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Shiro: ... No more Maid?

Ichi: That's not what she said, dumbass. Pay attention!

Grimm: Come on, Ichi, you know Shiro's brain doesn't work well when Gin's in the vacinity.

Ichi: ... Gin's not here. =(

Grimm: Gin's in the kitchen making lunch.

Ichi: ... Wow, Shiro's got a major Gin-sense if he can tell he's that close.

Ichi & Grimm: *look at Shiro*

Shiro: *eyes pinned to doorway*

Vae: Let's just leave him be for now.

Chapter 21: Afterword

It hasn't even been a month and Ichigo is itching for his mate. After drowning like he did, the orangette has gone to serious lengths to keep from getting pregnant again. He even visited his family's temple to negotiate with Gaia. Thankfully, she was in a good mood. They came to agreement that Ichigo won't go into heat anymore, but should he decide to have sex his chances of getting pregnant are the same as any human woman. Unfortunately, Grimmjow refuses to wear protection and he's now four days pregnant with his next cub… he could strangle the asshole. His only solace is the fact his figure has yet to change… and they're going for air.

"Ichigo, table seven needs attention," Rukia calls.

The tiny Fae is one of Ichigo's closest friends aside from Uryu. Ichigo missed the battle, but apparently she and Renji were a part of it. The Were has been dating Rukia for a few years now, the trio having been together since they were toddlers. Whereas Uryu is his best friend, the other two run a close race. To know that they abandoned their clans' choices just to help him and Grimmjow's pack… he can't help but remember why they're such good friends.

"I've got it, Rukia," he smiles brightly.

He knows Uryu would've helped if he had been asked, he's one of the best archers there is… but he's not a bit 'war' type of person. Though he's mastered the bow and arrow, his true strength lies in intellect. He was Renji and Rukia's alibi, since the elders were immediately at the café looking for them. Ichigo sighs as he comes up to the table, groaning in irritation at the sight of blue hair.

"Hey, Kitten!" Grimmjow grins.

His eyes are lustful as they rake over his mate's for. He licks his lips at the sight of knee high black leather heels, fishnet stocking up to mid-thigh, and a black leather miniskirt with straps clipped to said stockings. The shirt is leather and short enough to show off Ichigo's abs, a thick line of material trailing from his faux cleavage to a collar around his neck. The sleeves are nothing but straps around her shoulders, two other straps line horizontally across the chest and above Ichigo's cleavage. The only back there is on the top is at the lower part of Ichigo's back. Around his hips is a whip, wound tight like a belt as the thin tip trails behind him. His orange extensions are straight and hang just below his shoulders, his makeup constitutes of purple lipstick and matching eyeliner drawn to an Egyptian type style around his eyes. As always, dark feline ears sit atop his head and a long black tail trails behind him.

"Grimmjow, stop looking at me like you want to eat me," Ichigo mutters monotonously.

"Oh, there's a lot of things I'd like to do with you, Kitten, but that's not one of them."

"Fucking perv," the Elf huffs. "What do you want?"

"Oh, I just came for the view."

Ichigo grits his teeth, forcing himself to calm down and not bash his lover over the head with the tray he carries. At the table with Grimmjow are Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Shiro, and Stark. The others are laughing at the look of absolute mortification and rage on Ichigo's face; the Elf never could figure out why it's so damn funny to get him pissed off.

"Careful, Kitten, don't get too angry or I'll have to keep you at home," the jaguar warns.

"Speaking of, who's watching the cubs?"

"Smart little brats ya got, Ichi," Shiro pipes up. "Figured out how ta take human form taday accordin' ta Nell. Ain't figured out how ta find a human skin yet, though… it's a work in progress."

Ichigo smiles proudly at the news, his hand quickly reaching to hold his dizzy head before he sits down on Grimmjow's lap. His usual harasser immediately heads over to try and pick him up.

"You okay?" Grimmjow wonders.

"Yeah," he murmurs. "The baby's just… happy I guess. Each one is so much different from the others."

