the Divine. Because their power is so extreme, anything pertaining to them is blocked from my sight… like they don't exist at all. You need to find them before Aizen does! If he manages to get a hold of them first, all that power will be used against the Elves and Fay… they'll lose this battle."

"Why me? Shiro is a way better soldier than me."

"Faced with a soldier, the Divine will fight. We need to send someone they're not going to be threatened by, someone that will intrigue them," she shrugs. "My vision showed me you. You were standing on an ocean of blue, the waters twisting into the shape of a large cat that curled around your legs… you might want to start with the Weres."

"The Weres!" He shouts. "Are you crazy? They may not be Aizen's number one supporters, but they certainly don't like Elves! The last time an Elf met with a Were… they were brutally beaten and raped before they died."

His normally tan skin is pale at the thought, his voice low in a frightened whisper, and Orihime can only manage to roll her eyes. It's a well-known fact the Weres didn't commit half the crimes they were accused of, yet because of their animal tendencies they're always the first to be blamed.

"They did not," she snaps. "I go to their towns all the time, Ichigo. You know how most people act toward me, they never touched me."

"You're a witch, they're not that stupid."

"And you are a powerful Elf."

"I'm a meal to them!"

"Then Aizen wins," she huffs as she crosses her arms over her large bust. "Aizen wins and the world will perish. Is that what you want? Your family enslaved and tortured? The humans killed off for fun? You know what a sick and twisted mind he has, I'm sure he'll find a lovely place for you on his mantel."

"Wait… what?"

"Don't tell me they haven't told you about it," she murmurs in surprise. "I just talked to Karin about that vision last week."

"What vision? What aren't they telling me?"

"… Ichigo… Aizen wants to make you his wife."

He's so happy he never gained Shiro's tendency to overact at life-threatening news. Shiro would've screamed bloody murder before hunting down the dark witch and cutting off his dick, laughing maniacally the whole while. As it is, Ichigo just completely shut down. All day goes by with no talking, distant glances, a bland expression, and movements that hold no hurry to get anywhere. By the time he's catching up to his body, he's walking into his home that night.

"Ichi-nii," a monotonous voice remarks.

"Karin," Ichigo greets just as blandly.

"I need to talk to you… I had a vision."

He swallows audibly, wondering if he should just walk the other way. Yet in the back of his mind, he can envision himself chained and at the mercy of Aizen. A shiver of disgust trails down his spine and he steels himself, turning to face his sister with determination in his eyes. Karin is a powerful seer, gifted with the mind of a warrior, and she's just as respected as Orihime despite her age. Her black locks fall just below her chin, her eyes dark and knowing as they cut through everything with their sharpness, and she's as much a tomboy as Tatsuki. When she speaks, it's sarcastic and usually biting… but it's necessary.

"You need to go on a quest," she says. "Shiro will go with you… but you'll be separated after a while."

"S-separated?" he stammers. *Orihime didn't mention this part. *

"I know you don't like the idea, but now's not the time to turn prissy," she snaps. "You're the most powerful Elf in the history of Elves; your bond with Gaia gives you limitless magic and abilities! Suck it up, Ichi-nii! It's time you stepped out of Shiro-nii's shadow and kicked ass like we all know you can!"

"… Your motivational speaking needs work," Ichigo sulks. "I haven't been away from Shiro for more than twelve hours since we were born, Karin. He's always within my range."

"Not anymore. This quest isn't meant for him, it's meant for you. Something is going to happen, Ichi-nii," she sighs. "I don't know what it is, but I… I lost focus around your image for a bit. Whatever this is that happened is what separates you two. You're going to have to look out for yourself this time… or Shiro-nii could die."

Ichigo's blood freezes in his veins at the mere thought, his lungs catching and forgetting to breathe. Twins are extremely rare in the Elvin world, bound by mind and soul unlike other siblings. Losing Shiro would be like losing a part of himself, he'd be empty inside and would likely die a few weeks to a couple months after the loss. Their lives depend on one another thanks to their deep bond. Though they're able to separate for long periods of time, they're never gone more than a night and they were never further than a street away from each other.

"Ichi-nii… someone will be there to protect you," she offers up uncertainly. "I don't know who, but you can trust them. I don't feel like they'd harm you."

He nods at the information, easing a bit at the knowledge. Though Shiro is the only one he'd trust to protect him completely, it's always nice to know someone will have his back. Shiro will get him where he needs to be, but it'll be up to him after that. From what Orihime said, it's probably best that way… Shiro would kill anyone that looked at him wrong. Uncertainty wells within him as he walks away from his sister, the youngest child wandering down the stairs quietly and gazing on him with worried eyes. Yuzu, younger than Karin by a year, is very sensitive to other people's feelings. She can normally tell what creature a person is just by looking at them, can reflect their feeling within a range of ten steps, and she's an invaluable resource when scouting out potential enemies.

"You're upset and scared, Ichi-nii," she murmurs. "What's wrong?"

"I have to leave soon," he murmurs. "I have something very important to do that I can't have help for… I'm just nervous."