"Hey, baby, you can come sit on my lap for a bit," the approaching customer grins lecherously. "I might even have time to give you a nice ride…"

Grimmjow is on his feet quickly, only serving to make Ichigo's lightheadedness worse. He carefully sets his mate down in the seat he vacated and towers over the customer intimidatingly. The other backs down just a bit.

"Don't let me hear you talk to my wife like that again, or I'll break every bone in your body," he hisses out.

"Your w-wife?" he stammers with an audible gulp. "I'm sorry, she d-didn't tell me, I s-swear."

"Get lost and don't come around her again."

The man practically trips over himself to get away, the others at the table laughing sadistically. Ichigo lays his head down on the cool tabletop, groaning at the feeling as his head spins. Shiro reaches to rub his twin's back, frowning in worry at this new symptom. He only just started working, but Ichigo is more than ready to go home.

"Shiro, tell Uryu I'm done for the day," he murmurs. "I'm not feeling well; I just want to go home."

Grimmjow frowns and carefully lifts Ichigo into his arms. There won't be any changing until he gets his mate home, so he drapes his light jacket over the Elf instead. He can feel a heat radiating off his lover, gasping in surprise when Ichigo's lips begin to suck at his collarbone. Knowing exactly what his mate is after, Grimmjow's wicked grin eats up his face. The last four days have been nothing but nonstop sex for the two… and he's far from bored with it. In fact, Ichigo can barely keep up even though he's the one seeking it out.

Nelliel is watching Misu and Nuri argue in the garden, their anger both setting fires and putting them out. She can't remember how it started, but they're not doing any harm… technically. When the front door opens and Grimmjow hurries into his room with Ichigo in tow, she briefly wonders if she should leave… and then the bedroom door slams shut.

"Okay, kids, let's go visit Uncle Ulquiorra and Aunt Orihime!" she shouts in a panic.

The cubs send her a questioning look, but catch the scent of their parents' arousal upon stepping inside. The two are out the door before Nelliel can get halfway there.

In the bedroom, Ichigo moans in delight at the feeling of Grimmjow sucking on his neck. Nimble fingers undo the whip around the submissive Elf's waist, quickly tying slender wrists to the head board. Ever since he first saw the little minx at the café, Grimmjow's wanted nothing more than to drive his sex into Ichigo's willing body repeatedly… while he was dolled up in his work uniform.

"I hope that four-eyed geek of yours doesn't care if those extensions are returned in disarray," he grins. "Because this beast isn't stopping until you can't scream anymore."

The very promise, uttered in dark tones of pleasure, has Ichigo's eyes rolling back in his head. Grimmjow's hands slide from his knees upward, ducking beneath his miniskirt and then traveling back down. He pulls off those knee high boots on the way down, not bothering with the stockings. With a quick flick of his fingers, those straps on the miniskirt are detached from the fishnet stockings.

"You're so fucking beautiful," he purrs. "And you're all mine."

"Mm," Ichigo hums. "Was there ever any doubt?"

"Well… you don't have very many choices without settling for less," Grimmjow muses as he pulls off his shirt. "I am a Divine after all. No one's better than me."

"So modest," the Elf snorts derisively.

Grimmjow leans over the body tied on the bed before him, locking their lips in heated kiss. His hips grind against Ichigo's rapidly growing arousal, drawing a moan that's captured by the kiss. Those eager fingers slip beneath Ichigo's leather top, the Elf quickly pulling away.

"You have to undo the collar first," he informs quickly.

"Right, sorry."

The collar is undone and the shirt is taken off carefully, those warm hands drawing themselves all over Ichigo's lithe muscled frame. Ichigo moans and mewls with each touch, bucking his hips in need as Grimmjow's hands run up along his arms.

"Fuck, Grimm, just take me," he growls. "I'm tired of you teasing me like this! You know I'm gonna want sex two minutes after this, just get it over with!"

"… You don't let me have any fun anymore," Grimmjow pouts.

"You've been fucking me mercilessly for four fucking days! What part of that wasn't fun!"

"Okay, okay. Geez, you're such a bitch lately."

"I'm pregnant!" the Elf shouts.