She smiles encouragingly; words unnecessary when it comes to her… she can make people feel her own emotions as well. Ichigo pats her on the head, moving past her to go into his room. He won't have to go for a few days yet, so he'll be working tomorrow. He hates his job with a passion, but it's to help out a very good friend of his and he could never quit. He also makes a hell of a lot more there than he could at any other job.

Uryu Ishida has been Ichigo's good friend since kindergarten, the Elf able to read the orangette with little to no problems. Despite his stoic and almost haughty attitude, Uryu is one of the biggest troublemakers Ichigo has ever known… and for some reason the younger male has been pulled into every single one of Uryu's brilliant plans. Granted, they got away with all of them… but still. The most recent plan, beginning about three months ago, is the business Uryu's father bought for him. He and Ichigo are partners, but Ichigo never really liked the management area in the business and would rather work with people. Uryu handles all the finances and management, but Ichigo's partnership is based on his participation… the more he participates, the greater his share is. As much as he hates his job, it's an extremely lucrative business. Seibutsu Café is the number one hangout of the teens, the favored spot for the college students, and a magnet for the supernatural. Ichigo waits tables… at least, that's what Uryu suggested. It was fine with him, too; until he found out he'd be wearing a skimpy outfit complete with feline features.

"Welcome back, Ichigo," Uryu smiles. "You've had requests all day, but I told them I couldn't overwork my best lady."

"I'll kill you," Ichigo growls. "I swear to Gaia, I'll kill you!"

"You said that last time, the time before, and the time before that," the raven points out with a smirk. "What's gotten you so upset, might I ask?"

"A mission," he mutters. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Fine, fine. I'll just wheedle it out of you later," he waves off uncaringly. "Your uniform waits."

"You got rid of the heels right? I told you those things kill my ankles."

"I got rid of them, I promise."

With a relieved sigh, the orangette heads into the back to change. When Uryu first got this brilliant idea, he neglected to mention it was born of Ichigo's Halloween costume. That year, he lost a bet with Shiro and the pale twin got to choose their costumes. Shiro went as a pimp and Ichigo was unfortunate enough to go as his prostitute. He's never forgiven him for that humiliation, as that's when he finally noticed just how feminine he was compared to other Elvin males. Ever since then, no one has looked at him as a male again. To add to his bad luck, Uryu is a master at design and fashion. Seibutsu Café is filled with both their creative genius, but Uryu made the uniforms. Each waitress is dressed as a different supernatural creature, none as the creature they happen to be, and Ichigo landed one of the Were outfits. His so-called best friend insisted it was made specifically for him, that his body slinked like a feline and his attitude was aggressive enough to warrant the 'dominatrix' touch. He quickly dresses in the leather outfit, the skirt barely mid-thigh as he fights with the top. It's a pretty enough outfit; the crimson corset tight and showing off curves he wishes he didn't have, a spell placed by Orihime giving him a small bust beneath the strapless black tube top, fishnet spider webbing from the top to a crimson choker around his neck and down his arms in billowing sleeves, and knee high flats that look both intimidating and provocative as they hug his legs. It takes him forever to do his hair alone, so Uryu is in once he calls to attach the extensions. It was so difficult to find his hair color that Uryu makes a point to put them in every time he works. His makeup is blood colored lipstick, dark blush, and eye shadow that fades between black and purple with a touch of blue. He looks Goth, but deep inside he knows a part of him likes dressing up… and it makes him sick. Uryu pins his hair back on one side with a red bow and a small black skull and crossbones, the rest falling past his shoulders in thick waves of silk.

"Beautiful, just like every time," he sighs in satisfaction.

"I am not beautiful," Ichigo growls out.

"You? I was talking about your hair," the older male huffs. "I amaze myself with the fact I can make it perfect every time I do it. Now, put on your ears and tail. You already have customers out there."

Setting the orange tiger ears on his head and checking the matching tail on his skirt, Ichigo puts on the long black painted press on nails and hurries out the door. The nails are meant to seem like claws, small rubies decorating the tips menacingly, and Ichigo feels like digging them into half the guys in his section. Already the catcalls sound, the orangette using every last bit of his willpower to hold the tight smile on his lips. He deftly swings his hips away from a reaching hand, dancing gracefully between the tables as others try to catch hold of him. The lights make his eyes glisten and he appears almost ethereal, though that isn't far from usual. The tray on his palm is balanced perfectly, the plates and drinks hardly moving as he glides along the floor. He's just about to set down the last plate when someone presses into him from behind, their nose inches from his neck as they breathe in deeply. He stiffens, recognizing the telltale scent of earth and moss. Every Were smells like the earth, their own natural scent hidden beneath that of their environment.

"Hey, pretty kitty," they growl out.

Ichigo bristles, turning to hit the one invading his personal space, and gasps when they're yanked back roughly. Standing between him and the man attempting to grope him, is a sleek male built with muscle and smelling of that earthy scent with hints of fresh rain and forest. What kills him, however, is the smooth voice of sin that speaks up.

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