Grimmjow looks at his mate's seething form blandly; quickly palming the other's straining erection through his underwear to shut him up. Ichigo groans in want, bucking up into that hand as his toes curl. He pulls against the whip tying his hands to the headboard, whimpering as his lover slowly pulls off his underwear. Thanks to their continuous romps, Ichigo hasn't needed stretching for a couple days now. Grimmjow stands to shed pants, gasping when Ichigo's legs wrap around his waist to tug him back to the bed.

"Fuck me now, or you aren't touching me for a fucking month!" the younger snarls.

Shrugging in the face of his mate's ire, Grimmjow unzips his jeans and frees himself from the confines. He gets comfortable between Ichigo's legs, flicking open the button of his pants and shimmying out of them just enough to clear the obstruction. As he slides into his mate, they both groan in pleasure. Ichigo arches his back, yanking on his bound wrists with a whimper, and gasps when his prostate is struck with a warning thrust. Grimmjow wants complete domination this time, something Ichigo is quick to allow. So long as he gets what he wants, he'll do whatever the hell his mate tells him to.

Grimmjow gazes upon his lover, purring in satisfaction when Ichigo looks to the side in order to bare his neck in submission. He takes the opportunity to leave a large hickey on the smooth flesh. He rocks his hips slowly at first, rolling his eyes at the impatient look upon Ichigo's face. Frustrated with his lover's need to get it over with, Grimmjow picks up a fast and almost brutal pace. This would've been so much better for him if Ichigo weren't demanding an immediate release. Ichigo pants and moans beneath Grimmjow's onslaught, writhing as his legs fight to find purchase around his partner's waist.

"Grimm," he moans out. "Oh god, Grimm."

Grimmjow closes his eyes as Ichigo shudders beneath him, his cum coating their stomachs as he screams out Grimmjow's name. That unbearable heat constricts around his pulsing shaft, his forehead dropping to Ichigo's as he slams in harder. Just a few more thrusts and he spills himself inside the smaller male with a growl. They take a moment to catch their breath, and then Grimmjow pulls out of his lover.

"Happy?" he questions.

"Yes," Ichigo sighs in content. "How about you untie me."




"Grimmjow," he growls in warning.

"… Yeah… I'm gonna say no," the jaguar grins wildly. "I'm thinking of leaving you like this for the rest of the day. You know, keep my own sex slave for a day."

"Don't you dare."

Grimmjow kisses Ichigo on the forehead, deftly blocking a frantic kick as he retreats. Ichigo shouts out for Nelliel, yet Grimmjow knows she retreated the minute they arrived. He backs up to the door and locks it, saunter back to the bed and flipping Ichigo onto his stomach without hurting his bound wrists. Though the other complains with the treatment, he's already getting hard again. He silently curses Gaia. Grimmjow pumps himself back into hardness, drawing Ichigo's hips up and using a knee to spread those long legs before thrusting in. Ichigo screams in pleasure as his sensitive prostate is struck again. Once more he thrashes against his binds, pleading for more while cursing a rainbow for his mate's demanding libido. He knew letting Grimmjow loose in the bedroom… and on every other flat surface in the house… was a bad idea.

Ichigo is startled awake the next afternoon by a knock on the bedroom door. He finds his hands finally untied, his longer hair a tangled mess on his pillows, and Grimmjow is snoozing with his arms wrapped around the smaller. Ichigo lifts himself off his mate's chiseled chest, rubbing sleep from his eyes and cringing at the pain in his lower back. At the reminder of his hours trapped in a nonstop sex-fest, he punches the other. Grimmjow wakes with a start, one hand holding his sore jaw.

"What the hell," he murmurs. "If I knew that was the thanks I'd get for the mind-blowing orgasms, I would've left you tied up."

"You're such an asshole!" Ichigo snaps quietly. "Although the sex was incredible, you didn't let me rest for five minutes!"

"Stop whining, you weren't complaining at the time."

"I'm complaining now!"

The knock comes again, Grimmjow sliding from bed and slipping on a pair of shorts before tossing one of his large shirts to Ichigo. It's large on him, but Ichigo swims in it. Once they're fairly presentable, Grimmjow opens the bedroom door. Their cubs stand on the other side in their human-like forms. Both their skin is white, one liquid and one fire. Their hair is blue to match their dad's, as are their eyes. Misu, however, has waist length hair with full bangs that nearly hang into her large eyes. Nuri's hair is styled like Ichigo's, but slightly longer. He's adopted a bad boy style to his black clothes, most likely influenced by Shiro and Grimmjow. Misu is in a green sundress with a matching ribbon in her hair.

"Momma, are you and daddy finished molesting each other?" Nuri questions in a huff.

"Who the hell taught you that type of language!"

"Gin," Grimmjow immediately answers. "It was all him… maybe a little Shiro. It wasn't my fault, though. I may have taught him a couple new curse words, but nothing like that."

Ichigo eyes him suspiciously, yet waves it off. He has bigger problems than his cub speaking of activities he shouldn't know about for a lot of years yet… he still hasn't figured out how he's going to get out of bed without falling to the ground in pain.

"We stayed with Aunt Nelliel last night," Misu clears up. "She and Aunt Hallibel wanted some alone time with Uncle Stark today, so we came back home… but you two were still sleeping. We've been with Uncle Ulquiorra since sunrise today."

"Oh, I'm so sorry," Ichigo comments in guilt. "Grimmjow, I told you to take time with the cubs."

"I must not have gotten that through 'oh god, Grimm. Yes, yes! Fuck me harder! Oh, give it to me'…"

"Shut up!" Ichigo shouts with a huge blush. "I can't help that I… I… oh god, Grimm, I'm really dizzy."

Grimmjow moves quickly when Ichigo falls back to the mattress, Nuri and Misu are gone in a flurry of their element before he can say anything. They can feel the power of their new sibling getting ready to enter the world. Grimmjow holds Ichigo close as he gasps, his head spinning horribly and pain spiking through his veins.

"Fuck," he hisses out. "Grimm, this hurts worse than birthing Nuri! I thought the Air Elemental was supposed to be the easiest!"

"Just try and breathe easy, Ichigo. I know it hurts, but I'm right here for you. I won't leave you until you wake up again, okay?" he promises. "Just try and breathe."

"Why me?" the Elf whines. "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?"

The large tears dripping from Ichigo's eyes are strangely muddy, the first thing that Grimmjow notices. He quickly thinks back along the five days Ichigo's been pregnant. Though he's kept Ichigo in a constant state of bliss, he's gone through a lot of grounding moments when at work. Right now, the birthing is a toss-up. He has to admit, however, that those sexual experiences were nothing like last night. He watches, helpless, as his mate cries out in breathless agony.

"Hang in there, Kitten."

"Do you have… any… idea what it's like..? Dying each time… I give birth?" Ichigo sobs. "I can't… do this anymore!"

"I would hope you'd become immune to all this shit after a bit," Grimmjow mumbles. "Szayel said eventually he'll be able to anticipate when you're going into labor. He's making medicine for you that'll help you get through the births without feeling anything."

"Where the hell is it!"

Ichigo moves away from Grimmjow, throwing up mud all over the blankets. Though he grimaces at the mess, the jaguar holds back the comments. His mate is in distress and things aren't going according to their original belief.

Szayel is shoved in by Nuri's rough hands, Misu complaining at his methods just outside the room. The pink haired male shuts the door between them, uncertain about allowing the two to watch such a thing. Nuri decides for him, shouldering his way in and dragging his sister behind him. Their power washes over Ichigo, settling the unbearable pain and yanking him into a trance like state where he feels nothing at all. The voices around him are distant, yet he can still hear them.

"Okay, momma shouldn't feel anything anymore," Misu comments softly.

"It'll pass quickly now that he isn't resisting," Nuri adds.

"… Much more effective than a pill," Szayel murmurs. "Okay, Ichigo, just lay back and let it happen. The sooner the little bundle of airborne joy is born, that sooner you'll feel better."

Ichigo's body goes completely limp, Grimmjow quick to roll him over when another mouthful of muddy liquid is spewed onto the floor. Ichigo's lungs are filling with the mud, suffocating him as his pores are forced open by air. His heartbeat slows, his amber eyes dulling, and Grimmjow watches with a mixture of sadness and curiosity as his mate falls away from him. Ichigo's mind goes dark, leaving those in the room to witness the birth of…

"Twins!" Grimmjow gapes at the two Elementals before him. "When the fuck did we have twins!"

"That's a stupid question with all the sex you guys have been having," Nuri scoffs.

"That's not how it works," Misu corrects with a smack of the back of her brother's head. "If his emotions are settled evenly, the conceived elemental splits into however many cubs the coinciding emotions pertain to… but only the dominating emotions. He had two, so he had twins."

"It's always more apt to happen with Air Elementals," Nuri drawls.

The wind around them twists into a small cub than his other two, about half the size and still white with blue eyes. The mud gathers on the bed, only an inch or two larger than the Air Elemental. Its feline form has amber eyes, its body hardening into a whitish concrete.

"Ichigo," Grimmjow murmurs.

The Elf is passed out on the bed, already deep in hibernation. This is one birthing he's positive he won't have sex after for a month. With a resigned sigh, he turns back to his cubs. He doesn't know what Ichigo wants, but to be fair he'll choose one of each.

"Okay, here's how we're doing this. Your momma is out like a light, so I'm choosing gender and names. You're going to be a girl and your name is Aure," he states with a point to the Air Elemental. "And you're a boy who we'll name Tarin. If you have a problem with it, talk to your mom."

The two merely tilt their heads to the side, purring loudly before curling up next to Ichigo. Grimmjow, however, shoos them off the bed. He needs to clean up Ichigo and the bed. He carries the unconscious Elf into the bathroom, leaving Nuri and his younger siblings to keep each other busy.

Ichigo wakes around midnight the next day, weary and unable to move without portraying that weakness. Grimmjow is sleeping as Ichigo uses him for a pillow, four feline bodies crowding around the two in bed. He blinks, mind adjusting to the idea of four cubs instead of three. He finally decides Lilinette must be staying over.

"Ichi?" Grimmjow mumbles sleepily. "You awake, Kitten?"

"Yeah," he replies in a raspy voice. "I'm… really tired, Grimm. I just… can't sleep anymore. Is Lilinette staying over?"

"No, Kitten… you had twins," he informs cautiously. "Both an Air and Earth Elemental. The Air Elemental is a girl, I named her Aure. Tarin is the boy."

"Grimmjow… if you don't wear protection from now on, I'm never sleeping with you for as long as we're alive… with is an extremely long time," Ichigo growls with as much conviction as he can muster. "That was the worst experience of my life."

"Agreed," the other sighs. "I had no idea the hell you had to go through. The first cub I was still trapped in that potion, the second I wasn't there, but that time… shit, I couldn't breathe. I thought I was gonna lose you."

The smallest cub, and youngest considering Ichigo threw up mud first, rouses from her slumber. Her paws are so small as they carry her onto Ichigo's stomach, her weight completely gone thanks to her element.

*Momma, * she practically whispers. *Momma, I'm Aure. Daddy said you were in pain. We don't mean to cause you pain. If you were with my siblings, you wouldn't feel anything… *

"It's fine, baby," Ichigo assures fondly. "Momma's just… overbred right now. I need a vacation."

*Daddy? *

"Don't worry, sweetheart, daddy's going to take extra good care of momma," Grimmjow assures.

He shifts Ichigo enough that he can reach his smallest cub, kissing her on the head and sending her back to bed. Ichigo falls asleep easily within the comfort of his steadily growing family. Grimmjow sighs and listens to the many heartbeats within his bed, a though suddenly occurring. If he keeps impregnating Ichigo like he has, they're gonna need a bigger bed.

Okay. According to babynames Aure means soft wind, breeze. Tarin means of the earth. And we've now ended the story with a complete Elemental set! XD How cool is that? I also like the ending, it's cute ;p Just to recap, Life is next and Tiger is after that. I might work on Hacking afterward, but that one will most likely be short =( We'll just have to see how it all goes.

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